Aircraft Registration

After a lot of years plane picture taking, there comes a time to log down all the taken aircrafts. This is very important for many reasons. One effect is to avoid to much duplicates in your collection, on the other hand you can search directly for planes, wich aren´t in your collection.

So you see, I describe myself as a Reg-Spotter. I publish at this point my little list from all previously taken pictures. I will update the list several times a year. If you are interested in certain pictures, you can contact me, I will send you a detailed overview.

Collected Aircraft registration since 2005

0-82062*, 1-PA*, 01*, 1Z+IK*, 2-ASIA*, 2-DCBT*, 2-EY*, 2-GJSA*, 2-GJSB*, 2-HB*, 2-RLAO*, 2-RLAP*, 2-TRAV*, 02*, 03-33118*, 3-IG*, 3-IS*, 3-IV*, 3-JM*, 3-JP*, 3-JT*, 3-VA*, 3-XC*, 3-XD*, 3-XG*, 3-XK*, 3-XN*, 003*, 3B-NAY*, 3B-NBE*, 3B-NBI*, 3B-RGT*, 3E-KR*, 3E-LC*, 3HFC*, 3HFG*, 3W-17*, 4-2*, 4-7*, 4-10*, 4-12*, 4-15*, 4-23*, 4-40*, 4-41*, 4-CU*, 4-GL*, 4-IT*, 4-LT*, 4K-8888*, 4K-A188*, 4K-AI08*, 4K-AI88*, 4K-AZ38*, 4K-AZ77*, 4K-AZ80*, 4K-AZ100*, 4K-AZ101*, 4K-AZ808*, 4L-FGA*, 4L-GAA*, 4L-TGI*, 4L-TGN*, 4O-AOA*, 4O-AOB*, 4O-AOC*, 4O-AOD*, 4O-AOK*, 4O-AOL*, 4O-AOM*, 4O-AOP*, 4O-AOT*, 4O-MNE*, 4R-ADB*, 4R-ADE*, 4R-ADF*, 4R-ALA*, 4R-ALB*, 4R-ALC*, 4R-ALD*, 4R-ALG*, 4R-ALH*, 4R-ALJ*, 4R-ALO*, 4R-ALP*, 4R-ALQ*, 4R-ALR*, 4X-ABF*, 4X-BAU*, 4X-BAW*, 4X-CUR*, 4X-CZI*, 4X-EAC*, 4X-EAD*, 4X-EAF*, 4X-EAJ*, 4X-EAK*, 4X-EAR*, 4X-EBV*, 4X-EBY*, 4X-ECC*, 4X-ECD*, 4X-ECE*, 4X-EHB*, 4X-EHC*, 4X-EHD*, 4X-EHE*, 4X-EHF*, 4X-EHI*, 4X-EKA*, 4X-EKB*, 4X-EKC*, 4X-EKE*, 4X-EKF*, 4X-EKH*, 4X-EKJ*, 4X-EKL*, 4X-EKM*, 4X-EKO*, 4X-EKP*, 4X-EKR*, 4X-EKS*, 4X-EKT*, 4X-ELF*, 4X-EMB*, 4X-ICA*, 4X-ICO*, 5*, 5A-DRL*, 5B-DAW*, 5B-DBB*, 5B-DBO*, 5B-DBP*, 5B-DCF*, 5B-DCG*, 5B-DCH*, 5B-DCK*, 5B-DCL*, 5B-DCM*, 5B-DCN*, 5B-DCU*, 5B-DCV*, 5N-BQV*, 5N-FGT*, 5N-FGW*, 5N-JEA*, 5N-JED*, 5N-JIC*, 5N-SPE*, 5N-TBB*, 5T-CLC*, 5Y-BVY*, 5Y-BWG*, 5Y-KQU*, 5Y-KQX*, 5Y-KQY*, 5Y-KYW*, 5Y-KYZ*, 5Y-KZA*, 5Y-KZF*, 5Y-KZG*, 5Y-KZY*, 5Y-KZZ*, 5Y-VVH*, 5Y-VVO*, 6-22*, 6-71*, 6-72*, 6-73*, 6-76*, 06-86611*, 006*, 07-1024*, 07-1025*, 07-1026*, 7-CE*, 7-HT*, 7O-ADS*, 7O-ADT*, 7O-ADY*, 7O-AFA*, 7O-AFB*, 7T-VHL*, 7T-VJA*, 7T-VJJ*, 7T-VJK*, 7T-VJL*, 7T-VJM*, 7T-VJO*, 7T-VJQ*, 7T-VJR*, 7T-VJS*, 7T-VJT*, 7T-VJU*, 7T-VJV*, 7T-VJX*, 7T-VJZ*, 7T-VKB*, 7T-VKD*, 7T-VKE*, 7T-VKF*, 7T-VKG*, 7T-VKH*, 7T-VKI*, 7T-WHE*, 7T-WHL*, 08*, 008*, 8Q-VAR*, 9A-BTD*, 9A-BTE*, 9A-CBJ*, 9A-CQA*, 9A-CQB*, 9A-CQC*, 9A-CQD*, 9A-CQE*, 9A-CQF*, 9A-CTF*, 9A-CTG*, 9A-CTH*, 9A-CTI*, 9A-CTJ*, 9A-CTK*, 9A-CTL*, 9A-DWA*, 9H-AEF*, 9H-AEG*, 9H-AEH*, 9H-AEI*, 9H-AEJ*, 9H-AEK*, 9H-AEL*, 9H-AEM*, 9H-AEN*, 9H-AEO*, 9H-AEP*, 9H-AEQ*, 9H-AjJ*, 9H-ALL*, 9H-AVE*, 9H-BBJ*, 9H-FLN*, 9H-FOM*, 9H-FWW*, 9H-GVG*, 9H-HEC*, 9H-ILZ*, 9H-JGR*, 9H-JPC*, 9H-KAZ*, 9H-OME*, 9H-OMK*, 9H-SMB*, 9H-SUN*, 9H-VCA*, 9H-VCB*, 9H-VCE*, 9H-VFB*, 9H-VJA*, 9H-VTC*, 9H-WII*, 9H-YOU*, 9K-ADE*, 9K-AHI*, 9K-AMA*, 9K-AMB*, 9K-AMC*, 9K-AMD*, 9K-AME*, 9K-ANA*, 9K-ANB*, 9K-ANC*, 9K-AND*, 9K-AOA*, 9K-AOB*, 9K-AOC*, 9K-AOD*, 9K-AOE*, 9K-AOF*, 9K-AOI*, 9K-AOJ*, 9K-AOK*, 9K-AOM*, 9K-APA*, 9K-APB*, 9K-APC*, 9K-APD*, 9K-APE*, 9K-GBB*, 9K-GEA*, 9K-GGB*, 9M-MND*, 9M-MNE*, 9M-MPR*, 9M-MPS*, 9M-MRA*, 9M-MRB*, 9M-MRC*, 9M-MRD*, 9M-MRE*, 9M-MRG*, 9M-MRH*, 9M-MRJ*, 9M-MRL*, 9M-MRM*, 9M-MRN*, 9M-MRO*, 9M-MRP*, 9M-MRQ*, 9M-MUB*, 9M-MUC*, 9M-NAA*, 9M-XXM*, 9V-SFD*, 9V-SFF*, 9V-SFG*, 9V-SFK*, 9V-SFL*, 9V-SFM*, 9V-SFN*, 9V-SFO*, 9V-SFP*, 9V-SFQ*, 9V-SKB*, 9V-SKC*, 9V-SKD*, 9V-SKE*, 9V-SKF*, 9V-SKG*, 9V-SKH*, 9V-SKI*, 9V-SKJ*, 9V-SKK*, 9V-SKL*, 9V-SKM*, 9V-SKN*, 9V-SKP*, 9V-SKQ*, 9V-SKR*, 9V-SKS*, 9V-SKT*, 9V-SME*, 9V-SNB*, 9V-SPE*, 9V-SPI*, 9V-SPJ*, 9V-SPM*, 9V-SPN*, 9V-SPO*, 9V-SPP*, 9V-SPQ*, 9V-SVB*, 9V-SVE*, 9V-SVH*, 9V-SVI*, 9V-SVN*, 9V-SWB*, 9V-SWI*, 9V-SWL*, 9V-SWM*, 9V-SWN*, 9V-SWO*, 9V-SWQ*, 9V-SWR*, 10*, 10+21*, 10+23*, 10+24*, 10+25*, 10+26*, 10+27*, 10+SA*, 11-05*, 11-07*, 11-08*, 11-09*, 11-10*, 11-25*, 11-MO*, 11-YD*, 011*, 12-15*, 12-18*, 12-20*, 12-24*, 12-75*, 12-YY*, 012*, 12+05*, 13-05*, 13-17*, 13-0836*, 13-08432*, 13-08435*, 13-QJ*, 13-QL*, 13.PI*, 13+QL*, 14-02*, 14-03*, 14-06*, 14-09*, 14-15*, 14+01*, 14+02*, 14+03*, 14+04*, 15-01*, 15-09*, 15-24*, 15-70*, 015*, 15*, 15+01*, 15+02*, 16-218*, 016*, 16*, 16+01*, 16+02*, 16+26*, 17*, 18*, 20-16*, 20-1101*, 20-1102*, 020*, 20+37*, 20+45*, 21+56*, 022*, 22+45*, 22+98*, 23-16*, 23-26*, 023*, 23*, 23+34*, 23+81*, 24+54*, 025*, 26*, 026*, 26+49*, 27*, 027*, 27+90*, 28+27*, 29+03*, 29+06*, 30+00*, 30+04*, 30+05*, 30+09*, 30+10*, 30+12*, 30+15*, 30+23*, 30+24*, 30+26*, 30+27*, 30+29*, 30+31*, 30+39*, 30+45*, 30+47*, 30+48*, 30+49*, 30+51*, 30+52*, 30+53*, 30+54*, 30+55*, 30+57*, 30+58*, 30+59*, 30+62*, 30+64*, 30+65*, 30+66*, 30+67*, 30+68*, 30+69*, 30+70*, 30+72*, 30+75*, 30+76*, 30+78*, 30+79*, 30+80*, 30+81*, 30+82*, 30+83*, 30+84*, 30+85*, 30+87*, 30+89*, 30+90*, 30+92*, 30+93*, 30+94*, 30+95*, 30+96*, 30+97*, 30+98*, 31-CA*, 31*, 031*, 31+00*, 31+01*, 31+02*, 31+04*, 31+05*, 31+06*, 31+07*, 31+10*, 31+11*, 31+12*, 31+18*, 31+19*, 31+20*, 31+21*, 31+29*, 31+30*, 31+31*, 31+33*, 31+34*, 31+35*, 31+36*, 31+37*, 31+38*, 31+39*, 31+40*, 31+78*, 32-23*, 32*, 32+06*, 32+15*, 32+72*, 33*, 35-45*, 35-47*, 035*, 35+62*, 36-15*, 36-32*, 36-37*, 36-42*, 37+01*, 37+15*, 37+22*, 38*, 038*, 38+10*, 38+13*, 38+14*, 38+24*, 38+28*, 38+33*, 38+34*, 38+37*, 38+48*, 38+62*, 38+64*, 38+73*, 39*, 40*, 40+68*, 41*, 041*, 41+50*, 042*, 42*, 043*, 43+01*, 43+02*, 43+10*, 43+20*, 43+25*, 43+38*, 43+46*, 43+50*, 43+55*, 43+96*, 44+21*, 44+23*, 44+29*, 44+64*, 44+68*, 44+69*, 44+70*, 44+72*, 44+75*, 44+78*, 44+96*, 44+97*, 45-43*, 45+00*, 45+19*, 45+30*, 45+57*, 45+64*, 45+70*, 45+82*, 45+85*, 45+88*, 45+90*, 45+94*, 46-49*, 46-50*, 46-51*, 46-58*, 46-60*, 46*, 46+02*, 46+07*, 46+11*, 46+23*, 46+24*, 46+28*, 46+32*, 46+34*, 46+35*, 46+36*, 46+48*, 46+50*, 46+54*, 46+57*, 46+84*, 047*, 048*, 48*, 49*, 50-05*, 050*, 0050*, 50+17*, 50+34*, 50+48*, 50+56*, 50+59*, 50+73*, 50+79*, 50+82*, 50+83*, 50+93*, 50+97*, 50+98*, 51-47*, 51-84*, 51+00*, 51+01*, 51+06*, 51+07*, 51+12*, 52*, 052*, 52+09*, 053*, 54+04*, 54+06*, 54+08*, 55-173*, 055*, 56*, 56+24*, 56+66*, 56+81*, 57-2609*, 057*, 57+04*, 0058*, 58*, 58+68*, 58+85*, 58+89*, 58+95*, 059*, 59+11*, 59+19*, 59+22*, 60+01*, 60+03*, 60+05*, 60+06*, 61-02*, 61-05*, 61-MM*, 61+06*, 61+17*, 0062*, 062*, 62*, 62IJ*, 63-13186*, 64-GA*, 64-GM*, 64-GY*, 0064*, 64*, 066*, 67*, 067*, 69-019*, 69-032*, 69-038*, 069*, 70+45*, 70+68*, 70+88*, 71*, 71+07*, 71+12*, 71+34*, 71+42*, 72+27*, 73-1020*, 73-1046*, 74+01*, 74+25*, 74+26*, 74+36*, 75+00*, 77*, 78+04*, 78+29*, 079*, 79+01*, 79+25*, 80*, 80+34*, 81*, 82+03*, 82+51*, 82+53*, 82+54*, 82+57*, 82+59*, 82+60*, 82+62*, 82+64*, 82+65*, 83*, 83+02*, 83+03*, 83+19*, 83+20*, 83+24*, 83+55*, 084*, 84+30*, 84+32*, 84+49*, 84+58*, 84+74*, 84+90*, 85+02*, 86+28*, 86+47*, 86+49*, 86+51*, 86+70*, 86+98*, 87-3601*, 87+28*, 87+38*, 87+63*, 88-0032*, 88+12*, 89-0022*, 89+17*, 89+35*, 89+51*, 89+52*, 89+53*, 89+54*, 89+55*, 89+57*, 89+60*, 89+61*, 89+63*, 89+65*, 89+67*, 89+68*, 89+70*, 90+44*, 90+68*, 91-0011*, 91+02*, 91+22*, 92+13*, 93-0658*, 93+03*, 93+51*, 93+92*, 94-47*, 94-0093*, 94-1560*, 94-CM*, 94+01*, 94+55*, 96+31*, 96+70*, 97-3603*, 97-70047*, 98*, 98+11*, 98+20*, 98+29*, 98+32*, 98+33*, 98+35*, 98+55*, 98+61*, 99+12*, 99+14*, 99+18*, 99+24*, 99+32*, 99+33*, 99+35*, 99+36*, 99+40*, 104*, 109*, 111*, 113-CR*, 113-FH*, 113-GG*, 113-GR*, 113-GT*, 113-GU*, 113-GX*, 113-II*, 113-IW*, 113-IZ*, 115-KF*, 115-YM*, 118-AS*, 118-CF*, 118-CY*, 118-EZ*, 118-GL*, 118-IS*, 125-AE*, 125-AG*, 125-AJ*, 125-AL*, 125-AM*, 125-AR*, 125-BX*, 125-CI*, 125-CL*, 125-CQ*, 125-YM*, 132*, 133-MO*, 134*, 135L-484*, 136*, 139*, 141*, 149*, 151*, 153*, 157*, 169*, 170*, 00178*, 179*, 180*, 185*, 00185*, 205UW*, 209*, 00214*, 215*, 220*, 225*, 227*, 229*, 252*, 253*, 256*, 257*, 258*, 262*, 267*, 272*, 275*, 278*, 281*, 289*, 295*, 00300*, 304*, 305*, 306*, 309*, 310*, 315-XR*, 315-YI*, 318*, 331*, 335*, 338*, 339WF*, 345*, 346*, 347*, 365*, 366*, 380*, 387*, 390*, 406*, 407*, 429*, 440*, 0452*, 0453*, 0454*, 0455*, 459*, 461*, 482*, 502*, 505*, 506*, 509*, 519*, 521*, 537*, 558*, 569*, 577*, 584*, 585*, 598*, 603*, 605*, 607*, 615*, 616*, 634*, 637*, 640*, 643*, 645*, 651*, 653*, 658*, 661*, 664*, 667*, 670*, 671*, 673*, 675*, 678*, 683*, 692*, 705-AD*, 705-MR*, 705-RR*, 705-TA*, 705-TB*, 705-TU*, 707*, 0710*, 0715*, 725*, 785*, 798*, 801*, 821*, 827*, 0828*, 829*, 834*, 835*, 841*, 844*, 848*, 0907*, 0915*, 0921*, 927*, 933*, 955*, 956*, 0981*, 996*, 1006*, 1008*, 1015*, 1017*, 1103*, 1114*, 1115*, 1323*, 1415*, 01501*, 01508*, 1613*, 01618*, 1706*, 1807*, 1976*, 2013*, 2051*, 2309*, 2506*, 2601*, 2703*, 2704*, 2718*, 2721*, 2818*, 003001*, 3010*, 3361*, 3366*, 3370*, 3371*, 3516*, 3612*, 3715*, 3819*, 3905*, 3911*, 3920*, 4040*, 4041*, 4052*, 4055*, 4056*, 4058*, 4060*, 4061*, 4066*, 4067*, 4069*, 4071*, 4075*, 4084*, 4085*, 4086*, 4096*, 4110*, 5105*, 5301*, 5304*, 5398*, 5504*, 5507*, 5601*, 5699*, 5731*, 5733*, 6052*, 6053*, 6054*, 6058*, 6060*, 6069*, 6070*, 6078*, 6134*, 6415*, 6433*, 6608*, 6728*, 6744*, 7308*, 7353*, 7356*, 7357*, 7419*, 7500*, 7502*, 7528*, 7535*, 7552*, 7586*, 7622*, 7668*, 7676*, 8069*, 8230*, 8243*, 8262*, 8309*, 8449M*, 8570*, 8805*, 8807*, 8808*, 8810*, 8813*, 8814*, 8919*, 9063*, 9102*, 09180*, 09191*, 9235*, 9236*, 9238*, 9239*, 9240*, 9316*, 9616*, 9767*, 9806*, 9820*, 9837*, 10001*, 10076*, 10266*, 10267*, 10277*, 14915*, 15001*, 15101*, 15102*, 15104*, 15105*, 15107*, 15108*, 15110*, 15113*, 15115*, 15116*, 15118*, 15122*, 15132*, 15133*, 15136*, 16706*, 16708*, 17320*, 19001*, 20042*, 20375*, 21300*, 21531*, 23551*, 23565*, 23578*, 25385*, 26212*, 30502*, 30604*, 31676*, 33113*, 33122*, 37414*, 38004*, 38020*, 38021*, 38027*, 38029*, 38875*, 38880*, 40061*, 40085*, 40087*, 40096*, 40110*, 40112*, 40126*, 40156*, 40158*, 40162*, 40173*, 40180*, 40192*, 43142*, 44128*, 44129*, 44132*, 44134*, 44136*, 44138*, 50004*, 50006*, 50029*, 50102*, 50123*, 50125*, 50152*, 50730*, 51366*, 55140*, 55142*, 55145*, 60022*, 61032*, 62228*, 65824*, 66154*, 66161*, 66167*, 66953*, 68312*, 68610*, 68611*, 68613*, 70041*, 70042*, 70045*, 71453*, 71472*, 71750*, 72247*, 77173*, 77183*, 77186*, 77189*, 78608*, 78613*, 78651*, 78820*, 80001*, 80018*, 80024*, 80052*, 80059*, 80069*, 80073*, 80085*, 80100*, 80106*, 80117*, 80118*, 80119*, 80121*, 80266*, 81023*, 81039*, 81956*, 82016*, 83012*, 83018*, 83036*, 83041*, 84001*, 84010*, 84014*, 84016*, 84027*, 84028*, 84031*, 84044*, 85060*, 85096*, 85102*, 85106*, 85118*, 85122*, 85132*, 86120*, 86132*, 86148*, 86151*, 86154*, 86155*, 86156*, 86161*, 86162*, 86163*, 86171*, 86172*, 86176*, 86612*, 88193*, 88602*, 88603*, 88604*, 90003*, 90004*, 90015*, 90402*, 90502*, 90540*, 90813*, 90818*, 90829*, 91191*, 91192*, 91301*, 91308*, 91309*, 91316*, 91318*, 91331*, 91335*, 91338*, 91344*, 91361*, 91402*, 91407*, 91412*, 91471*, 91488*, 91498*, 91502*, 96080*, 96083*, 96202*, 97219*, 98131*, 99206*, 99212*, 99590*, 120076*, 120235*, 124485*, 125042*, 137777*, 140173*, 147304*, 154477*, 156753*, 160616*, 164585*, 168727*, 168930*, 177701*, 177702*, 177703*, 177704*, 177705*, 191904*, 232511*, 330372*, 349081*, 411622*, 413318*, 458811*, 472035*, 474425*, 501659*, 517749*, 600024*, 638015*, 638028*, 714628*, 2100882*, A-001*, A-43*, A-51*, A-96*, A-100*, A-209*, A-247*, A-251*, A-275*, A-292*, A-301*, A-801*, A-803*, A-805*, A-808*, A-813*, A-815*, A-818*, A-829*, A-846*, A-873*, A-901*, A-912*, A-913*, A-914*, A-915*, A-916*, A-917*, A-919*, A-925*, A-926*, A-927*, A-929*, A-930*, A-932*, A-935*, A-936*, A-937*, A-938*, A-939*, A-940*, A-941*, A-AZ*, A.180/14*, A4O-DA*, A4O-DB*, A4O-DC*, A4O-DD*, A4O-DE*, A4O-DF*, A4O-DG*, A4O-DH*, A4O-DI*, A4O-LG*, A4O-LJ*, A4O-SB*, A4O-SC*, A4O-SD*, A4O-SZ*, A6-AEC*, A6-AFA*, A6-AFB*, A6-AFC*, A6-AFD*, A6-AFE*, A6-AFF*, A6-AJC*, A6-ANK*, A6-APJ*, A6-BBD*, A6-BCG*, A6-BLA*, A6-BLB*, A6-BLH*, A6-BLO*, A6-DAS*, A6-DCA*, A6-DCB*, A6-DDA*, A6-DDB*, A6-DDC*, A6-DDE*, A6-EAG*, A6-EAN*, A6-EBB*, A6-EBG*, A6-EBJ*, A6-EBK*, A6-EBM*, A6-EBN*, A6-EBO*, A6-EBP*, A6-EBQ*, A6-EBR*, A6-EBU*, A6-EBW*, A6-EBY*, A6-EBZ*, A6-ECC*, A6-ECD*, A6-ECE*, A6-ECF*, A6-ECH*, A6-ECI*, A6-ECJ*, A6-ECL*, A6-ECN*, A6-ECO*, A6-ECP*, A6-ECQ*, A6-ECR*, A6-ECS*, A6-ECT*, A6-ECV*, A6-ECW*, A6-EDC*, A6-EDD*, A6-EDE*, A6-EDF*, A6-EDG*, A6-EDH*, A6-EDI*, A6-EDJ*, A6-EDK*, A6-EDL*, A6-EDN*, A6-EDP*, A6-EDQ*, A6-EDR*, A6-EDS*, A6-EDT*, A6-EDU*, A6-EDV*, A6-EDW*, A6-EDX*, A6-EEB*, A6-EEC*, A6-EEE*, A6-EEF*, A6-EEJ*, A6-EEN*, A6-EER*, A6-EES*, A6-EEW*, A6-EEY*, A6-EEZ*, A6-EFD*, A6-EFE*, A6-EFF*, A6-EFG*, A6-EFH*, A6-EFI*, A6-EFJ*, A6-EFK*, A6-EFL*, A6-EFM*, A6-EFN*, A6-EFO*, A6-EFS*, A6-EGA*, A6-EGB*, A6-EGF*, A6-EGH*, A6-EGJ*, A6-EGL*, A6-EGM*, A6-EGO*, A6-EGP*, A6-EGQ*, A6-EGR*, A6-EGS*, A6-EGT*, A6-EGU*, A6-EGX*, A6-EGY*, A6-EGZ*, A6-EHA*, A6-EHB*, A6-EHD*, A6-EHE*, A6-EHF*, A6-EHH*, A6-EHI*, A6-EHJ*, A6-EHK*, A6-EHL*, A6-EKU*, A6-EKW*, A6-EMH*, A6-EMI*, A6-EMJ*, A6-EMM*, A6-EMO*, A6-EMT*, A6-EMU*, A6-EMX*, A6-ENB*, A6-ENE*, A6-ENF*, A6-ENG*, A6-ENH*, A6-ENI*, A6-ENK*, A6-ENP*, A6-ENU*, A6-ENX*, A6-EOA*, A6-EOF*, A6-EOJ*, A6-EOK*, A6-EON*, A6-EOO*, A6-EOR*, A6-EOT*, A6-EOU*, A6-EOV*, A6-EOW*, A6-EOX*, A6-EOZ*, A6-EPE*, A6-EPF*, A6-EPG*, A6-EPJ*, A6-EPL*, A6-EPW*, A6-ESH*, A6-ETK*, A6-ETS*, A6-EUA*, A6-EUB*, A6-EUC*, A6-EWI*, A6-EXS*, A6-EYA*, A6-EYD*, A6-EYE*, A6-EYF*, A6-EYG*, A6-EYH*, A6-EYI*, A6-EYJ*, A6-EYL*, A6-EYM*, A6-EYN*, A6-EYO*, A6-EYP*, A6-EYQ*, A6-EYR*, A6-EYS*, A6-EYT*, A6-EYU*, A6-EYY*, A6-EYZ*, A6-IAS*, A6-IFA*, A6-JAA*, A6-JAB*, A6-LRA*, A6-LRB*, A6-LRC*, A6-LRE*, A6-NIN*, A6-PHH*, A6-RJC*, A6-RJX*, A7-AAG*, A7-AAH*, A7-AAM*, A7-ABW*, A7-ACA*, A7-ACB*, A7-ACC*, A7-ACE*, A7-ACF*, A7-ACG*, A7-ACI*, A7-ACJ*, A7-ACK*, A7-AEA*, A7-AEB*, A7-AEC*, A7-AED*, A7-AEI*, A7-AEJ*, A7-AEN*, A7-AFE*, A7-AFL*, A7-AFM*, A7-AFV*, A7-AFY*, A7-AFZ*, A7-AGA*, A7-AGB*, A7-AGC*, A7-ALA*, A7-ALB*, A7-ALC*, A7-ALD*, A7-ALE*, A7-ALF*, A7-ALG*, A7-ALH*, A7-ALI*, A7-ALJ*, A7-ALK*, A7-ALL*, A7-ALN*, A7-ALP*, A7-AMA*, A7-AMB*, A7-AMC*, A7-AMD*, A7-APA*, A7-APD*, A7-BAA*, A7-BAB*, A7-BAC*, A7-BAE*, A7-BAF*, A7-BAL*, A7-BAP*, A7-BAQ*, A7-BAX*, A7-BAY*, A7-BBD*, A7-BBF*, A7-BCA*, A7-BCB*, A7-BCC*, A7-BCD*, A7-BCE*, A7-BCG*, A7-BCH*, A7-BCJ*, A7-BCO*, A7-BCS*, A7-BCT*, A7-BCV*, A7-BDC*, A7-BEI*, A7-BFA*, A7-BFB*, A7-BFC*, A7-BFD*, A7-BFF*, A7-BFG*, A7-BFH*, A7-BJC*, A7-CEB*, A7-HBJ*, A7-HHJ*, A7-HSJ*, A7-MED*, A7-MHH*, A9C-AM*, A9C-AN*, A9C-AO*, A9C-AP*, A9C-AQ*, A9C-BRN*, A9C-KA*, A9C-KB*, A9C-KE*, A9C-KF*, A10*, A30-006*, A33*, A38*, A40-SO*, A65-69*, A927*, A932*, AA+014*, AA+615*, Aegean*, AG244*, Air-France*, AJ841*, AP-BDZ*, AP-BEB*, AP-BEC*, AP-BEG*, AP-BEQ*, AP-BGK*, AP-BHW*, AP-BID*, AP-EDA*, AS-558*, AS+403*, AS+525*, AT13*, AT14*, AT15*, AT24*, AT27*, AT30*, AT31*, AT32*, AT33*, B-06*, B-37*, B-64*, B-118*, B-182*, B-538*, B-583*, B-2002*, B-2006*, B-2010*, B-2021*, B-2026*, B-2027*, B-2028*, B-2031*, B-2032*, B-2033*, B-2035*, B-2036*, B-2037*, B-2038*, B-2039*, B-2040*, B-2041*, B-2042*, B-2043*, B-2045*, B-2046*, B-2047*, B-2069*, B-2071*, B-2072*, B-2073*, B-2075*, B-2076*, B-2077*, B-2078*, B-2079*, B-2080*, B-2081*, B-2082*, B-2083*, B-2085*, B-2086*, B-2087*, B-2088*, B-2089*, B-2090*, B-2091*, B-2092*, B-2094*, B-2095*, B-2096*, B-2097*, B-2098*, B-2385*, B-2387*, B-2388*, B-2389*, B-2409*, B-2422*, B-2423*, B-2425*, B-2426*, B-2427*, B-2432*, B-2435*, B-2437*, B-2441*, B-2443*, B-2448*, B-2453*, B-2455*, B-2456*, B-2457*, B-2458*, B-2460*, B-2467*, B-2468*, B-2469*, B-2470*, B-2471*, B-2475*, B-2476*, B-2480*, B-2486*, B-2487*, B-2733*, B-3107*, B-5266*, B-5901*, B-5902*, B-5906*, B-5908*, B-5912*, B-5913*, B-5916*, B-5918*, B-5919*, B-5920*, B-5921*, B-5925*, B-5927*, B-5930*, B-5932*, B-5933*, B-5936*, B-5942*, B-5943*, B-5946*, B-5948*, B-5949*, B-5952*, B-5956*, B-5959*, B-5962*, B-5963*, B-5968*, B-5975*, B-6056*, B-6059*, B-6067*, B-6070*, B-6072*, B-6073*, B-6075*, B-6076*, B-6078*, B-6079*, B-6080*, B-6081*, B-6082*, B-6089*, B-6091*, B-6092*, B-6093*, B-6099*, B-6113*, B-6115*, B-6117*, B-6121*, B-6122*, B-6130*, B-6131*, B-6135*, B-6136*, B-6137*, B-6500*, B-6505*, B-6515*, B-6516*, B-6526*, B-6528*, B-6529*, B-6530*, B-6531*, B-6532*, B-6536*, B-6537*, B-6538*, B-6539*, B-6540*, B-6542*, B-6543*, B-6545*, B-6547*, B-6548*, B-7365*, B-7800*, B-7878*, B-7883*, B-8095*, B-8117*, B-8226*, B-8231*, B-16112*, B-16113*, B-16402*, B-16483*, B-16701*, B-16722*, B-18001*, B-18002*, B-18003*, B-18005*, B-18006*, B-18007*, B-18051*, B-18055*, B-18201*, B-18203*, B-18205*, B-18251*, B-18703*, B-18706*, B-18707*, B-18710*, B-18712*, B-18716*, B-18719*, B-18721*, B-18801*, B-18802*, B-18803*, B-18805*, B-18806*, B-18807*, B-18901*, B-HKT*, B-HKU*, B-HKV*, B-HKX*, B-HOP*, B-HOR*, B-HOS*, B-HOT*, B-HOV*, B-HOW*, B-HOX*, B-HOY*, B-HUA*, B-HUD*, B-HUE*, B-HUF*, B-HUI*, B-HUK*, B-HUL*, B-HUO*, B-HUQ*, B-HUR*, B-HXD*, B-HXG*, B-HXI*, B-HXK*, B-KAB*, B-KAI*, B-KPA*, B-KPB*, B-KPC*, B-KPD*, B-KPE*, B-KPF*, B-KPG*, B-KPH*, B-KPJ*, B-KPL*, B-KPM*, B-KPN*, B-KPO*, B-KPP*, B-KPQ*, B-KPR*, B-KPS*, B-KPT*, B-KPU*, B-KPV*, B-KPW*, B-KPX*, B-KQD*, b-kqh*, B-KQI*, B-KQJ*, B-KQK*, B-KQM*, B-KQO*, B-KQR*, B-KQZ*, B-LIA*, B-LIB*, B-LIC*, B-LID*, B-LIE*, B-LIF*, B-LJA*, B-LJC*, B-LJD*, B-LJE*, B-LJF*, B-LJI*, B-LJJ*, B-LJK*, B-LJL*, B-LJM*, B-LRC*, B-LRE*, BA*, BA15*, BA22*, BA26*, BB-150*, BB*, BC*, BD*, BD734*, BE*, BE505*, Belavia*, BH-8071*, BJ*, BL*, BO*, BQ*, BR*, BR2-I-129*, BT*, BU*, BUF-1*, BV*, BX*, BY*, C-8*, C-080*, C-168*, C-172*, C-408*, C-497*, C-534*, C-FCAE*, C-FCAF*, C-FCAG*, C-FCDE*, C-FDAT*, C-FFCO*, C-FGAJ*, C-FGDT*, C-FGDX*, C-FGDZ*, C-FGEI*, C-FGEO*, C-FGFZ*, C-FGSJ*, C-FGZS*, C-FITL*, C-FITU*, C-FITW*, C-FIUA*, C-FIUF*, C-FIUJ*, C-FIUL*, C-FIUR*, C-FIUV*, C-FIUW*, C-FIVK*, C-FIVM*, C-FIVQ*, C-FIVR*, C-FIVS*, C-FIVX*, C-FKSV*, C-FMCJ*, C-FMIJ*, C-FMWQ*, C-FMWU*, C-FMWV*, C-FMWY*, C-FNND*, C-FNNH*, C-FNNQ*, C-FNNU*, C-FNOE*, C-FNOG*, C-FNOH*, C-FNOI*, C-FOCA*, C-FPCA*, C-FPIJ*, C-FPQB*, C-FRAM*, C-FRSE*, C-FRSO*, C-FTCA*, C-FWNG*, C-FXCA*, C-GBZR*, C-GCDS*, C-GCGP*, C-GDVW*, C-GENW*, C-GEOQ*, C-GFAF*, C-GFAH*, C-GFAJ*, C-GFAT*, C-GFUR*, C-GGTS*, C-GHKR*, C-GHKW*, C-GHKX*, C-GHLA*, C-GHLK*, C-GHLM*, C-GHOZ*, C-GHPU*, C-GHPV*, C-GHPX*, C-GHPY*, C-GHQQ*, C-GHQY*, C-GKFD*, C-GKTS*, C-GLCA*, C-GMZY*, C-GNDN*, C-GPDJ*, C-GPIX*, C-GPPI*, C-GPTS*, C-GSCA*, C-GTSF*, C-GTSI*, C-GTSJ*, C-GTSN*, C-GWHF*, C-GYAJ*, C.319*, C9-AUM*, CC-3*, CC-150*, CC-BBA*, CC-BBB*, CC-BBE*, CC-BBF*, CC-BBG*, CC-BBJ*, CC-BDM*, CC-BGC*, CC-BGJ*, CC-BGR*, CC-CQA*, CC-CQC*, CC-CQF*, CCCP-77112*, CD-01*, CE-01*, CE-02*, CE-03*, CE-04*, CG699*, CH-03*, CH-04*, CH-05*, CH-07*, CH-08*, CH-09*, CH-10*, CH-11*, CH-12*, CM-01*, CM-02*, CN-COA*, CN-COB*, CN-MNE*, CN-MNF*, CN-MNH*, CN-MVI*, CN-NMA*, CN-NMB*, CN-NME*, CN-NMF*, CN-NMH*, CN-NMI*, CN-NMJ*, CN-NML*, CN-RGE*, CN-RGG*, CN-RGH*, CN-RGI*, CN-RGJ*, CN-RGK*, CN-RGM*, CN-RGN*, CN-RGO*, CN-RGQ*, CN-RMN*, CN-RNJ*, CN-RNP*, CN-RNQ*, CN-RNR*, CN-RNT*, CN-RNU*, CN-RNV*, CN-RNZ*, CN-ROA*, CN-ROB*, CN-ROC*, CN-ROD*, CN-ROE*, CN-ROH*, CN-ROJ*, CN-ROK*, CN-ROS*, CN-ROT*, CN-ROX*, CN-ROY*, CS-DFC*, CS-DFE*, CS-DFF*, CS-DFG*, CS-DFK*, CS-DFR*, CS-DFS*, CS-DFW*, CS-DFY*, CS-DHC*, CS-DHH*, CS-DHQ*, CS-DKD*, CS-DKE*, CS-DKH*, CS-DKI*, CS-DLB*, CS-DLC*, CS-DLF*, CS-DLG*, CS-DLH*, CS-DMI*, CS-DMT*, CS-DNP*, CS-DNQ*, CS-DNR*, CS-DNS*, CS-DNY*, CS-DPF*, CS-DQA*, CS-DQB*, CS-DRC*, CS-DRD*, CS-DRF*, CS-DRG*, CS-DRL*, CS-DRM*, CS-DRN*, CS-DRO*, CS-DRP*, CS-DRS*, CS-DRT*, CS-DRU*, CS-DRV*, CS-DRW*, CS-DRX*, CS-DRY*, CS-DRZ*, CS-DSB*, CS-DTC*, CS-DTD*, CS-DTQ*, CS-DUA*, CS-DUB*, CS-DUC*, CS-DUD*, CS-DUF*, CS-DUG*, CS-DUH*, CS-DVF*, CS-DVY*, CS-DXD*, CS-DXE*, CS-DXF*, CS-DXG*, CS-DXH*, CS-DXI*, CS-DXK*, CS-DXL*, CS-DXM*, CS-DXN*, CS-DXO*, CS-DXP*, CS-DXQ*, CS-DXR*, CS-DXS*, CS-DXT*, CS-DXV*, CS-DXW*, CS-DXY*, CS-DXZ*, CS-GLA*, CS-GLB*, CS-GLC*, CS-GLF*, CS-PHA*, CS-PHB*, CS-PHC*, CS-PHE*, CS-PHF*, CS-PHG*, CS-PHJ*, CS-PHZ*, CS-TEX*, CS-TFM*, CS-TFQ*, CS-TFU*, CS-TFV*, CS-TFX*, CS-TFY*, CS-TFZ*, CS-TGU*, CS-TJE*, CS-TJF*, CS-TJG*, CS-TJH*, CS-TKI*, CS-TKJ*, CS-TKK*, CS-TKL*, CS-TKM*, CS-TKO*, CS-TKP*, CS-TKQ*, CS-TLZ*, CS-TMT*, CS-TMW*, CS-TNG*, CS-TNH*, CS-TNI*, CS-TNJ*, CS-TNK*, CS-TNL*, CS-TNM*, CS-TNN*, CS-TNP*, CS-TNQ*, CS-TNR*, CS-TNS*, CS-TNT*, CS-TNU*, CS-TNV*, CS-TNW*, CS-TNX*, CS-TOK*, CS-TPA*, CS-TPB*, CS-TPC*, CS-TPE*, CS-TPF*, CS-TPP*, CS-TPQ*, CS-TPW*, CS-TQD*, CS-TQM*, CS-TQU*, CS-TQW*, CS-TQZ*, CS-TRH*, CS-TRI*, CS-TRJ*, CS-TRK*, CS-TRL*, CS-TRW*, CS-TRX*, CS-TTA*, CS-TTB*, CS-TTC*, CS-TTD*, CS-TTE*, CS-TTF*, CS-TTG*, CS-TTH*, CS-TTI*, CS-TTJ*, CS-TTK*, CS-TTL*, CS-TTM*, CS-TTN*, CS-TTO*, CS-TTP*, CS-TTQ*, CS-TTR*, CS-TTU*, CS-TTV*, CS-TTY*, CU-T1250*, D-101*, D-366*, D-661*, D-662*, D-663*, D-664*, D-666*, D-667*, D-891*, D-892*, D-1078*, D-1103*, D-1256*, D-1486*, D-1636*, D-1901*, D-2054*, D-2527*, D-3662*, D-3735*, D-6669*, D-7504*, D-8022*, D-8114*, D-8180*, D-8771*, D-9027*, D-9518*, D-9530*, D-9542*, D-9564*, D-9591*, D-AAAY*, D-AAHB*, D-AALA*, D-AALB*, D-AALC*, D-AALD*, D-AALE*, D-AALF*, D-AALG*, D-AALH*, D-AALJ*, D-AAMA*, D-ABAF*, D-ABAG*, D-ABAP*, D-ABAQ*, D-ABAS*, D-ABAW*, D-ABAZ*, D-ABBB*, D-ABBC*, D-ABBD*, D-ABBE*, D-ABBF*, D-ABBG*, D-ABBI*, D-ABBJ*, D-ABBK*, D-ABBM*, D-ABBS*, D-ABBT*, D-ABBV*, D-ABBW*, D-ABBX*, D-ABBY*, D-ABBZ*, D-ABCA*, D-ABCB*, D-ABCC*, D-ABCF*, D-ABCG*, D-ABCH*, D-ABCI*, D-ABCJ*, D-ABCK*, D-ABCL*, D-ABCM*, D-ABCN*, D-ABCO*, D-ABCP*, D-ABCQ*, D-ABCR*, D-ABDB*, D-ABDC*, D-ABDD*, D-ABDK*, D-ABDO*, D-ABDP*, D-ABDQ*, D-ABDR*, D-ABDS*, D-ABDT*, D-ABDU*, D-ABDW*, D-ABDX*, D-ABDY*, D-ABEA*, D-ABEB*, D-ABEC*, D-ABED*, D-ABEE*, D-ABEF*, D-ABEH*, D-ABEI*, D-ABEK*, D-ABEL*, D-ABEM*, D-ABEN*, D-ABEO*, D-ABEP*, D-ABER*, D-ABES*, D-ABET*, D-ABEU*, D-ABEW*, D-ABEX*, D-ABFA*, D-ABFC*, D-ABFE*, D-ABFF*, D-ABFG*, D-ABFK*, D-ABFL*, D-ABFN*, D-ABFO*, D-ABFP*, D-ABFT*, D-ABFU*, D-ABFZ*, D-ABGC*, D-ABGD*, D-ABGH*, D-ABGJ*, D-ABGK*, D-ABGN*, D-ABGO*, D-ABGP*, D-ABGQ*, D-ABGR*, D-ABGS*, D-ABHA*, D-ABHC*, D-ABHF*, D-ABHH*, D-ABHI*, D-ABHJ*, D-ABHK*, D-ABHL*, D-ABHM*, D-ABIA*, D-ABIB*, D-ABIC*, D-ABID*, D-ABIE*, D-ABIF*, D-ABIH*, D-ABII*, D-ABIK*, D-ABIL*, D-ABIM*, D-ABIN*, D-ABIO*, D-ABIP*, D-ABIR*, D-ABIS*, D-ABIT*, D-ABIU*, D-ABIW*, D-ABIX*, D-ABIY*, D-ABIZ*, D-ABJA*, D-ABJB*, D-ABJC*, D-ABJD*, D-ABJE*, D-ABJF*, D-ABJH*, D-ABJI*, D-ABKA*, D-ABKB*, D-ABKC*, D-ABKD*, D-ABKI*, D-ABKJ*, D-ABKK*, D-ABKM*, D-ABKN*, D-ABKP*, D-ABKQ*, D-ABKS*, D-ABKT*, D-ABKW*, D-ABKY*, D-ABLA*, D-ABLB*, D-ABLC*, D-ABLD*, D-ABLE*, D-ABLF*, D-ABMC*, D-ABMD*, D-ABME*, D-ABMF*, D-ABMG*, D-ABMH*, D-ABMI*, D-ABMJ*, D-ABMK*, D-ABML*, D-ABMO*, D-ABMP*, D-ABMQ*, D-ABMR*, D-ABMS*, D-ABMU*, D-ABMV*, D-ABMW*, D-ABNA*, D-ABNB*, D-ABNC*, D-ABNE*, D-ABNF*, D-ABNH*, D-ABNI*, D-ABNK*, D-ABNL*, D-ABNM*, D-ABNN*, D-ABNO*, D-ABNQ*, D-ABNT*, D-ABNU*, D-ABNV*, D-ABNX*, D-ABOA*, D-ABOB*, D-ABOC*, D-ABOE*, D-ABOF*, D-ABOG*, D-ABOH*, D-ABOI*, D-ABOJ*, D-ABOK*, D-ABOL*, D-ABOM*, D-ABON*, D-ABQA*, D-ABQB*, D-ABQC*, D-ABQD*, D-ABQE*, D-ABQF*, D-ABQG*, D-ABQH*, D-ABQI*, D-ABQJ*, D-ABQK*, D-ABQL*, D-ABQM*, D-ABQN*, D-ABQO*, D-ABQP*, D-ABQQ*, D-ABQR*, D-ABQS*, D-ABQT*, D-ABTA*, D-ABTB*, D-ABTC*, D-ABTD*, D-ABTE*, D-ABTF*, D-ABTH*, D-ABTK*, D-ABTL*, D-ABUA*, D-ABUB*, D-ABUC*, D-ABUD*, D-ABUE*, D-ABUF*, D-ABUH*, D-ABUI*, D-ABUK*, D-ABUL*, D-ABUM*, D-ABUO*, D-ABUP*, D-ABUS*, D-ABUT*, D-ABUZ*, D-ABVA*, D-ABVB*, D-ABVC*, D-ABVD*, D-ABVE*, D-ABVF*, D-ABVH*, D-ABVK*, D-ABVL*, D-ABVM*, D-ABVN*, D-ABVO*, D-ABVP*, D-ABVR*, D-ABVS*, D-ABVT*, D-ABVU*, D-ABVW*, D-ABVX*, D-ABVY*, D-ABVZ*, D-ABWA*, D-ABWH*, D-ABXA*, D-ABXB*, D-ABXC*, D-ABXD*, D-ABXG*, D-ABXL*, D-ABXM*, D-ABXN*, D-ABXO*, D-ABXP*, D-ABXR*, D-ABXS*, D-ABXT*, D-ABXU*, D-ABXW*, D-ABXX*, D-ABXY*, D-ABXZ*, D-ABYA*, D-ABYC*, D-ABYD*, D-ABYF*, D-ABYG*, D-ABYH*, D-ABYI*, D-ABYJ*, D-ABYK*, D-ABYL*, D-ABYM*, D-ABYN*, D-ABYO*, D-ABYP*, D-ABYQ*, D-ABYR*, D-ABYS*, D-ABYT*, D-ABYU*, D-ABZA*, D-ABZB*, D-ABZC*, D-ABZE*, D-ABZF*, D-ABZI*, D-ABZJ*, D-ABZK*, D-ABZL*, D-ABZN*, D-ACFA*, D-ACGA*, D-ACGB*, D-ACGC*, D-ACGD*, D-ACHA*, D-ACIN*, D-ACIR*, D-ACJI*, D-ACKA*, D-ACKB*, D-ACKC*, D-ACKD*, D-ACKE*, D-ACKF*, D-ACKG*, D-ACKH*, D-ACKI*, D-ACKJ*, D-ACKK*, D-ACKL*, D-ACLW*, D-ACNA*, D-ACNB*, D-ACNC*, D-ACND*, D-ACNE*, D-ACNF*, D-ACNG*, D-ACNH*, D-ACNI*, D-ACNJ*, D-ACNK*, D-ACNL*, D-ACNM*, D-ACNN*, D-ACNO*, D-ACNP*, D-ACNQ*, D-ACNR*, D-ACNT*, D-ACNU*, D-ACNV*, D-ACNW*, D-ACNX*, D-ACPA*, D-ACPB*, D-ACPC*, D-ACPD*, D-ACPE*, D-ACPF*, D-ACPG*, D-ACPH*, D-ACPI*, D-ACPJ*, D-ACPK*, D-ACPL*, D-ACPM*, D-ACPN*, D-ACPO*, D-ACPP*, D-ACPQ*, D-ACPR*, D-ACPS*, D-ACPT*, D-ACRB*, D-ACRG*, D-ACRH*, D-ACRK*, D-ACRM*, D-ACRO*, D-ACRQ*, D-ACWM*, D-ADAM*, D-ADCA*, D-ADCL*, D-ADDD*, D-ADHA*, D-ADHB*, D-ADHC*, D-ADHP*, D-ADHQ*, D-ADHR*, D-ADHS*, D-ADHT*, D-ADIJ*, D-AEAA*, D-AEAB*, D-AEAD*, D-AEAE*, D-AEAF*, D-AEAG*, D-AEAH*, D-AEAJ*, D-AEAK*, D-AEAL*, D-AEAM*, D-AEAN*, D-AEAO*, D-AEAP*, D-AEAQ*, D-AEAR*, D-AEAS*, D-AEAT*, D-AEBA*, D-AEBB*, D-AEBC*, D-AEBD*, D-AEBE*, D-AEBF*, D-AEBG*, D-AEBH*, D-AEBI*, D-AEBJ*, D-AEBK*, D-AEBL*, D-AEBM*, D-AEBN*, D-AEBO*, D-AEBP*, D-AEBQ*, D-AEBR*, D-AEBS*, D-AECA*, D-AECB*, D-AECC*, D-AECD*, D-AECE*, D-AECF*, D-AECG*, D-AECH*, D-AECI*, D-AEGQ*, D-AEJS*, D-AELK*, D-AELL*, D-AEMA*, D-AEMB*, D-AEMC*, D-AEMD*, D-AEME*, D-AEMF*, D-AEMG*, D-AEPK*, D-AERQ*, D-AEUK*, D-AEWA*, D-AEWB*, D-AEWC*, D-AEWD*, D-AEWE*, D-AEWF*, D-AEWG*, D-AEWI*, D-AEWK*, D-AEWL*, D-AEWM*, D-AEWN*, D-AEWO*, D-AEWP*, D-AEWQ*, D-AEWR*, D-AEWS*, D-AEWT*, D-AEWU*, D-AEWX*, D-AFAC*, D-AFAI*, D-AFKC*, D-AFKD*, D-AFKE*, D-AFKF*, D-AFUN*, D-AGBA*, D-AGBH*, D-AGEC*, D-AGEE*, D-AGEL*, D-AGEN*, D-AGEP*, D-AGEQ*, D-AGER*, D-AGES*, D-AGET*, D-AGEU*, D-AGEY*, D-AGSA*, D-AGSB*, D-AGWA*, D-AGWB*, D-AGWC*, D-AGWD*, D-AGWE*, D-AGWF*, D-AGWG*, D-AGWH*, D-AGWI*, D-AGWJ*, D-AGWK*, D-AGWL*, D-AGWM*, D-AGWN*, D-AGWO*, D-AGWP*, D-AGWQ*, D-AGWR*, D-AGWS*, D-AGWT*, D-AGWU*, D-AGWV*, D-AGWW*, D-AGWX*, D-AGWY*, D-AGWZ*, D-AHFA*, D-AHFD*, D-AHFG*, D-AHFH*, D-AHFI*, D-AHFJ*, D-AHFK*, D-AHFL*, D-AHFM*, D-AHFO*, D-AHFP*, D-AHFR*, D-AHFS*, D-AHFT*, D-AHFV*, D-AHFW*, D-AHFX*, D-AHFY*, D-AHFZ*, D-AHHB*, D-AHHC*, D-AHHD*, D-AHHE*, D-AHHF*, D-AHHG*, D-AHHH*, D-AHIA*, D-AHIF*, D-AHIL*, D-AHIM*, D-AHIN*, D-AHIO*, D-AHLE*, D-AHLK*, D-AHOI*, D-AHXA*, D-AHXB*, D-AHXC*, D-AHXD*, D-AHXE*, D-AHXF*, D-AHXG*, D-AHXH*, D-AHXJ*, D-AIAB*, D-AIAC*, D-AIAD*, D-AIAE*, D-AIAF*, D-AIAG*, D-AIAH*, D-AIAI*, D-AIAK*, D-AIAL*, D-AIAM*, D-AIAP*, D-AIAR*, D-AIAT*, D-AIAU*, D-AIAX*, D-AIAY*, D-AIAZ*, D-AIBA*, D-AIBB*, D-AIBC*, D-AIBD*, D-AIBE*, D-AIBF*, D-AIBG*, D-AIBH*, D-AIBI*, D-AIBJ*, D-AICA*, D-AICC*, D-AICD*, D-AICE*, D-AICF*, D-AICG*, D-AICH*, D-AICI*, D-AICJ*, D-AICK*, D-AICL*, D-AICN*, D-AIDA*, D-AIDB*, D-AIDC*, D-AIDD*, D-AIDE*, D-AIDF*, D-AIDG*, D-AIDH*, D-AIDI*, D-AIDJ*, D-AIDK*, D-AIDL*, D-AIDM*, D-AIDN*, D-AIDO*, D-AIDP*, D-AIDQ*, D-AIDT*, D-AIDU*, D-AIDV*, D-AIDW*, D-AIDX*, D-AIFA*, D-AIFC*, D-AIFD*, D-AIFE*, D-AIFF*, D-AIGA*, D-AIGB*, D-AIGC*, D-AIGD*, D-AIGF*, D-AIGH*, D-AIGI*, D-AIGK*, D-AIGL*, D-AIGM*, D-AIGN*, D-AIGO*, D-AIGP*, D-AIGS*, D-AIGT*, D-AIGU*, D-AIGV*, D-AIGW*, D-AIGX*, D-AIGY*, D-AIGZ*, D-AIHA*, D-AIHB*, D-AIHC*, D-AIHD*, D-AIHE*, D-AIHF*, D-AIHH*, D-AIHI*, D-AIHK*, D-AIHL*, D-AIHM*, D-AIHN*, D-AIHO*, D-AIHP*, D-AIHQ*, D-AIHR*, D-AIHS*, D-AIHT*, D-AIHU*, D-AIHV*, D-AIHW*, D-AIHX*, D-AIHY*, D-AIHZ*, D-AIKA*, D-AIKB*, D-AIKC*, D-AIKD*, D-AIKE*, D-AIKF*, D-AIKG*, D-AIKH*, D-AIKI*, D-AIKJ*, D-AIKK*, D-AIKL*, D-AIKM*, D-AIKN*, D-AIKO*, D-AIKP*, D-AIKQ*, D-AIKR*, D-AIKS*, D-AILA*, D-AILB*, D-AILC*, D-AILD*, D-AILE*, D-AILF*, D-AILH*, D-AILI*, D-AILK*, D-AILL*, D-AILM*, D-AILN*, D-AILP*, D-AILR*, D-AILS*, D-AILT*, D-AILU*, D-AILW*, D-AILX*, D-AILY*, D-AIMA*, D-AIMB*, D-AIMC*, D-AIMD*, D-AIME*, D-AIMF*, D-AIMG*, D-AIMH*, D-AIMI*, D-AIMJ*, D-AIMK*, D-AIML*, D-AIMM*, D-AIMN*, D-AINA*, D-AINB*, D-AINC*, D-AIND*, D-AINE*, D-AINF*, D-AING*, D-AINH*, D-AINI*, D-AINJ*, D-AIPA*, D-AIPB*, D-AIPC*, D-AIPD*, D-AIPE*, D-AIPF*, D-AIPH*, D-AIPK*, D-AIPL*, D-AIPM*, D-AIPP*, D-AIPR*, D-AIPS*, D-AIPT*, D-AIPU*, D-AIPW*, D-AIPX*, D-AIPY*, D-AIPZ*, D-AIQA*, D-AIQB*, D-AIQC*, D-AIQD*, D-AIQE*, D-AIQF*, D-AIQH*, D-AIQK*, D-AIQL*, D-AIQM*, D-AIQN*, D-AIQP*, D-AIQR*, D-AIQS*, D-AIQT*, D-AIQU*, D-AIQW*, D-AIRA*, D-AIRB*, D-AIRC*, D-AIRD*, D-AIRE*, D-AIRF*, D-AIRH*, D-AIRK*, D-AIRL*, D-AIRM*, D-AIRN*, D-AIRO*, D-AIRP*, D-AIRR*, D-AIRS*, D-AIRT*, D-AIRU*, D-AIRV*, D-AIRW*, D-AIRX*, D-AIRY*, D-AISB*, D-AISC*, D-AISD*, D-AISE*, D-AISF*, D-AISG*, D-AISH*, D-AISI*, D-AISJ*, D-AISK*, D-AISL*, D-AISN*, D-AISO*, D-AISP*, D-AISQ*, D-AISR*, D-AIST*, D-AISU*, D-AISV*, D-AISW*, D-AISX*, D-AISZ*, D-AIUA*, D-AIUB*, D-AIUC*, D-AIUD*, D-AIUE*, D-AIUF*, D-AIUG*, D-AIUH*, D-AIUI*, D-AIUJ*, D-AIUK*, D-AIUL*, D-AIUM*, D-AIUN*, D-AIUO*, D-AIUP*, D-AIUQ*, D-AIUR*, D-AIUS*, D-AIUU*, D-AIUV*, D-AIUW*, D-AIUZ*, D-AIXA*, D-AIZA*, D-AIZB*, D-AIZC*, D-AIZD*, D-AIZE*, D-AIZF*, D-AIZG*, D-AIZH*, D-AIZI*, D-AIZJ*, D-AIZK*, D-AIZL*, D-AIZM*, D-AIZN*, D-AIZO*, D-AIZP*, D-AIZQ*, D-AIZR*, D-AIZS*, D-AIZT*, D-AIZU*, D-AIZV*, D-AIZW*, D-AIZX*, D-AIZY*, D-AIZZ*, D-AJET*, D-AJOY*, D-AKAZ*, D-AKNF*, D-AKNG*, D-AKNH*, D-AKNI*, D-AKNJ*, D-AKNK*, D-AKNL*, D-AKNM*, D-AKNN*, D-AKNP*, D-AKNR*, D-AKNT*, D-AKNU*, D-AKNV*, D-AKWN*, D-ALCA*, D-ALCB*, D-ALCC*, D-ALCD*, D-ALCE*, D-ALCF*, D-ALCG*, D-ALCH*, D-ALCI*, D-ALCJ*, D-ALCK*, D-ALCL*, D-ALCM*, D-ALCN*, D-ALCO*, D-ALCP*, D-ALCR*, D-ALCS*, D-ALEB*, D-ALEF*, D-ALEG*, D-ALEH*, D-ALEI*, D-ALEK*, D-ALEM*, D-ALER*, D-ALEX*, D-ALFA*, D-ALFB*, D-ALFC*, D-ALFD*, D-ALFE*, D-ALIA*, D-ALIE*, D-ALOG*, D-ALPA*, D-ALPB*, D-ALPC*, D-ALPD*, D-ALPE*, D-ALPF*, D-ALPG*, D-ALPH*, D-ALPI*, D-ALPJ*, D-ALSA*, D-ALSB*, D-ALSC*, D-ALTD*, D-ALTE*, D-ALTH*, D-ALTK*, D-ALTL*, D-AMAJ*, D-AMAX*, D-AMGL*, D-AMSC*, D-ANAC*, D-ANFC*, D-ANFE*, D-ANKA*, D-ANNA*, D-ANNE*, D-ANNG*, D-ANOY*, D-AOLC*, D-APBB*, D-APBC*, D-APBD*, D-APLC*, D-AQUA*, D-AQUI*, D-ARKO*, D-ARTE*, D-ASBG*, D-ASTA*, D-ASTB*, D-ASTC*, D-ASTD*, D-ASTE*, D-ASTP*, D-ASTS*, D-ASTU*, D-ASTV*, D-ASTW*, D-ASTX*, D-ASTY*, D-ASTZ*, D-ASUN*, D-ASXA*, D-ASXB*, D-ASXC*, D-ASXD*, D-ASXE*, D-ASXF*, D-ASXG*, D-ASXH*, D-ASXI*, D-ASXJ*, D-ASXK*, D-ASXL*, D-ASXM*, D-ASXO*, D-ASXP*, D-ASXR*, D-ASXS*, D-ATOM*, D-ATRA*, D-ATRS*, D-ATUA*, D-ATUB*, D-ATUC*, D-ATUD*, D-ATUE*, D-ATUF*, D-ATUG*, D-ATUH*, D-ATUI*, D-ATUJ*, D-ATUK*, D-ATUL*, D-ATUM*, D-ATUN*, D-ATUO*, D-ATUP*, D-ATUQ*, D-ATUR*, D-ATUZ*, D-ATWO*, D-ATYC*, D-ATYG*, D-ATZE*, D-AUAA*, D-AUCR*, D-AVAN*, D-AVIB*, D-AVRA*, D-AVRD*, D-AVRI*, D-AVRJ*, D-AVRK*, D-AVRN*, D-AVRP*, D-AVRQ*, D-AVRR*, D-AVVC*, D-AVVD*, D-AVVF*, D-AVVQ*, D-AVWC*, D-AVYE*, D-AVYS*, D-AVYT*, D-AVYU*, D-AVZC*, D-AVZK*, D-AVZS*, D-AVZZ*, D-AWBA*, D-AWBB*, D-AWUE*, D-AXAD*, D-AXDB*, D-AXGA*, D-AXGB*, D-AXGC*, D-AXGD*, D-AXLD*, D-AXLE*, D-AXLF*, D-AXLG*, D-AXLK*, D-AXTM*, D-AYAA*, D-AYAK*, D-AZAA*, D-AZAB*, D-AZAG*, D-AZAH*, D-AZAI*, D-AZAR*, D-AZAS*, D-AZAW*, D-AZEM*, D-AZUA*, D-AZUC*, D-BADA*, D-BADC*, D-BADO*, D-BCCC*, D-BCLA*, D-BDTM*, D-BEAM*, D-BEAR*, D-BEEP*, D-BEJR*, D-BEKY*, D-BFIL*, D-BGAS*, D-BIKA*, D-BLAU*, D-BLTA*, D-BMVV*, D-Bonn*, D-BOOC*, D-BOOK*, D-BPAD*, D-BRAS*, D-BUBI*, D-BUZZ*, D-CAAY*, D-CADN*, D-CAHB*, D-CAHO*, D-CAKE*, D-CALL*, D-CAMB*, D-CAPB*, D-CAPO*, D-CARL*, D-CARY*, D-CAST*, D-CAVA*, D-CAWB*, D-CAWM*, D-CAWS*, D-CBBB*, D-CBEN*, D-CBIN*, D-CBIZ*, D-CBVB*, D-CCAA*, D-CCAB*, D-CCAS*, D-CCCA*, D-CCCF*, D-CCEA*, D-CCEU*, D-CCGN*, D-CCIR*, D-CCLA*, D-CCWD*, D-CDAS*, D-CDDD*, D-CDLH*, D-CDRF*, D-CDTZ*, D-CECH*, D-CEFA*, D-CEFD*, D-CEFE*, D-CEFO*, D-CEHM*, D-CEIS*, D-CELE*, D-CELI*, D-CFAF*, D-CFAI*, D-CFAX*, D-CFFF*, D-CFGG*, D-CFLY*, D-CFMD*, D-CFME*, D-CFOR*, D-CFTG*, D-CFXJ*, D-CGBA*, D-CGBR*, D-CGFA*, D-CGFB*, D-CGFE*, D-CGFK*, D-CGGG*, D-CGRC*, D-CHAT*, D-CHDC*, D-CHEC*, D-CHGS*, D-CHHH*, D-CHIC*, D-CHIO*, D-CHLR*, D-CHRA*, D-CHRB*, D-CHRC*, D-CHRD*, D-CHSP*, D-CICE*, D-CIDO*, D-CIFA*, D-CIFM*, D-CIFW*, D-CINS*, D-CIRC*, D-CIRI*, D-CIRP*, D-CITA*, D-CJAF*, D-CJET*, D-CJJJ*, D-CJPG*, D-CKHG*, D-CKHK*, D-CKJE*, D-CKNA*, D-CKPP*, D-CLAT*, D-CLBA*, D-CLBM*, D-CLEO*, D-CMAN*, D-CMET*, D-CMHA*, D-CMHS*, D-CMOR*, D-CMSC*, D-CNAC*, D-CNAG*, D-CNAY*, D-Cneu*, D-CNOC*, D-CNRT*, D-CNRZ*, D-COBI*, D-COKE*, D-COLD*, D-COLT*, D-CONE*, D-COOL*, D-COWB*, D-CPMI*, D-CPRO*, D-CPRW*, D-CQAJ*, D-CQQQ*, D-CRAS*, D-CRCR*, D-CREY*, D-CRON*, D-CSFD*, D-CSIM*, D-CSIX*, D-CSLT*, D-CSUE*, D-CSUN*, D-CTRI*, D-CTWO*, D-CURA*, D-CURE*, D-CURT*, D-CUTE*, D-CVII*, D-CVVV*, D-CXLS*, D-CYKP*, D-EAAA*, D-EAAD*, D-EAAN*, D-EABU*, D-EACN*, D-EADN*, D-EAER*, D-EAHK*, D-EAIG*, D-EAIN*, D-EAIY*, D-EAJC*, D-EAKG*, D-EAKJ*, D-EAMA*, D-EAPT*, D-EAPZ*, D-EAQJ*, D-EAQT*, D-EAXK*, D-EBAC*, D-EBAT*, D-EBAW*, D-EBCC*, D-EBED*, D-EBEI*, D-EBEY*, D-EBFC*, D-EBFW*, D-EBHL*, D-EBKI*, D-EBMX*, D-EBOP*, D-EBSH*, D-EBUC*, D-EBUZ*, D-EBYZ*, D-ECAS*, D-ECAW*, D-ECBS*, D-ECCN*, D-ECIC*, D-ECII*, D-ECIJ*, D-ECJB*, D-ECPU*, D-ECTR*, D-ECUB*, D-ECUX*, D-EDCF*, D-EDCL*, D-EDEF*, D-EDEW*, D-EDFT*, D-EDGN*, D-EDHT*, D-EDJL*, D-EDKS*, D-EDMA*, D-EDMH*, D-EDNC*, D-EDOD*, D-EDOJ*, D-EDPI*, D-EDPX*, D-EDPZ*, D-EDRY*, D-EDUN*, D-EDVH*, D-EDWD*, D-EDWJ*, D-EDZL*, D-EEAZ*, D-EEDH*, D-EEFQ*, D-EEFZ*, D-EEGN*, D-EEGO*, D-EEIL*, D-EEIS*, D-EEJA*, D-EELE*, D-EELN*, D-EEMM*, D-EEPJ*, D-EEPN*, D-EERP*, D-EETK*, D-EETS*, D-EETU*, D-EEWQ*, D-EEXE*, D-EEYS*, D-EFCS*, D-EFCY*, D-EFEF*, D-EFEM*, D-EFFC*, D-EFGV*, D-EFIV*, D-EFJC*, D-EFJL*, D-EFJR*, D-EFKH*, D-EFKL*, D-EFLM*, D-EFMB*, D-EFMD*, D-EFME*, D-EFMN*, D-EFNC*, D-EFNE*, D-EFNX*, D-EFOR*, D-EFPR*, D-EFQP*, D-EFQV*, D-EFSC*, D-EFSI*, D-EFTJ*, D-EFTU*, D-EFUB*, D-EFVD*, D-EFVP*, D-EFWC*, D-EFWM*, D-EFXE*, D-EFXJ*, D-EFXZ*, D-EFYZ*, D-EGAW*, D-EGBO*, D-EGBR*, D-EGEA*, D-EGEI*, D-EGFG*, D-EGFH*, D-EGFR*, D-EGHO*, D-EGIB*, D-EGKT*, D-EGOC*, D-EGPG*, D-EGPH*, D-EGRM*, D-EGSY*, D-EGTC*, D-EGTH*, D-EGTY*, D-EGVE*, D-EGWD*, D-EGWK*, D-EGXY*, D-EGYA*, D-EGZR*, D-EHAE*, D-EHCF*, D-EHEY*, D-EHFA*, D-EHIH*, D-EHLU*, D-EHMS*, D-EHTW*, D-EHUW*, D-EHWZ*, D-EHYD*, D-EIBE*, D-EIBF*, D-EIDV*, D-EIFF*, D-EIHK*, D-EIII*, D-EING*, D-EIOS*, D-EIPC*, D-EIPL*, D-EIQI*, D-EIRC*, D-EIRW*, D-EISU*, D-EITE*, D-EIXA*, D-EIYB*, D-EJGG*, D-EJGS*, D-EJHD*, D-EJHH*, D-EJIC*, D-EJKB*, D-EJLU*, D-EJMB*, D-EJOF*, D-EJOG*, D-EJPL*, D-EJUK*, D-EJUL*, D-EJUW*, D-EJWF*, D-EKAD*, D-EKDU*, D-EKEK*, D-EKHO*, D-EKKA*, D-EKKN*, D-EKLU*, D-EKLW*, D-EKMX*, D-EKUH*, D-EKYM*, D-ELAO*, D-ELBL*, D-ELCA*, D-ELFN*, D-ELGH*, D-ELIL*, D-ELLM*, D-ELLY*, D-ELMW*, D-ELNA*, D-ELPC*, D-ELSM*, D-ELSO*, D-ELTD*, D-ELUK*, D-ELUM*, D-ELWE*, D-ELYQ*, D-EMAL*, D-EMAV*, D-EMBA*, D-EMDT*, D-EMDV*, D-EMEL*, D-EMEY*, D-EMFM*, D-EMHD*, D-EMHG*, D-EMHM*, D-EMHW*, D-EMIG*, D-EMIL*, D-EMIS*, D-EMKB*, D-EMKP*, D-EMLH*, D-EMMI*, D-EMNC*, D-EMNQ*, D-EMOF*, D-EMOO*, D-EMVT*, D-EMYS*, D-ENAD*, D-ENAY*, D-ENEF*, D-ENEK*, D-ENET*, D-ENEU*, D-ENHM*, D-ENIT*, D-ENLH*, D-ENOY*, D-ENPB*, D-ENRH*, D-ENUT*, D-ENVF*, D-ENVI*, D-ENVU*, D-ENYA*, D-EOAO*, D-EOBP*, D-EOBU*, D-EOCM*, D-EOGT*, D-EOGY*, D-EOHD*, D-EOLD*, D-EOSC*, D-EOSM*, D-EOTK*, D-EOWS*, D-EPHH*, D-EPPH*, D-EPRB*, D-EPUP*, D-EPUS*, D-EPUT*, D-ERNC*, D-EROQ*, D-ERRO*, D-ERST*, D-ESAD*, D-ESBC*, D-ESBH*, D-ESEE*, D-ESET*, D-ESGN*, D-ESKT*, D-ESLQ*, D-ESMW*, D-ESRE*, D-ESSJ*, D-ESUU*, D-ESXT*, D-ETAP*, D-ETFC*, D-ETFE*, D-ETHC*, D-ETHL*, D-ETHN*, D-ETIP*, D-ETKP*, D-ETMA*, D-ETPG*, D-ETUF*, D-ETUG*, D-ETWB*, D-EUBL*, D-EUCK*, D-EVAC*, D-EVBS*, D-EVDB*, D-EVEC*, D-EVGS*, D-EVIC*, D-EVOS*, D-EVSK*, D-EVTP*, D-EWAD*, D-EWAX*, D-EWBA*, D-EWEI*, D-EWKL*, D-EWMB*, D-EWOI*, D-EWON*, D-EWQC*, D-EWQL*, D-EWRG*, D-EWRH*, D-EWSM*, D-EWTF*, D-EWUI*, D-EWXA*, D-EXBA*, D-EXBE*, D-EXCM*, D-EXFS*, D-EXHM*, D-EXHT*, D-EXJL*, D-EXLH*, D-EXMM*, D-EXTS*, D-EXWL*, D-EXXD*, D-EYBH*, D-EYEB*, D-EYKB*, D-EYTG*, D-EZDS*, D-EZMR*, D-EZOR*, D-EZZZ*, D-FAME*, D-FAML*, D-FAMT*, D-FAYX*, D-FCGH*, D-FCMT*, D-FDEM*, D-FDLR*, D-FEUR*, D-FFMT*, D-FHBG*, D-FHGK*, D-FHGL*, D-FIBG*, D-FINE*, D-FIVE*, D-FJII*, D-FJNU*, D-FKAE*, D-FKMB*, D-FKME*, D-FLAC*, D-FMAX*, D-FMCA*, D-FNAH*, D-FONE*, D-FONL*, D-FOUR*, D-FRCP*, D-FREY*, D-FSCB*, D-FSID*, D-FSTB*, D-FTBM*, D-FUDA*, D-FUKM*, D-FWJG*, D-FWJM*, D-FWME*, D-FXXC*, D-FYAC*, D-FYAK*, D-FYGJ*, D-GAAA*, D-GABO*, D-GAFC*, D-GBFS*, D-GEKW*, D-GGWU*, D-GHEA*, D-GICE*, D-GICL*, D-GISE*, D-GJNS*, D-GJPA*, D-GLGM*, D-GOKI*, D-GOMH*, D-GPJB*, D-GTTW*, D-GVCC*, D-HABF*, D-HAFC*, D-HAFM*, D-HALA*, D-HAMY*, D-HAPE*, D-HARI*, D-HARU*, D-HARV*, D-HATE*, D-HAUG*, D-HAUV*, D-HAWY*, D-HAZY*, D-HBPA*, D-HBPB*, D-HBPC*, D-HBPF*, D-HBPG*, D-HBPH*, D-HBRE*, D-HBWD*, D-HBWV*, D-HBWZ*, D-HBZV*, D-HCDL*, D-HDAC*, D-HDDL*, D-HDEG*, D-HDLH*, D-HDOM*, D-HDRK*, D-HDRT*, D-HDSC*, D-HDSF*, D-HEGA*, D-HEGF*, D-HEGG*, D-HEGK*, D-HEGL*, D-HEGM*, D-HEGO*, D-HEGW*, D-HELO*, D-HELP*, D-HEOE*, D-HEWR*, D-HFHS*, D-HFOG*, D-HFUM*, D-HGYR*, D-HHEA*, D-HHEB*, D-HHEC*, D-HHFF*, D-HHHE*, D-HHHH*, D-HHLL*, D-HHVV*, D-HILF*, D-HIPY*, D-HISA*, D-HJDS*, D-HJJJ*, D-HLFM*, D-HLTA*, D-HLTI*, D-HLTJ*, D-HMAX*, D-HMFA*, D-HMFD*, D-HMGX*, D-HMVP*, D-HNEL*, D-HNWK*, D-HNWL*, D-HNWN*, D-HNWO*, D-HNWP*, D-HNWQ*, D-HOME*, D-HOMI*, D-HOSE*, D-HPMM*, D-HRPB*, D-HSTS*, D-HTDM*, D-HUNT*, D-HVBF*, D-HVBI*, D-HVBP*, D-HVBV*, D-HVIA*, D-HWLL*, D-HWOW*, D-HWVS*, D-HZPE*, D-HZSM*, D-HZSN*, D-HZSO*, D-IAAC*, D-IAAW*, D-IAAY*, D-IABA*, D-IABC*, D-IADV*, D-IAGG*, D-IAHG*, D-IAIB*, D-IAKN*, D-IAMO*, D-IANA*, D-IATT*, D-IAWG*, D-IAWU*, D-IBAK*, D-IBAR*, D-IBBB*, D-IBBS*, D-IBFS*, D-IBFW*, D-IBJJ*, D-IBMM*, D-IBSH*, D-IBSL*, D-IBSW*, D-ICDM*, D-ICDO*, D-ICKM*, D-ICMS*, D-ICOL*, D-ICSS*, D-ICVW*, D-IDAZ*, D-IDBA*, D-IDRF*, D-IDWC*, D-IEAH*, D-IEKU*, D-IEMG*, D-IENG*, D-IEXB*, D-IFDH*, D-IFDM*, D-IFDN*, D-IFEY*, D-IFHI*, D-IFIS*, D-IFMP*, D-IFSA*, D-IFZO*, D-IGME*, D-IGOB*, D-IGST*, D-IHEB*, D-IHGB*, D-IHKW*, D-IHSW*, D-IICE*, D-IIKM*, D-IIMH*, D-IITN*, D-IIVA*, D-IIVK*, D-IJET*, D-IJTT*, D-IKBO*, D-IKEW*, D-IKOB*, D-IKSI*, D-IKUR*, D-ILAP*, D-ILAT*, D-ILDL*, D-ILHA*, D-ILHB*, D-ILHC*, D-ILHD*, D-ILIT*, D-ILLI*, D-ILPB*, D-ILUX*, D-IMGW*, D-IMKI*, D-IMKL*, D-IMMD*, D-IMTT*, D-IMVC*, D-IMWK*, D-INCS*, D-INDY*, D-INJR*, D-INKA*, D-INKY*, D-IOSB*, D-IPCC*, D-IPCG*, D-IPCH*, D-IPCS*, D-IPOD*, D-IPVD*, D-IRAR*, D-IRKE*, D-IRMA*, D-IRUP*, D-ISAR*, D-ISBC*, D-ISCO*, D-ISGS*, D-ISHF*, D-ISJP*, D-ISKO*, D-ISKY*, D-ISTP*, D-ISUN*, D-ISWA*, D-ITAN*, D-ITIM*, D-ITIP*, D-ITMA*, D-ITMS*, D-ITRA*, D-ITWO*, D-IVIN*, D-IVIP*, D-IVVB*, D-IWBL*, D-IWIR*, D-IWMS*, D-IWNP*, D-IWWP*, D-IWWW*, D-IZZY*, D-KAIR*, D-KANU*, D-KAQA*, D-KARA*, D-KAXB*, D-KGTC*, D-KGTI*, D-KMEO*, D-KTIC*, D-LDFR*, D-LZFN*, D-LZZF*, D-MACQ*, D-MAIL*, D-MBHD*, D-MBOA*, D-MGFK*, D-MGLL*, D-MHPG*, D-MMGF*, D-MMWW*, D-MMZD*, D-MNKU*, D-MNKZ*, D-MNMC*, D-MOOJ*, D-MPMS*, D-MTGX*, D-MUFH*, D-MUMM*, D-MWEJ*, D-MWRO*, D-MWWD*, D-MXFB*, D-MZAK*, D-MZUL*, D-NICE*, D-SNZY*, D2-FET*, D4-CBP*, D4-CBX*, D71*, D437*, D1202*, D1519*, DA*, DAC*, DB+127*, DB127*, DD-113*, DD-313*, DDD*, DDR-SCZ*, DDR-TAB*, DDR-TCA*, DDR-WQV*, DE974*, DF-316*, DF112*, DK-203*, DL*, DM-3267*, DM-SAF*, DM-SGE*, DM-SGF*, DM-SKK*, DM-SKL*, DM-SMX*, DM-STA*, DM-SUW*, DT-491*, DT-923*, DX*, DXI*, E-008*, E-14*, E-27*, E-29*, E-39*, E-107*, E-602*, E-606*, E3B-555*, E7-AAD*, E7-AAE*, E9*, E27*, E3349*, EA-241*, EA*, EAWD*, EB-250*, EB-344*, EB-368*, EB-399*, EB-A*, EB-B*, EB-J*, EB-V*, EB-X*, EB-Z*, EC-404*, EC-406*, EC-CRG*, EC-EXF*, EC-EXG*, EC-EYB*, EC-FDA*, EC-FEZ*, EC-FGR*, EC-FND*, EC-FTR*, EC-FZE*, EC-GCV*, EC-GLE*, EC-GNK*, EC-GUP*, EC-GXU*, EC-HAK*, EC-HCH*, EC-HDK*, EC-HDS*, EC-HDT*, EC-HEK*, EC-HGH*, EC-HGR*, EC-HGT*, EC-HHA*, EC-HJC*, EC-HKO*, EC-HQI*, EC-HQJ*, EC-HQL*, EC-HRP*, EC-HSF*, EC-HTB*, EC-HTC*, EC-HTD*, EC-HUH*, EC-HUI*, EC-HUJ*, EC-HUL*, EC-HYC*, EC-HYI*, EC-HZS*, EC-IAZ*, EC-ICL*, EC-ICR*, EC-IDA*, EC-IDC*, EC-IDQ*, EC-IDT*, EC-IEG*, EC-IEI*, EC-IEJ*, EC-IGK*, EC-III*, EC-IIZ*, EC-IJE*, EC-IJN*, EC-ILH*, EC-ILP*, EC-ILQ*, EC-ILR*, EC-ILS*, EC-IMB*, EC-INM*, EC-IPI*, EC-ISN*, EC-ISQ*, EC-ISY*, EC-ITN*, EC-IVG*, EC-IXD*, EC-IYG*, EC-IZD*, EC-IZH*, EC-IZK*, EC-IZR*, EC-JAP*, EC-JBE*, EC-JBJ*, EC-JBK*, EC-JBL*, EC-JCM*, EC-JCV*, EC-JCZ*, EC-JDL*, EC-JDM*, EC-JDU*, EC-JEE*, EC-JEI*, EC-JEJ*, EC-JFG*, EC-JFH*, EC-JFN*, EC-JGM*, EC-JGS*, EC-JHK*, EC-JHL*, EC-JIL*, EC-JJD*, EC-JLI*, EC-JNF*, EC-JPK*, EC-JQX*, EC-JQZ*, EC-JRE*, EC-JSK*, EC-JSY*, EC-JTQ*, EC-JTR*, EC-JTT*, EC-JUG*, EC-JVE*, EC-JVM*, EC-JVZ*, EC-JXA*, EC-JXJ*, EC-JXV*, EC-JXZ*, EC-JYX*, EC-JZI*, EC-JZM*, EC-JZQ*, EC-JZT*, EC-JZU*, EC-KBC*, EC-KBX*, EC-KCG*, EC-KCU*, EC-KCX*, EC-KDG*, EC-KDH*, EC-KDI*, EC-KDT*, EC-KDX*, EC-KEC*, EC-KES*, EC-KFI*, EC-KHH*, EC-KHJ*, EC-KHM*, EC-KHN*, EC-KKS*, EC-KKT*, EC-KLB*, EC-KLD*, EC-KLT*, EC-KMD*, EC-KMI*, EC-KOH*, EC-KOX*, EC-KPB*, EC-KPT*, EC-KRH*, EC-KRJ*, EC-KRN*, EC-KSM*, EC-KTZ*, EC-KUB*, EC-KVD*, EC-KVI*, EC-KXD*, EC-KXN*, EC-KYO*, EC-KYP*, EC-LAA*, EC-LAB*, EC-LAC*, EC-LAE*, EC-LAV*, EC-LBC*, EC-LCQ*, EC-LEA*, EC-LEI*, EC-LEK*, EC-LFZ*, EC-LIN*, EC-LJR*, EC-LJS*, EC-LJT*, EC-LJX*, EC-LKF*, EC-LKG*, EC-LKH*, EC-LKI*, EC-LKK*, EC-LKM*, EC-LKV*, EC-LKX*, EC-LLE*, EC-LLJ*, EC-LLM*, EC-LLR*, EC-LML*, EC-LNA*, EC-LNH*, EC-LOB*, EC-LOC*, EC-LOJ*, EC-LOP*, EC-LOV*, EC-LOX*, EC-LPG*, EC-LPN*, EC-LPQ*, EC-LPR*, EC-LQJ*, EC-LQK*, EC-LQL*, EC-LQM*, EC-LQN*, EC-LQP*, EC-LQS*, EC-LQX*, EC-LQZ*, EC-LRA*, EC-LRE*, EC-LRG*, EC-LRM*, EC-LRN*, EC-LRS*, EC-LRY*, EC-LRZ*, EC-LSA*, EC-LTF*, EC-LTG*, EC-LTM*, EC-LUC*, EC-LUD*, EC-LUL*, EC-LUN*, EC-LUO*, EC-LUS*, EC-LUT*, EC-LVA*, EC-LVB*, EC-LVC*, EC-LVD*, EC-LVO*, EC-LVP*, EC-LVQ*, EC-LVR*, EC-LVS*, EC-LVT*, EC-LVU*, EC-LVV*, EC-LVX*, EC-LXQ*, EC-LXV*, EC-LYE*, EC-LYM*, EC-LYN*, EC-LYR*, EC-LZE*, EC-LZF*, EC-LZM*, EC-LZO*, EC-LZS*, EC-LZZ*, EC-MAH*, EC-MAN*, EC-MAO*, EC-MBD*, EC-MBE*, EC-MBL*, EC-MBM*, EC-MBS*, EC-MBT*, EC-MBU*, EC-MBY*, EC-MCS*, EC-MCU*, EC-MDB*, EC-MDK*, EC-MDS*, EC-MDZ*, EC-MEG*, EC-MEL*, EC-MEQ*, EC-MER*, EC-MEZ*, EC-MFL*, EC-MFN*, EC-MFO*, EC-MFP*, EC-MGE*, EC-MGF*, EC-MHS*, EC-MHZ*, EC-MIA*, EC-MII*, EC-MIQ*, EC-MJO*, EC-MJQ*, EC-MJU*, EC-MKI*, EC-MKL*, EC-MKM*, EC-MKN*, EC-MKO*, EC-MKV*, EC-MKX*, EC-MLC*, EC-MLE*, EC-MLN*, EC-MMU*, EC-MNQ*, EC-MNR*, ED*, EDFE*, EDLN*, EHAM*, EI-ABI*, EI-CDF*, EI-CDG*, EI-CMD*, EI-CPE*, EI-CPH*, EI-CPT*, EI-CVA*, EI-CVB*, EI-CVC*, EI-CVD*, EI-CXK*, EI-CZK*, EI-DAG*, EI-DAJ*, EI-DAK*, EI-DAL*, EI-DAN*, EI-DCF*, EI-DCH*, EI-DCI*, EI-DCJ*, EI-DCL*, EI-DCM*, EI-DCN*, EI-DCP*, EI-DCS*, EI-DCW*, EI-DCY*, EI-DEA*, EI-DEB*, EI-DEC*, EI-DEE*, EI-DEF*, EI-DEG*, EI-DEH*, EI-DEI*, EI-DEJ*, EI-DEK*, EI-DEL*, EI-DEM*, EI-DEN*, EI-DEO*, EI-DEP*, EI-DER*, EI-DES*, EI-DFG*, EI-DFH*, EI-DFI*, EI-DFJ*, EI-DFK*, EI-DFL*, EI-DHA*, EI-DHG*, EI-DHK*, EI-DHL*, EI-DHO*, EI-DHR*, EI-DHS*, EI-DHV*, EI-DHZ*, EI-DLC*, EI-DLE*, EI-DLH*, EI-DLK*, EI-DLO*, EI-DOU*, EI-DPC*, EI-DPE*, EI-DPF*, EI-DPH*, EI-DPK*, EI-DPM*, EI-DPN*, EI-DPO*, EI-DPP*, EI-DPS*, EI-DPW*, EI-DPX*, EI-DPY*, EI-DRJ*, EI-DRK*, EI-DSA*, EI-DSB*, EI-DSC*, EI-DSD*, EI-DSE*, EI-DSF*, EI-DSG*, EI-DSH*, EI-DSJ*, EI-DSL*, EI-DSM*, EI-DSN*, EI-DSO*, EI-DSP*, EI-DSS*, EI-DSU*, EI-DSV*, EI-DSW*, EI-DSY*, EI-DSZ*, EI-DTB*, EI-DTC*, EI-DTD*, EI-DTE*, EI-DTG*, EI-DTH*, EI-DTI*, EI-DTJ*, EI-DTK*, EI-DTL*, EI-DTM*, EI-DTN*, EI-DTO*, EI-DTU*, EI-DUK*, EI-DVA*, EI-DVE*, EI-DVF*, EI-DVG*, EI-DVH*, EI-DVI*, EI-DVJ*, EI-DVK*, EI-DVL*, EI-DVM*, EI-DVN*, EI-DVP*, EI-DWE*, EI-DWH*, EI-DWI*, EI-DWJ*, EI-DWK*, EI-DWO*, EI-DWP*, EI-DWR*, EI-DWV*, EI-DYC*, EI-DYD*, EI-DYK*, EI-DYL*, EI-DYM*, EI-DYS*, EI-DYT*, EI-DYV*, EI-DYX*, EI-DYY*, EI-EAB*, EI-EAD*, EI-EBB*, EI-EBD*, EI-EBK*, EI-EBL*, EI-EBM*, EI-EBR*, EI-EBS*, EI-EBY*, EI-EBZ*, EI-EDP*, EI-EDS*, EI-EEA*, EI-EFA*, EI-EFC*, EI-EFJ*, EI-EFL*, EI-EFM*, EI-EFP*, EI-EFS*, EI-EIA*, EI-EIB*, EI-EIC*, EI-EID*, EI-EIE*, EI-EKA*, EI-EKB*, EI-EKH*, EI-EKI*, EI-EKJ*, EI-EKL*, EI-EKN*, EI-EKR*, EI-EMC*, EI-EMD*, EI-EMK*, EI-EML*, EI-EMN*, EI-EMS*, EI-ENA*, EI-ENC*, EI-ENI*, EI-ENN*, EI-ENO*, EI-ENR*, EI-ENW*, EI-EPA*, EI-EPD*, EI-EPE*, EI-EPH*, EI-ESN*, EI-ESO*, EI-EST*, EI-ESW*, EI-ESY*, EI-ETN*, EI-ETO*, EI-ETP*, EI-ETX*, EI-EUA*, EI-EUX*, EI-EUZ*, EI-EVA*, EI-EVB*, EI-EVC*, EI-EVF*, EI-EVG*, EI-EVI*, EI-EVJ*, EI-EVK*, EI-EVS*, EI-EVT*, EI-EVX*, EI-EVZ*, EI-EXK*, EI-EYL*, EI-EYM*, EI-EZD*, EI-EZL*, EI-FAJ*, EI-FBL*, EI-FBM*, EI-FCV*, EI-FDS*, EI-FHN*, EI-FHY*, EI-FIB*, EI-FIE*, EI-FIF*, EI-FIL*, EI-FIN*, EI-FIP*, EI-FIT*, EI-FJC*, EI-FJH*, EI-FJK*, EI-FJW*, EI-FNJ*, EI-FNU*, EI-FOC*, EI-FOK*, EI-FOY*, EI-FPA*, EI-FPE*, EI-FPF*, EI-FPN*, EI-FRB*, EI-FRF*, EI-FRL*, EI-FRN*, EI-FRS*, EI-FRZ*, EI-FTA*, EI-FTB*, EI-FTF*, EI-FTG*, EI-FTK*, EI-FTO*, Ei-FTT*, EI-FVK*, EI-FWB*, EI-FWD*, EI-FWE*, EI-FWF*, EI-FXA*, EI-FXH*, EI-FXI*, EI-FXJ*, EI-FXK*, EI-FZE*, EI-FZF*, EI-FZG*, EI-IGT*, EI-IKF*, EI-IKG*, EI-IKU*, EI-IMB*, EI-IMC*, EI-IMD*, EI-IME*, EI-IMG*, EI-IMH*, EI-IMI*, EI-IMJ*, EI-IML*, EI-IMM*, EI-IMN*, EI-IMO*, EI-IMP*, EI-IMR*, EI-IMS*, EI-IMT*, EI-IMU*, EI-IMV*, EI-IMW*, EI-IMX*, EI-IXC*, EI-IXH*, EI-IXO*, EI-IXU*, EI-IXV*, EI-IXZ*, EI-JRE*, EI-LEO*, EI-LIR*, EI-LIS*, EI-LNA*, EI-LNG*, EI-LSN*, EI-LSY*, EI-ONJ*, EI-ONY*, EI-OZD*, EI-OZE*, EI-OZG*, EI-OZH*, EI-OZK*, EI-RDA*, EI-RDB*, EI-RDC*, EI-RDD*, EI-RDE*, EI-RDF*, EI-RDG*, EI-RDH*, EI-RDI*, EI-RDJ*, EI-RDK*, EI-RDL*, EI-RDM*, EI-RDN*, EI-RDO*, EI-REL*, EI-REX*, Ei-RJA*, EI-RJB*, EI-RJC*, EI-RJD*, EI-RJE*, EI-RJF*, EI-RJG*, EI-RJH*, EI-RJI*, EI-RJJ*, EI-RJN*, EI-RJO*, EI-RJR*, EI-RJT*, EI-RJU*, EI-RJW*, EI-RJX*, EI-RJY*, EI-RJZ*, EI-RNA*, EI-RNB*, EI-RNC*, EI-RND*, EI-RNE*, EI-RUE*, EI-RUF*, EI-RUL*, EI-RUM*, EI-SLK*, EI-STA*, EI-UMS*, EI-UNJ*, EI-UNK*, EI-UNY*, EI-UPI*, EI-WXA*, EI-ZMA*, EIN*, EK12104*, EK20018*, EK32050*, EK74723*, EK74798*, EK74799*, EP-AGB*, EP-IBA*, EP-IBB*, EP-IBC*, EP-IBD*, EP-IBK*, EP-IBL*, EP-ICE*, EP-IJA*, EP-IJB*, EP-MMA*, EP-MMD*, EP-MNF*, EP-MNO*, EP-MNP*, EP-MNV*, EP-MNX*, ER-AXL*, ER-AXP*, ER-AXV*, ER-AXW*, ER-ECB*, ER-ECC*, ER-SFB*, ES-AAC*, ES-ACB*, ES-ACC*, ES-ACD*, ES-ACK*, ES-AEA*, ES-AEB*, ES-AED*, ES-LSB*, ES-NXT*, ES-SAM*, ES-SAP*, ES-TLE*, ET-ADP*, ET-ALD*, ET-ALL*, ET-ALP*, ET-AMT*, ET-AND*, ET-ANN*, ET-ANP*, ET-AOP*, ET-AOR*, ET-AOU*, ET-AOV*, ET-APS*, ET-AQG*, ET-ARI*, ET-ASK*, ET-ATG*, ET-ATQ*, ET-ATY*, ET-AUC*, ET198*, ET210*, ET614*, ETNN*, EW-250PA*, EW-251PA*, EW-252PA*, EW-253PA*, EW-254PA*, EW-276PJ*, EW-277PJ*, EW-282PA*, EW-290PA*, EW-294PA*, EW-308PA*, EW-341PO*, EW-400P0*, EW-78826*, EW-85706*, EW-85748*, EW251PA*, EW400PO*, EX-00001*, EX*, EY-538*, EZ-A005*, EZ-A009*, EZ-A014*, EZ-A020*, EZ-A778*, F-001*, F-002*, F-AINX*, F-ANRO*, F-AOFX*, F-APXO*, F-AZAU*, F-AZCY*, F-AZDP*, F-AZGR*, F-AZHD*, F-AZHK*, F-AZJS*, F-AZJU*, F-AZKG*, F-AZKJ*, F-AZKT*, F-AZKU*, F-AZMJ*, F-AZNN*, F-AZOP*, F-AZOX*, F-AZPU*, F-AZSB*, F-AZVJ*, F-AZVM*, F-AZXJ*, F-AZZD*, F-AZZM*, F-BCUV*, F-BDAD*, F-BEJF*, F-BFZK*, F-BGNR*, F-BLYU*, F-BPVJ*, F-BSEI*, F-BTSD*, F-BTTD*, F-BUAD*, F-BVFB*, F-BVFF*, F-BVPZ*, F-CAGL*, F-CJJM*, F-CRRN*, F-GCIL*, F-GCTX*, F-GCVL*, F-GEMO*, F-GFKD*, F-GFKH*, F-GFKJ*, F-GFKS*, F-GFKY*, F-GGLB*, F-GHQJ*, F-GHQM*, F-GIBN*, F-GITD*, F-GITF*, F-GITH*, F-GITI*, F-GITJ*, F-GIUA*, F-GIUC*, F-GIXB*, F-GIXC*, F-GIXE*, F-GIXR*, F-GIXS*, F-GIXT*, F-GJNE*, F-GJNF*, F-GJNG*, F-GJNH*, F-GJVB*, F-GJVW*, F-GKHJ*, F-GKNC*, F-GKXA*, F-GKXB*, F-GKXC*, F-GKXH*, F-GKXI*, F-GKXJ*, F-GKXL*, F-GKXM*, F-GKXN*, F-GKXO*, F-GKXP*, F-GKXR*, F-GKXS*, F-GKXT*, F-GKXU*, F-GKXV*, F-GKXY*, F-GKXZ*, F-GLHF*, F-GLNE*, F-GLZC*, F-GLZI*, F-GLZK*, F-GLZN*, F-GLZO*, F-GLZP*, F-GLZR*, F-GLZU*, F-GMCY*, F-GMGE*, F-GMZA*, F-GMZB*, F-GMZC*, F-GMZE*, F-GNII*, F-GNLJ*, F-GOHD*, F-GOTO*, F-GPCJ*, F-GPFD*, F-GPMA*, F-GPMB*, F-GPMC*, F-GPMD*, F-GPOD*, F-GPXH*, F-GPYA*, F-GPYD*, F-GPYK*, F-GPYM*, F-GPYN*, F-GPYO*, F-GRGC*, F-GRGD*, F-GRGE*, F-GRGF*, F-GRGG*, F-GRGH*, F-GRGI*, F-GRGJ*, F-GRGK*, F-GRGL*, F-GRHA*, F-GRHB*, F-GRHC*, F-GRHD*, F-GRHE*, F-GRHF*, F-GRHG*, F-GRHH*, F-GRHI*, F-GRHJ*, F-GRHK*, F-GRHL*, F-GRHM*, F-GRHN*, F-GRHO*, F-GRHQ*, F-GRHR*, F-GRHS*, F-GRHT*, F-GRHU*, F-GRHV*, F-GRHX*, F-GRHY*, F-GRHZ*, F-GRJD*, F-GRJE*, F-GRJG*, F-GRJK*, F-GRJL*, F-GRJM*, F-GRJN*, F-GRJO*, F-GRJP*, F-GRJQ*, F-GRJR*, F-GRJT*, F-GRPK*, F-GRSQ*, F-GRXA*, F-GRXB*, F-GRXC*, F-GRXD*, F-GRXE*, F-GRXF*, F-GRXJ*, F-GRXK*, F-GRXL*, F-GRXM*, F-GRZC*, F-GRZE*, F-GRZF*, F-GRZN*, F-GSEU*, F-GSMG*, F-GSPA*, F-GSPC*, F-GSPD*, F-GSPE*, F-GSPF*, F-GSPG*, F-GSPH*, F-GSPI*, F-GSPK*, F-GSPL*, F-GSPM*, F-GSPN*, F-GSPO*, F-GSPP*, F-GSPQ*, F-GSPR*, F-GSPS*, F-GSPT*, F-GSPU*, F-GSPV*, F-GSPX*, F-GSPY*, F-GSPZ*, F-GSQA*, F-GSQB*, F-GSQC*, F-GSQD*, F-GSQF*, F-GSQG*, F-GSQH*, F-GSQI*, F-GSQJ*, F-GSQM*, F-GSQN*, F-GSQP*, F-GSQR*, F-GSQS*, F-GSQT*, F-GSQU*, F-GSQV*, F-GSQY*, F-GSTA*, F-GSTB*, F-GSTC*, F-GSTD*, F-GSTF*, F-GSYD*, F-GTAD*, F-GTAE*, F-GTAH*, F-GTAI*, F-GTAJ*, F-GTAK*, F-GTAL*, F-GTAM*, F-GTAN*, F-GTAP*, F-GTAQ*, F-GTAR*, F-GTAS*, F-GTAT*, F-GTAU*, F-GTAV*, F-GTAY*, F-GTAZ*, F-GUBA*, F-GUBC*, F-GUBD*, F-GUBE*, F-GUBF*, F-GUBG*, F-GUGA*, F-GUGB*, F-GUGC*, F-GUGD*, F-GUGE*, F-GUGF*, F-GUGG*, F-GUGH*, F-GUGI*, F-GUGJ*, F-GUGK*, F-GUGL*, F-GUGM*, F-GUGN*, F-GUGO*, F-GUGP*, F-GUGQ*, F-GUGR*, F-GUOB*, F-GUOC*, F-GVHD*, F-GVUJ*, F-GVZB*, F-GVZC*, F-GVZL*, F-GVZM*, F-GVZN*, F-GVZP*, F-GVZU*, F-GVZV*, F-GVZZ*, F-GXAH*, F-GXRK*, F-GYAN*, F-GYAP*, F-GYAQ*, F-GYAR*, F-GYAZ*, F-GYPE*, F-GZCC*, F-GZCD*, F-GZCE*, F-GZCF*, F-GZCG*, F-GZCH*, F-GZCI*, F-GZCJ*, F-GZCK*, F-GZCL*, F-GZCM*, F-GZCN*, F-GZCO*, F-GZGD*, F-GZHB*, F-GZHC*, F-GZHF*, F-GZHG*, F-GZHI*, F-GZHJ*, F-GZHK*, F-GZHM*, F-GZHN*, F-GZHO*, F-GZHP*, F-GZHS*, F-GZHV*, F-GZJX*, F-GZNB*, F-GZNC*, F-GZNE*, F-GZNF*, F-GZNG*, F-GZNH*, F-GZNI*, F-GZNJ*, F-GZNK*, F-GZNN*, F-GZNO*, F-GZNQ*, F-GZTA*, F-GZTB*, F-GZTC*, F-GZTD*, F-GZTF*, F-GZTM*, F-HABO*, F-HAJD*, F-HAPL*, F-HAPM*, F-HAPN*, F-HAVI*, F-HAVN*, F-HAXL*, F-HBAP*, F-HBIB*, F-HBIO*, F-HBIS*, F-HBKC*, F-HBLA*, F-HBLB*, F-HBLC*, F-HBLD*, F-HBLE*, F-HBLF*, F-HBLG*, F-HBLH*, F-HBLI*, F-HBLJ*, F-HBNA*, F-HBNB*, F-HBNC*, F-HBND*, F-HBNE*, F-HBNF*, F-HBNG*, F-HBNH*, F-HBNI*, F-HBNJ*, F-HBNK*, F-HBNL*, F-HBPE*, F-HBSA*, F-HBXA*, F-HBXB*, F-HBXC*, F-HBXD*, F-HBXE*, F-HBXF*, F-HBXG*, F-HBXH*, F-HBXI*, F-HBXJ*, F-HBXK*, F-HBXL*, F-HBXM*, F-HBXN*, F-HBXO*, F-HBXP*, F-HCDD*, F-HCEF*, F-HCIE*, F-HCOA*, F-HCOB*, F-HCPE*, F-HEND*, F-HEPA*, F-HEPB*, F-HEPC*, F-HEPD*, F-HEPE*, F-HEPG*, F-HEPH*, F-HERE*, F-HFKC*, F-HFKG*, F-HGOD*, F-HLAK*, F-HLCA*, F-HLDB*, F-HMAS*, F-HMFU*, F-HMLA*, F-HMLD*, F-HMLE*, F-HMLG*, F-HMLH*, F-HMLI*, F-HMLL*, F-HOBI*, F-HOPX*, F-HOPY*, F-HOPZ*, F-HPJB*, F-HPJC*, F-HPJD*, F-HPJI*, F-HPJJ*, F-HREX*, F-HSEA*, F-HSKY*, F-HSUN*, F-HTCH*, F-HXLF*, F-HZEN*, F-HZFM*, F-HZPG*, F-OGYQ*, F-OHGC*, F-OHGV*, F-OHGX*, F-OJGF*, F-OJHI*, F-OMRB*, F-OMRD*, F-OMRN*, F-OMRO*, F-ORAD*, F-ORAE*, F-OREU*, F-ORGJ*, F-ORLY*, F-ORME*, F-ORMF*, F-ORMG*, F-ORMH*, F-OSEA*, F-OSUN*, F-OSYD*, F-PCDA*, F-PCLF*, F-PCMM*, F-PDHV*, F-PFJP*, F-PJLB*, F-PKRL*, F-PLTB*, F-PMLT*, F-POIZ*, F-PYSM*, F-RADA*, F-RADB*, F-RADC*, F-RAFD*, F-RAJA*, F-SEKG*, F-SEXP*, F-SEYD*, F-SEYG*, F-TELL*, F-TENE*, F-TERE*, F-TERQ*, F-TERR*, F-TGCJ*, F-UHRE*, F-UHRF*, F-UHRT*, F-UHRW*, F-WFKC*, F-WFKY*, F-WGVA*, F-WGVC*, F-WHUI*, F-WNXT*, F-WTSS*, F-WWAF*, F-WWAL*, F-WWAN*, F-WWAY*, F-WWBT*, F-WWDB*, F-WWDD*, F-WWDE*, F-WWDF*, F-WWIQ*, F-WWJB*, F-WWMZ*, F-WWSE*, F-WWSQ*, F-WWSZ*, F-WWTQ*, F-WWYB*, F-ZBAY*, F-ZXXX*, F.266*, F*, F13DE*, FA-01*, FA-05*, FA-16*, FA-47*, FA-57*, FA-68*, FA-69*, FA-70*, FA-72*, FA-84*, FA-87*, FA-91*, FA-92*, FA-94*, FA-95*, FA-102*, FA-106*, FA-107*, FA-109*, FA-110*, FA-116*, FA-118*, FA-119*, FA-121*, FA-123*, FA-124*, FA-127*, FA-128*, FA-129*, FA-132*, FA-133*, FA-136*, FA.ZZ0*, FB-22*, FB-23*, FB-24*, FE695*, FGA-50*, FH*, FL*, FN-D*, FP535*, FR-29*, FT34*, FU-30*, FU-242*, FU-972*, FX21*, FX60*, FX94*, G-01*, G-12*, G-29*, G-273*, G-275*, G-545*, G-781*, G-988*, G-ACEJ*, G-ACGR*, G-ACMN*, G-AFJR*, G-AFRV*, G-AGJC*, G-AGJG*, G-AKNV*, G-ALYD*, G-AMUF*, G-AOJR*, G-AORX*, G-AOVT*, G-APRL*, G-ARYB*, G-ASXU*, G-AVMU*, G-AWGN*, G-AWHE*, G-AWHK*, G-AWJX*, G-AYGE*, G-AYHA*, G-BDPJ*, G-BEOL*, G-BEUP*, G-BEVT*, G-BGNR*, G-BIKF*, G-BIKG*, G-BIKJ*, G-BIKK*, G-BIKM*, G-BIKN*, G-BIKZ*, G-BLJM*, G-BMRA*, G-BMRB*, G-BMRE*, G-BMRF*, G-BMRH*, G-BMRI*, G-BMRJ*, G-BNKD*, G-BNVE*, G-BNWA*, G-BNWB*, G-BNWC*, G-BNWH*, G-BNWN*, G-BNWO*, G-BNWS*, G-BNWT*, G-BNWW*, G-BNWX*, G-BNWZ*, G-BOBA*, G-BONR*, G-BOYH*, G-BPCF*, G-BPEC*, G-BRNM*, G-BRVB*, G-BRVE*, G-BTPC*, G-BUSB*, G-BUSK*, G-BWWW*, G-BXTS*, G-BYCT*, G-BYXE*, G-BZAT*, G-BZAU*, G-BZHA*, G-BZHB*, G-BZHC*, G-CBJZ*, G-CCKW*, G-CCWB*, G-CDEB*, G-CDKA*, G-CDKB*, G-CDRO*, G-CDRU*, G-CELA*, G-CELB*, G-CELD*, G-CELE*, G-CELF*, G-CELG*, G-CELH*, G-CELI*, G-CELJ*, G-CELS*, G-CFIC*, G-CGNP*, G-CHSU*, G-CIEC*, G-CIFY*, G-CIKX*, G-CIXW*, G-CKAG*, G-CLAA*, G-CLAB*, G-CLBA*, G-CNUK*, G-DAAN*, G-DAJC*, G-DBCA*, G-DBCB*, G-DBCC*, G-DBCD*, G-DBCF*, G-DBCG*, G-DBCH*, G-DBCI*, G-DBCJ*, G-DBCK*, G-DHCZ*, G-DHKF*, G-DHKG*, G-DIPM*, G-DLAA*, G-DLFN*, G-DLRA*, G-DOCA*, G-DOCB*, G-DOCE*, G-DOCF*, G-DOCG*, G-DOCL*, G-DOCN*, G-DOCO*, G-DOCS*, G-DOCT*, G-DOCW*, G-DOCY*, G-DOCZ*, G-EBYY*, G-ECOA*, G-ECOB*, G-ECOD*, G-ECOE*, G-ECOF*, G-ECOG*, G-ECOH*, G-ECOI*, G-ECOJ*, G-ECOK*, G-ECOM*, G-ECOO*, G-ECOP*, G-ECOR*, G-ECOT*, G-EGVO*, G-EJAR*, G-EMBH*, G-EMBI*, G-EMBJ*, G-EMBL*, G-EMBM*, G-EMBN*, G-EMBX*, G-ERJF*, G-EUNB*, G-EUOA*, G-EUOB*, G-EUOC*, G-EUOD*, G-EUOE*, G-EUOF*, G-EUOG*, G-EUOH*, G-EUOI*, G-EUPA*, G-EUPB*, G-EUPC*, G-EUPD*, G-EUPE*, G-EUPF*, G-EUPG*, G-EUPH*, G-EUPJ*, G-EUPK*, G-EUPL*, G-EUPM*, G-EUPN*, G-EUPO*, G-EUPP*, G-EUPR*, G-EUPS*, G-EUPT*, G-EUPU*, G-EUPV*, G-EUPW*, G-EUPX*, G-EUPY*, G-EUPZ*, G-EUUA*, G-EUUB*, G-EUUC*, G-EUUD*, G-EUUE*, G-EUUG*, G-EUUI*, G-EUUJ*, G-EUUL*, G-EUUM*, G-EUUN*, G-EUUO*, G-EUUP*, G-EUUR*, G-EUUT*, G-EUUU*, G-EUUW*, G-EUUY*, G-EUUZ*, G-EUXC*, G-EUXE*, G-EUXF*, G-EUXG*, G-EUXH*, G-EUXI*, G-EUXJ*, G-EUXK*, G-EUXL*, G-EUXM*, G-EUYA*, G-EUYB*, G-EUYC*, G-EUYD*, G-EUYE*, G-EUYF*, G-EUYG*, G-EUYH*, G-EUYI*, G-EUYJ*, G-EUYK*, G-EUYL*, G-EUYM*, G-EUYN*, G-EUYO*, G-EUYP*, G-EUYR*, G-EUYS*, G-EUYT*, G-EUYV*, G-EUYW*, G-EUYY*, G-EVXA*, G-EZAA*, G-EZAB*, G-EZAC*, G-EZAD*, G-EZAF*, G-EZAG*, G-EZAI*, G-EZAJ*, G-EZAK*, G-EZAL*, G-EZAM*, G-EZAN*, G-EZAO*, G-EZAP*, G-EZAS*, G-EZAT*, G-EZAU*, G-EZAV*, G-EZAX*, G-EZAY*, G-EZAZ*, G-EZBA*, G-EZBB*, G-EZBC*, G-EZBD*, G-EZBE*, G-EZBF*, G-EZBG*, G-EZBH*, G-EZBI*, G-EZBJ*, G-EZBK*, G-EZBM*, G-EZBN*, G-EZBR*, G-EZBT*, G-EZBU*, G-EZBV*, G-EZBW*, G-EZBX*, G-EZBY*, G-EZBZ*, G-EZDA*, G-EZDC*, G-EZDD*, G-EZDE*, G-EZDF*, G-EZDH*, G-EZDI*, G-EZDJ*, G-EZDK*, G-EZDL*, G-EZDM*, G-EZDN*, G-EZDO*, G-EZDP*, G-EZDR*, G-EZDS*, G-EZDT*, G-EZDU*, G-EZDV*, G-EZDW*, G-EZDX*, G-EZDY*, G-EZDZ*, G-EZEB*, G-EZED*, G-EZEG*, G-EZET*, G-EZEV*, G-EZEZ*, G-EZFA*, G-EZFB*, G-EZFC*, G-EZFD*, G-EZFE*, G-EZFF*, G-EZFG*, G-EZFH*, G-EZFI*, G-EZFJ*, G-EZFK*, G-EZFM*, G-EZFO*, G-EZFP*, G-EZFR*, G-EZFS*, G-EZFT*, G-EZFU*, G-EZFV*, G-EZFW*, G-EZFX*, G-EZFZ*, G-EZGA*, G-EZGB*, G-EZGC*, G-EZGD*, G-EZGF*, G-EZGG*, G-EZGH*, G-EZGI*, G-EZGJ*, G-EZGK*, G-EZGL*, G-EZGM*, G-EZGN*, G-EZGP*, G-EZGR*, G-EZIH*, G-EZII*, G-EZIJ*, G-EZIK*, G-EZIL*, G-EZIM*, G-EZIN*, G-EZIO*, G-EZIP*, G-EZIR*, G-EZIS*, G-EZIT*, G-EZIU*, G-EZIV*, G-EZIW*, G-EZIX*, G-EZIY*, G-EZIZ*, G-EZJR*, G-EZKD*, G-EZMH*, G-EZNC*, G-EZOG*, G-EZOJ*, G-EZOK*, G-EZON*, G-EZOP*, G-EZOW*, G-EZPG*, G-EZPI*, G-EZPN*, G-EZSM*, G-EZTA*, G-EZTD*, G-EZTE*, G-EZTF*, G-EZTG*, G-EZTH*, G-EZTI*, G-EZTJ*, G-EZTL*, G-EZTM*, G-EZTR*, G-EZTT*, G-EZTV*, G-EZTX*, G-EZTY*, G-EZTZ*, G-EZUC*, G-EZUF*, G-EZUG*, G-EZUH*, G-EZUI*, G-EZUJ*, G-EZUK*, G-EZUL*, G-EZUM*, G-EZUO*, G-EZUP*, G-EZUR*, G-EZUS*, G-EZUT*, G-EZUW*, G-EZUY*, G-EZUZ*, G-EZWA*, G-EZWB*, G-EZWC*, G-EZWD*, G-EZWE*, G-EZWG*, G-EZWI*, G-EZWK*, G-EZWL*, G-EZWN*, G-EZWO*, G-EZWR*, G-EZWS*, G-EZWT*, G-EZWV*, G-EZWW*, G-EZWZ*, G-FBEB*, G-FBEG*, G-FBEH*, G-FBEI*, G-FBEJ*, G-FBEK*, G-FBEM*, G-FBEN*, G-FBJA*, G-FBJB*, G-FBJC*, G-FBJD*, G-FBJE*, G-FBJF*, G-FBJG*, G-FBJH*, G-FBJI*, G-FBJK*, G-FBKB*, G-FBKG*, G-FFMV*, G-FJET*, G-FLBA*, G-FLBB*, G-FLBC*, G-FLBD*, G-FLBE*, G-FLCN*, G-FRAL*, G-FRAU*, G-FRAW*, G-FRYL*, G-GABY*, G-GAFT*, G-GATJ*, G-GBTA*, G-GBTB*, G-GDFG*, G-GDFH*, G-GDFL*, G-GDFX*, G-GMCT*, G-GSSA*, G-GSSB*, G-GSSC*, G-GSSD*, G-GSSE*, G-GSSF*, G-GWFT*, G-HACS*, G-HCGD*, G-HCSA*, G-HMCA*, G-HMCD*, G-HUBY*, G-IIFX*, G-IIHI*, G-IIIP*, G-IIRI*, G-ISLF*, G-ISLG*, G-ISLH*, G-ITSU*, G-JBLZ*, G-JDBC*, G-JEBG*, G-JECE*, G-JECF*, G-JECG*, G-JECH*, G-JECI*, G-JECJ*, G-JECK*, G-JECL*, G-JECM*, G-JECO*, G-JECP*, G-JECR*, G-JECU*, G-JECW*, G-JECX*, G-JECY*, G-JECZ*, G-JEDI*, G-JEDK*, G-JEDM*, G-JEDO*, G-JEDP*, G-JEDR*, G-JEDT*, G-JEDU*, G-JEDV*, G-JEDW*, G-JESP*, G-JMCR*, G-JMCX*, G-KKEV*, G-LCYD*, G-LCYE*, G-LCYF*, G-LCYG*, G-LCYH*, G-LCYI*, G-LCYJ*, G-LCYK*, G-LCYL*, G-LCYM*, G-LCYN*, G-LCYO*, G-LCYP*, G-LCYR*, G-LCYS*, G-LCYT*, G-LCYU*, G-LCYW*, G-LCYX*, G-LEAX*, G-LENM*, G-LUXE*, G-LYOF*, G-MAJH*, G-MAJJ*, G-MANM*, G-MANO*, G-MEDJ*, G-MEDU*, G-MFTS*, G-MICK*, G-MIDO*, G-MIDS*, G-MIDT*, G-MIDX*, G-MIDY*, G-NOAH*, G-NOSE*, G-NWFC*, G-OBMP*, G-OBYH*, G-OCCH*, G-OCJZ*, G-OGBD*, G-OOMC*, G-OPRM*, G-PBYA*, G-PIGY*, G-PIII*, G-POWD*, G-POWM*, G-PRPB*, G-PRPD*, G-PRPG*, G-PRPL*, G-PVHT*, G-PWNS*, G-RADY*, G-RAJJ*, G-RAVN*, G-RIVA*, G-RJXA*, G-RJXB*, G-RJXC*, G-RJXD*, G-RJXE*, G-RJXF*, G-RJXG*, G-RJXH*, G-RJXI*, G-RJXJ*, G-RJXK*, G-RJXL*, G-RJXM*, G-RJXP*, G-RJXR*, G-RMMA*, G-SBAP*, G-SIRS*, G-SMLA*, G-SNSH*, G-SONE*, G-SRBN*, G-STBB*, G-STBL*, G-SWIP*, G-SYLJ*, G-TCCA*, G-TCCB*, G-TCDJ*, G-TEDB*, G-THFC*, G-TOYG*, G-TOYI*, G-TTOB*, G-TTOE*, G-TUIA*, G-TWST*, G-UPFS*, G-VAST*, G-VITA*, G-VYGD*, G-VYGO*, G-WNCH*, G-WPNS*, G-WWMZ*, G-XLEA*, G-XLEB*, G-ZAPX*, G-ZBKM*, G-ZEBS*, G-ZWIP*, G55-1*, GBF*, GMAI*, GNA*, H-21*, H-24*, H-25*, H-27*, H-41*, H-44*, H*, H50*, HA-5035*, HA-ABA*, HA-ANA*, HA-HUC*, HA-JEO*, HA-LBH*, HA-LIX*, HA-LMA*, HA-LOD*, HA-LOE*, HA-LOF*, HA-LOG*, HA-LOJ*, HA-LON*, HA-LOW*, HA-LPE*, HA-LPJ*, HA-LPL*, HA-LPM*, HA-LPN*, HA-LPQ*, HA-LPR*, HA-LPU*, HA-LPY*, HA-LWH*, HA-LWI*, HA-LWT*, HA-LWU*, HA-LWV*, HA-LXG*, HA-LXH*, HA-LXL*, HA-LXP*, HA-LXS*, HA-LYE*, HA-LYP*, HA-LYS*, HA-LYU*, HA-MHL*, HA-MHM*, HA-PAO*, HA-TAB*, HA-TRI*, HB-475*, HB-ACA*, HB-ACB*, HB-ACC*, HB-ACD*, HB-AEO*, HB-AER*, HB-AES*, HB-AEV*, HB-AEY*, HB-AFG*, HB-AFJ*, HB-AFL*, HB-AFN*, HB-AFS*, HB-AFV*, HB-AFW*, HB-AFX*, HB-ALL*, HB-ALM*, HB-ALQ*, HB-CAJ*, HB-CYH*, HB-DBF*, HB-DHG*, HB-DIH*, HB-EJD*, HB-ERO*, HB-FPR*, HB-FWV*, HB-GPC*, HB-HEB*, HB-HOP*, HB-HOS*, HB-HOT*, HB-HOY*, HB-HZD*, HB-IAU*, HB-IAW*, HB-IGI*, HB-IGU*, HB-IHX*, HB-IHY*, HB-IHZ*, HB-IIQ*, HB-IJB*, HB-IJD*, HB-IJE*, HB-IJF*, HB-IJH*, HB-IJI*, HB-IJJ*, HB-IJK*, HB-IJL*, HB-IJM*, HB-IJN*, HB-IJO*, HB-IJP*, HB-IJQ*, HB-IJR*, HB-IJS*, HB-IJU*, HB-IJV*, HB-IJW*, HB-IJX*, HB-IOC*, HB-IOD*, HB-IOF*, HB-IOG*, HB-IOH*, HB-IOI*, HB-IOK*, HB-IOL*, HB-IOM*, HB-ION*, HB-IOO*, HB-IOP*, HB-IOQ*, HB-IOR*, HB-IOS*, HB-IOW*, HB-IOX*, HB-IOZ*, HB-IPR*, HB-IPS*, HB-IPT*, HB-IPU*, HB-IPV*, HB-IPX*, HB-IPY*, HB-IQI*, HB-IRJ*, HB-IRN*, HB-ISB*, HB-IXK*, HB-IXN*, HB-IXO*, HB-IXP*, HB-IXQ*, HB-IXR*, HB-IXS*, HB-IXT*, HB-IXU*, HB-IXV*, HB-IXW*, HB-IXX*, HB-IYD*, HB-IYI*, HB-IYQ*, HB-IYR*, HB-IYS*, HB-IYT*, HB-IYU*, HB-IYV*, HB-IYW*, HB-IYY*, HB-IYZ*, HB-IZH*, HB-IZJ*, HB-IZU*, HB-IZW*, HB-IZZ*, HB-JBA*, HB-JBB*, HB-JBC*, HB-JBD*, HB-JBE*, HB-JBF*, HB-JBG*, HB-JBH*, HB-JCA*, HB-JEC*, HB-JEL*, HB-JES*, HB-JEV*, HB-JEX*, HB-JFB*, HB-JFJ*, HB-JFK*, HB-JFZ*, HB-JGQ*, HB-JGR*, HB-JHA*, HB-JHB*, HB-JHC*, HB-JHD*, HB-JHE*, HB-JHF*, HB-JHG*, HB-JHH*, HB-JHI*, HB-JHJ*, HB-JHK*, HB-JHL*, HB-JHM*, HB-JHN*, HB-JHQ*, HB-JHR*, HB-JIJ*, HB-JJD*, HB-JJE*, HB-JJF*, HB-JJG*, HB-JKC*, HB-JLP*, HB-JLQ*, HB-JLR*, HB-JLS*, HB-JLT*, HB-JMA*, HB-JMB*, HB-JMC*, HB-JMD*, HB-JME*, HB-JMF*, HB-JMG*, HB-JMH*, HB-JMI*, HB-JMJ*, HB-JMK*, HB-JML*, HB-JMM*, HB-JMN*, HB-JNA*, HB-JNB*, HB-JNC*, HB-JND*, HB-JNE*, HB-JNG*, HB-JOB*, HB-JOG*, HB-JOH*, HB-JOI*, HB-JOW*, HB-JOY*, HB-JOZ*, HB-JQA*, HB-JQB*, HB-JRA*, HB-JRB*, HB-JRC*, HB-JRI*, HB-JRR*, HB-JSF*, HB-JSL*, HB-JST*, HB-JUC*, HB-JUF*, HB-JVC*, HB-JVE*, HB-JVF*, HB-JVG*, HB-JVH*, HB-JVI*, HB-JVK*, HB-JVL*, HB-JVM*, HB-JVN*, HB-JVO*, HB-JVP*, HB-JVQ*, HB-JVR*, HB-JXA*, HB-JXD*, HB-JYA*, HB-JYC*, HB-JYI*, HB-JYJ*, HB-JZF*, HB-JZI*, HB-JZJ*, HB-JZM*, HB-JZN*, HB-JZP*, HB-JZQ*, HB-JZT*, HB-JZU*, HB-JZV*, HB-JZW*, HB-JZY*, HB-JZZ*, HB-KAB*, HB-KHK*, HB-KHR*, HB-KJB*, HB-KUONI*, HB-LEL*, HB-LEM*, HB-LHA*, HB-LKM*, HB-LRY*, HB-LUF*, HB-LUK*, HB-LUV*, HB-MSO*, HB-OAG*, HB-OCI*, HB-OQB*, HB-RAG*, HB-RAI*, HB-RBP*, HB-RCH*, HB-RCV*, HB-RDC*, HB-RDG*, HB-RSC*, HB-SDL*, HB-SDM*, HB-TEN*, HB-TRJ*, HB-TRQ*, HB-UAW*, HB-UPR*, HB-USE*, HB-UVF*, HB-UVM*, HB-VCJ*, HB-VKW*, HB-VLG*, HB-VMX*, HB-VNE*, HB-VNU*, HB-VPG*, HB-VPJ*, HB-VRW*, HB-VTJ*, HB-VWC*, HB-VWM*, HB-VWZ*, HB-XUW*, HB-XYB*, HB-YKQ*, HB-YSH*, HB-ZAP*, HB-ZBB*, HB-ZCH*, HB-ZHD*, HB-ZHK*, HB-ZKQ*, HB-ZOL*, HB-ZQK*, HB-ZSM*, HL7400*, HL7403*, HL7413*, HL7414*, HL7415*, HL7417*, HL7419*, HL7420*, HL7421*, HL7422*, HL7423*, HL7428*, HL7430*, HL7434*, HL7436*, HL7437*, HL7438*, HL7439*, HL7448*, HL7461*, HL7462*, HL7473*, HL7492*, HL7497*, HL7499*, HL7500*, HL7597*, HL7601*, HL7602*, HL7603*, HL7605*, HL7611*, HL7612*, HL7614*, HL7616*, HL7617*, HL7620*, HL7625*, HL7626*, HL7628*, HL7631*, HL7632*, HL7633*, HL7635*, HL7636*, HL7638*, HL7639*, HL7640*, HL7641*, HL7642*, HL7643*, HL7700*, HL7766*, HL8005*, HL8011*, HL8043*, HL8044*, HL8076*, HL8209*, HL8211*, HL8212*, HL8216*, HL8218*, HL8226*, HL8227*, HL8251*, HL8252*, HL8274*, HL8276*, HL8284*, HL8290*, HM580*, HN-401*, HN-402*, HN-407*, HN-409*, HN-411*, HN-418*, HN-424*, HN-426*, HN-429*, HN-432*, HN-434*, HN-437*, HN-438*, HN-440*, HN-441*, HN-444*, HN-450*, HN-452*, HN-454*, HS-CMV*, HS-HRH*, HS-TBA*, HS-TGA*, HS-TGB*, HS-TGF*, HS-TGG*, HS-TGH*, HS-TGJ*, HS-TGK*, HS-TGL*, HS-TGM*, HS-TGN*, HS-TGO*, HS-TGP*, HS-TGR*, HS-TGT*, HS-TGW*, HS-TGX*, HS-TGY*, HS-TJU*, HS-TKK*, HS-TKM*, HS-TKN*, HS-TKQ*, HS-TKV*, HS-TKW*, HS-TKX*, HS-TUA*, HS-TUB*, HS-TUC*, HS-TUD*, HS-TUE*, HS-TUF*, HZ-A14*, HZ-AI4*, HZ-AIU*, HZ-AK19*, HZ-AK26*, HZ-AKG*, HZ-AKJ*, HZ-ANB*, HZ-AND*, HZ-AQF*, HZ-ASA*, HZ-ASB*, HZ-ASC*, HZ-ASD*, HZ-ASE*, HZ-ASF*, HZ-ASG*, HZ-IOI*, HZ-MS1A*, HZ-MS5A*, HZ-N55A*, HZ-SKI*, HZ-WBT7*, I-ADCA*, I-ADCB*, I-ADCC*, I-ADCD*, I-ADCE*, I-ADJG*, I-ADJI*, I-ADJK*, I-ADJL*, I-ADJM*, I-ADJN*, I-ADJO*, I-ADJP*, I-ADJQ*, I-ADJR*, I-ADJS*, I-ADJT*, I-ADJU*, I-ADLJ*, I-ADLK*, I-ADLS*, I-ADLT*, I-ADLW*, I-BIKA*, I-BIKC*, I-BIKO*, I-BIMA*, I-BIMC*, I-BIMF*, I-BIMG*, I-BIXA*, I-BIXE*, I-BIXK*, I-BIXL*, I-BIXM*, I-BIXP*, I-BIXQ*, I-BIXR*, I-BIXS*, I-CALZ*, I-CCCH*, I-CDBS*, I-DLOH*, I-EDLO*, I-ERJE*, I-FEDN*, I-FENI*, I-FORR*, I-FXRH*, I-FXRK*, I-GEFD*, I-GSIN*, I-MDFI*, I-MPGA*, I-NEOS*, I-PBRB*, I-SDFC*, I-SEAS*, I-SWIA*, I-TAOS*, I-TOPX*, I-X010*, IR206*, IR808*, J-001*, J-002*, J-003*, J-005*, J-006*, J-008*, J-009*, J-011*, J-013*, J-014*, J-015*, J-016*, J-020*, J-021*, J-055*, J-060*, J-061*, J-062*, J-063*, J-065*, J-066*, J-135*, J-136*, J-142*, J-144*, J-196*, J-197*, J-201*, J-215*, J-249*, J-276*, J-355*, J-362*, J-367*, J-368*, J-386*, J-508*, J-509*, J-511*, J-512*, J-513*, J-515*, J-516*, J-616*, J-624*, J-628*, J-630*, J-631*, J-632*, J-642*, J-643*, J-644*, J-646*, J-756*, J-866*, J-870*, J-871*, J-881*, J-901*, J-1153*, J-1635*, J-1797*, J-2012*, J-2113*, J-2301*, J-2334*, J-2335*, J-3008*, J-3070*, J-3081*, J-3082*, J-3083*, J-3084*, J-3085*, J-3086*, J-3087*, J-3088*, J-3089*, J-3090*, J-3091*, J-3201*, J-4001*, J-4015*, J-4078*, J-4152*, J-4203*, J-5003*, J-5005*, J-5008*, J-5011*, J-5014*, J-5020*, J-5025*, J-5233*, J3008*, J3013*, J3070*, J3089*, J3091*, J3212*, J5001*, J5002*, J5004*, J5005*, J5006*, J5007*, J5009*, J5011*, J5013*, J5014*, J5017*, J5026*, JA-111*, JA03KZ*, JA04KZ*, JA05KZ*, JA06KZ*, JA12KZ*, JA13KZ*, JA14KZ*, JA15KZ*, JA401J*, JA715A*, JA717A*, JA731A*, JA731J*, JA732J*, JA733A*, JA734A*, JA734J*, JA735A*, JA735J*, JA736A*, JA737J*, JA739J*, JA740J*, JA741J*, JA742J*, JA778A*, JA779A*, JA780A*, JA781A*, JA783A*, JA784A*, JA785A*, JA786A*, JA787A*, JA788A*, JA789A*, JA790A*, JA791A*, JA792A*, JA805A*, JA806A*, JA813A*, JA814A*, JA820A*, JA822A*, JA823A*, JA827A*, JA832J*, JA833J*, JA834JA*, JA836A*, JA836J*, JA840J*, JA861J*, JA862J*, JA863J*, JA864J*, JA865J*, JA873A*, JA8096*, JA8097*, JA8909*, JA8958*, JD-249*, JU-1021*, JY-AGQ*, JY-AGR*, JY-ATJ*, JY-AYD*, JY-AYF*, JY-AYJ*, JY-AYK*, JY-AYL*, JY-AYM*, JY-AYN*, JY-AYP*, JY-AYQ*, JY-AYR*, JY-AYS*, JY-AYT*, JY-AYU*, JY-AYW*, JY-AYX*, JY-JAD*, JY-RFA*, JY-RFB*, JY-RFD*, JY-RFE*, K-3020*, KAB-202*, KAF343*, KK436*, KZ334*, L-01*, L-02*, L-03*, L-07*, L-09*, L-12*, L2-38*, L4-01*, L9-65*, L9-69*, L6739*, LB-01*, LF363*, LH*, LHTLTT*, LN-BRE*, LN-BRG*, LN-BRI*, LN-BRQ*, LN-CRW*, LN-DAF*, LN-DBW*, LN-DYA*, LN-DYB*, LN-DYO*, LN-DYP*, LN-DYR*, LN-DYT*, LN-DYV*, LN-DYW*, LN-DYY*, LN-DYZ*, LN-FIX*, LN-IDD*, LN-KHC*, LN-KKO*, LN-LMN*, LN-NGB*, LN-NGC*, LN-NGD*, LN-NGF*, LN-NGG*, LN-NGJ*, LN-NGL*, LN-NGM*, LN-NGV*, LN-NOD*, LN-NOH*, LN-NOQ*, LN-NOY*, LN-NOZ*, LN-O*, LN-RCN*, LN-RCT*, LN-RCU*, LN-RCW*, LN-RCX*, LN-RCY*, LN-RCZ*, LN-RDV*, LN-RGA*, LN-RGB*, LN-RGC*, LN-RGD*, LN-RGE*, LN-RGF*, LN-RGG*, LN-RGH*, LN-RGI*, LN-RGK*, LN-RGM*, LN-RHM*, LN-RKF*, LN-RKI*, LN-RKK*, LN-RLE*, LN-RLF*, LN-RMG*, LN-RMM*, LN-RMO*, LN-RMR*, LN-RMS*, LN-RNL*, LN-RNM*, LN-RNN*, LN-RNO*, LN-RNU*, LN-RNW*, LN-ROP*, LN-ROT*, LN-ROW*, LN-ROX*, LN-RPB*, LN-RPE*, LN-RPF*, LN-RPG*, LN-RPH*, LN-RPJ*, LN-RPK*, LN-RPL*, LN-RPM*, LN-RPN*, LN-RPO*, LN-RPR*, LN-RPS*, LN-RPW*, LN-RPX*, LN-RPY*, LN-RPZ*, LN-RRA*, LN-RRB*, LN-RRC*, LN-RRD*, LN-RRE*, LN-RRF*, LN-RRG*, LN-RRH*, LN-RRJ*, LN-RRK*, LN-RRL*, LN-RRM*, LN-RRN*, LN-RRO*, LN-RRP*, LN-RRR*, LN-RRS*, LN-RRT*, LN-RRU*, LN-RRW*, LN-RRX*, LN-RRY*, LN-RYF*, LN-TUA*, LN-TUD*, LN-TUH*, LN-TUJ*, LN-TUK*, LN-TUL*, LN-TUM*, LN-WDJ*, LN-WDL*, LN-WFP*, LN-WFS*, LN-WFT*, LN-WIJ*, LN-WIN*, LX-ACV*, LX-AID*, LX-AMB*, LX-ECV*, LX-EVM*, LX-GJC*, LX-GJL*, LX-GLD*, LX-GLS*, LX-HMD*, LX-JAG*, LX-JFI*, LX-JFN*, LX-JFQ*, LX-LAA*, LX-LAB*, LX-LAR*, LX-LBA*, LX-LGA*, LX-LGC*, LX-LGD*, LX-LGE*, LX-LGF*, LX-LGG*, LX-LGH*, LX-LGI*, LX-LGM*, LX-LGN*, LX-LGP*, LX-LGQ*, LX-LGS*, LX-LGV*, LX-LGW*, LX-LGX*, LX-LGY*, LX-LGZ*, LX-LMF*, LX-LOU*, LX-LQA*, LX-LQD*, LX-MOI*, LX-N20199*, LX-N90443*, LX-N90444*, LX-N90445*, LX-N90446*, LX-N90447*, LX-N90448*, LX-N90449*, LX-N90450*, LX-N90451*, LX-N90452*, LX-N90453*, LX-N90455*, LX-N90456*, LX-N90458*, LX-NAD*, LX-OCV*, LX-ONE*, LX-PEZ*, LX-PGA*, LX-PMR*, LX-ROB*, LX-SAB*, LX-SCV*, LX-SEH*, LX-TAI*, LX-TCV*, LX-TWO*, LX-VCC*, LX-VCF*, LX-VCG*, LX-VCI*, LX-VCK*, LX-VCV*, LX-WAV*, LX-WCV*, LX-YCV*, LX-ZAV*, LX-ZED*, LY-AGL*, LY-AGZ*, LY-CGC*, LY-COS*, LY-ETM*, LY-FOU*, LY-FSK*, LY-FUN*, LY-LTD*, LY-LTF*, LY-RAB*, LY-SBC*, LY-SBD*, LY-SPF*, LY-TOY*, LY-VEE*, LY-VEI*, LY-VEM*, LY-VER*, LY-VEY*, LY-VEZ*, LY-VTA*, LZ-001*, LZ-ABR*, LZ-AOA*, LZ-AWA*, LZ-BHH*, LZ-BOI*, LZ-BOR*, LZ-BOV*, LZ-BUR*, LZ-BVD*, LZ-BVL*, LZ-CGQ*, LZ-CGR*, LZ-FBA*, LZ-FBB*, LZ-FBC*, LZ-FBD*, LZ-FBE*, LZ-FBF*, LZ-FLA*, LZ-FLL*, LZ-HBC*, LZ-HBE*, LZ-LAA*, LZ-LAC*, LZ-LDK*, LZ-LDM*, LZ-LDN*, LZ-LDS*, LZ-LDU*, LZ-LDW*, LZ-LDY*, LZ-MDA*, LZ-MDB*, LZ-MDC*, LZ-MDD*, LZ-MDM*, LZ-MDO*, LZ-MDR*, LZ-PLO*, LZ-PMZ*, LZ-SOF*, LZ-VAR*, LZ-WOW*, M-1*, M-2*, M-464*, M-513*, M-ABEU*, M-AGRI*, M-AHAA*, M-AKAL*, M-ASHI*, M-AZIA*, M-BADU*, M-CESB*, M-COOL*, M-DMMH*, M-DWSE*, M-FRED*, M-GASG*, M-GLOB*, M-GMKM*, M-GSIR*, M-IABU*, M-IKAT*, M-IMAK*, M-IPHS*, M-JANP*, M-JNJL*, M-KATE*, M-MNAA*, M-MNCC*, M-OCNY*, M-OUSE*, M-PBKI*, M-PREI*, M-ROLL*, M-SAMA*, M-SEVN*, M-SPEC*, M-STAR*, M-TYRA*, M-UGIC*, M-UKHA*, M-URAL*, M-USIK*, M-YBBJ*, M-YNNS*, M-YSSF*, M-YVVF*, M-ZUMO*, MAC*, MAE*, MAJ*, MB24*, MF-070*, MJ343*, MM-162*, MM55220*, MM62159*, MM62163*, MM62200*, MM62217*, MM62244*, MM62245*, MM62293*, MT3*, MT24*, MT49*, N-20*, N-144*, N-294*, N-321*, N1BN*, N1CR*, N1DS*, N2JW*, N2N*, N2S-3*, N4CP*, N5JR*, N5MV*, N9BX*, N11FX*, N12HV*, N14CL*, N15CY*, N24TK*, N25*, N25LM*, N25Y*, N32PA*, N33XE*, N40*, N40D*, N40KJ*, N40XC*, N44JT*, N44KJ*, N45CF*, N46BE*, N48GL*, N49AE*, N49AG*, N50MG*, N53LG*, N59CF*, N63M*, N67TM*, N69H*, N79XL*, N85RS*, N89JA*, N104UA*, N105UA*, N107UA*, N110WA*, N112JA*, N113CS*, N113QS*, N116MA*, N116UA*, N117EU*, N117UA*, N118MX*, N118UA*, N119AG*, N119LE*, N119UA*, N120UA*, N121UA*, N122UA*, N123CA*, N125TM*, N127SR*, N128UA*, N135SG*, N142HC*, N145MG*, N152DL*, N153DL*, N154DL*, N154EA*, N155DL*, N156DL*, N168CL*, N169DZ*, N169SD*, N171DN*, N171DZ*, N171UA*, N172DN*, N173DZ*, N174DN*, N174DZ*, N174UA*, N175*, N175DN*, N175DZ*, N175UA*, N176AA*, N176DN*, N176DZ*, N177DZ*, N177UA*, N178DN*, N178DZ*, N178MD*, N178UA*, N179DN*, N179UA*, N180DN*, N180UA*, N180XC*, N181DN*, N181UA*, N182DN*, N182IU*, N182UA*, N184DN*, N184MM*, N185DN*, N185ZA*, N186DN*, N187DN*, N188AN*, N188DN*, N189DN*, N190AA*, N191MA*, N192DN*, N193DN*, N194DN*, N194UA*, N194WM*, N195AT*, N195DN*, N195RS*, N195UA*, N196AA*, N196DN*, N196GX*, N197DN*, N197UA*, N198DN*, N199DN*, N199UA*, N200UU*, N204UA*, N204UW*, N205UW*, N206UA*, N206UW*, N207K*, N209UA*, N215RE*, N216UA*, N217UA*, N218UA*, N219UA*, N220UA*, N221UA*, N222CF*, N222UA*, N222WK*, N223UA*, N224BH*, N224UA*, N225HY*, N225UA*, N226HY*, N226UA*, N227*, N228UA*, N229UA*, N240LG*, N240V*, N244MJ*, N249TS*, N249UA*, N250LG*, N251AY*, N251UP*, N252UA*, N252UP*, N253UP*, N254AN*, N255AY*, N255UP*, N260UP*, N267MT*, N268WL*, N270AX*, N270AY*, N271AY*, N272AY*, N272UP*, N273AY*, N273JC*, N273SW*, N273UP*, N274AY*, N274UP*, N275AY*, N275MT*, N275TC*, N275TM*, N275UP*, N276AY*, N277*, N277AY*, N278AY*, N278NA*, N278UP*, N279AY*, N280AY*, N280GD*, N281AY*, N282AY*, N282UP*, N283AY*, N283UP*, N284AY*, N284UP*, N285AY*, N286UP*, N287AY*, N288AY*, N288CX*, N288UP*, N288ZJ*, N289AY*, N289UP*, N290AY*, N290UP*, N291AY*, N291UP*, N292AY*, N293AY*, N295BS*, N296UP*, N300CR*, N300GP*, N300MY*, N302AK*, N302UP*, N303UP*, N307UP*, N308UP*, N312UP*, N316*, N317UP*, N318UP*, N321CR*, N322AT*, N323NA*, N324UP*, N325FS*, N325UP*, N326*, N328MM*, N329UP*, N332AT*, N333EC*, N334DB*, N334UP*, N335LL*, N335UP*, N340UP*, N341UP*, N343AN*, N343NA*, N344AN*, N344RS*, N345AN*, N346AN*, N346JV*, N347AN*, N347UP*, N348AN*, N349AN*, N350AN*, N351AA*, N351AX*, N351UP*, N356UP*, N358AA*, N359AA*, N360AA*, N361AA*, N361UP*, N363JR*, N363PJ*, N363US*, N364CM*, N365IV*, N366AA*, N369AA*, N370EL*, N372AA*, N373AA*, N377AN*, N378AN*, N379AA*, N382WA*, N385AM*, N387AM*, N388AA*, N390UP*, N391AA*, N392AN*, N393BV*, N394AN*, N394DL*, N395AN*, N400MW*, N400SA*, N401JK*, N402KZ*, N403KZ*, N403QS*, N404SS*, N408MC*, N412MC*, N415MC*, N418LA*, N418MC*, N419MC*, N429AT*, N429MC*, N434FS*, N441GC*, N441PC*, N450JE*, N450PA*, N451GV*, N451GX*, N452NS*, N455DX*, N459MC*, N464MC*, N465MC*, N465QS*, N468AM*, N473MC*, N475MC*, N476MC*, N478GS*, N492BB*, N493MC*, N496MC*, N497MC*, N497SB*, N498MC*, N499AT*, N500J*, N500N*, N500QK*, N500UK*, N501WJ*, N502PC*, N506MC*, N514EA*, N515TJ*, N520NW*, N521FE*, N525FD*, N526SH*, N528FE*, N528M*, N528MC*, N531TA*, N536US*, N537EM*, N538AT*, N538US*, N539VE*, N540PB*, N540SG*, N543JN*, N545JN*, N546US*, N550GU*, N550PM*, N554CE*, N556TT*, N570UP*, N572UP*, N573UP*, N575CB*, N575FE*, N575UP*, N576UP*, N577QT*, N578FE*, N578UP*, N579UP*, N580UP*, N581UP*, N582NW*, N582UP*, N583UP*, N585A*, N585EE*, N592CH*, N593FE*, N600EJ*, N600GK*, N601FE*, N603FE*, N604FE*, N611AB*, N611NS*, N614BA*, N614FE*, N621FE*, N625FE*, N625SC*, N628BD*, N630LA*, N632FW*, N640GT*, N641FE*, N641GT*, N642GT*, N642UA*, N643FE*, N643UA*, N644UA*, N645FE*, N646UA*, N647UA*, N648UA*, N649UA*, N650GD*, N650GY*, N650MT*, N651UA*, N652UA*, N653MX*, N653UA*, N654UA*, N655UA*, N656UA*, N658UA*, N659UA*, N660UA*, N661UA*, N662UA*, N663UA*, N663US*, N664UA*, N664US*, N665UA*, N665US*, N667P*, N667UA*, N667US*, N668UA*, N669LG*, N669US*, N670US*, N672PS*, N673UA*, N673US*, N674RW*, N674UA*, N674US*, N675NW*, N675UA*, N680SE*, N700QT*, N701GC*, N703CK*, N703GC*, N704CK*, N704X*, N705GG*, N705TW*, N707DN*, N707TW*, N708CK*, N709AA*, N709TW*, N711UF*, N712TW*, N715CK*, N717TW*, N719AN*, N723TW*, N724FD*, N725FD*, N727DL*, N727FD*, N727TW*, N730AG*, N738MA*, N741CK*, N742CK*, N742FD*, N742WA*, N743CK*, N745CK*, N746CK*, N747NA*, N750AN*, N752JC*, N754AN*, N755AN*, N757MA*, N758AN*, N759AN*, N760SA*, N761SA*, N762AN*, N765AN*, N765SG*, N767A*, N767AJ*, N768KD*, N768UA*, N769UA*, N770AN*, N771AN*, N771UA*, N772AN*, N772LA*, N772UA*, N773UA*, N774LA*, N774SA*, N774UA*, N775RP*, N775SA*, N775UA*, N776AN*, N776LA*, N776UA*, N777J*, N777QX*, N777UA*, N778LA*, N778UA*, N779UA*, N780AN*, N780E*, N780UA*, N781AN*, N781UA*, N782AN*, N782CK*, N782UA*, N783SA*, N783UA*, N784UA*, N785JH*, N785UA*, N786AN*, N786UA*, N787AL*, N787UA*, N788AN*, N788UA*, N790AN*, N791AN*, N791UA*, N792AN*, N792UA*, N793CK*, N793UA*, N794AN*, N794CK*, N794UA*, N795AN*, N795CK*, N795UA*, N796AN*, N796UA*, N797AN*, N797UA*, N799UA*, N800PJ*, N801FD*, N801NW*, N802NW*, N803NW*, N804NW*, N805NW*, N806NW*, N807NW*, N808KB*, N808NW*, N809NW*, N810NW*, N811NW*, N812AM*, N812NW*, N813NW*, N814NW*, N815NW*, N816NW*, N817NW*, N818NW*, N819NW*, N820NW*, N821NW*, N823AN*, N823NW*, N824NW*, N825NW*, N826MH*, N826NW*, N827MH*, N827NW*, N828CC*, N828MH*, N828NW*, N829MH*, N829NW*, N829TD*, N830MH*, N830NW*, N831A*, N831MH*, N832MH*, N833MH*, N834MH*, N835AA*, N835MH*, N836MH*, N837MH*, N838MH*, N839MH*, N840MH*, N841MH*, N842MH*, N843FD*, N843MH*, N844MH*, N845MH*, N850FD*, N850GT*, N850SF*, N851FD*, N851NW*, N852FD*, N852NW*, N853FD*, N853NW*, N854FD*, N854NW*, N855FD*, N855GT*, N855NW*, N856FD*, N856NW*, N857FD*, N857NW*, N858FD*, N858NW*, N859FD*, N859NW*, N860MW*, N860NW*, N861DA*, N861FD*, N861NW*, N862DA*, N862FD*, N863FD*, N864FD*, N865DA*, N866TM*, N867DA*, N867EX*, N880FD*, N882FD*, N883FD*, N884AA*, N884FD*, N885FD*, N886FD*, N887WM*, N888CE*, N888SF*, N889H*, N890A*, N890FD*, N892FD*, N895FD*, N898MW*, N900NB*, N900RX*, N900SJ*, N900SN*, N900UC*, N901AR*, N901FD*, N902AR*, N903AR*, N903FD*, N905T*, N909MN*, N910JW*, N912FD*, N915FD*, N917GA*, N919FE*, N919SB*, N922FD*, N923FD*, N927AX*, N933EY*, N935UW*, N936UW*, N937UW*, N938UW*, N939AP*, N939UW*, N940UW*, N941UW*, N950AR*, N950CM*, N951AR*, N952CA*, N957MK*, N961AM*, N964AM*, N965AM*, N966AM*, N970SJ*, N974JD*, N984AR*, N985AR*, N986SP*, N988AR*, N988ZJ*, N989JC*, N991DM*, N995DP*, N999YY*, N1200K*, N1201P*, N1567D*, N1602*, N1603*, N1605*, N1609*, N1821U*, N1977*, N2129UA*, N2135U*, N2136U*, N2200R*, N2244MJ*, N2331U*, N2333U*, N2341U*, N2361*, N2737U*, N2750J*, N2778V*, N2824B*, N2900D*, N2958S*, N3000B*, N3670B*, N3755P*, N3866K*, N3972E*, N3972U*, N3975A*, N4019C*, N4109C*, N4767*, N5000K*, N5345N*, N5641*, N6065U*, N6123C*, N6328T*, N6504K*, N6593D*, N6973N*, N7277F*, N7600K*, N7774C*, N8140K*, N8224L*, N9054H*, N9767*, N12109*, N14102*, N14120*, N16065*, N16078*, N16138*, N16512*, N17126*, N17139*, N18119*, N19136*, N19951*, N20904*, N26902*, N26909*, N26910*, N27015*, N27901*, N27903*, N27908*, N27958*, N27967*, N28912*, N29124*, N29907*, N30378*, N30913*, N33103*, N35953*, N36962*, N37018*, N38950*, N38955*, N39356*, N39365*, N45905*, N45956*, N52485*, N52545*, N52885*, N56200*, N56786*, N57016*, N58101*, N59053*, N66051*, N66056*, N66057*, N67052*, N67058*, N67193*, N68061*, N68296*, N69020*, N69059*, N69063*, N74007*, N76010*, N76021*, N76055*, N76060*, N76062*, N76064*, N76065*, N77006*, N77012*, N77019*, N77022*, N77066*, N78001*, N78002*, N78003*, N78005*, N78008*, N78009*, N78013*, N78017*, N78060*, N79011*, NC28V*, NC292E*, NC645H*, NC4033*, NC8877*, NC13050*, NC14201*, NC16512*, NC17360*, NC17633*, NC18442*, NC86934*, NH-218*, NH214*, NH350*, NL-316*, NW*, NX377WW*, O-36*, OB-1770-T*, OD-CXJ*, OD-MEA*, OD-MEB*, OD-MEC*, OD-MED*, OD-MEE*, OD-MIG*, OD-MRL*, OD-MRM*, OD-MRN*, OD-MRO*, OD-MRR*, OD-MRS*, OD-MRT*, OD-RMJ*, OD-TMA*, OE-AAA*, OE-ACS*, OE-AHA*, OE-ALF*, OE-AMG*, OE-APS*, OE-AWG*, OE-AWW*, OE-CDM*, OE-CGH*, OE-CLL*, OE-DOE*, OE-EAS*, OE-EDM*, OE-EGO*, OE-FBD*, OE-FCB*, OE-FCP*, OE-FCU*, OE-FCY*, OE-FDN*, OE-FDT*, OE-FFK*, OE-FHC*, OE-FHK*, OE-FID*, OE-FIX*, OE-FJG*, OE-FLB*, OE-FLG*, OE-FMC*, OE-FPP*, OE-FRC*, OE-FSA*, OE-FSG*, OE-FSS*, OE-FUX*, OE-FVJ*, OE-FWF*, OE-FZA*, OE-FZB*, OE-FZD*, OE-GAA*, OE-GAL*, OE-GCA*, OE-GGB*, OE-GGG*, OE-GJP*, OE-GLS*, OE-GMG*, OE-GMM*, OE-GPS*, OE-GRB*, OE-GRM*, OE-GTH*, OE-GVQ*, OE-GXB*, OE-GYX*, OE-GZK*, OE-HEY*, OE-HGL*, OE-HGO*, OE-HHH*, OE-HII*, OE-HIT*, OE-HKK*, OE-HNG*, OE-HPG*, OE-HRR*, OE-HUG*, OE-HZP*, OE-IAR*, OE-IBZ*, OE-ICH*, OE-IDG*, OE-IDO*, OE-IHA*, OE-IHB*, OE-IHD*, OE-IHE*, OE-IHF*, OE-IHG*, OE-ILY*, OE-IMI*, OE-INJ*, OE-INN*, OE-IPW*, OE-IQB*, OE-IRP*, OE-ISA*, OE-ITA*, OE-ITH*, OE-IXC*, OE-IXF*, OE-IXG*, OE-IZK*, OE-KFO*, OE-KHS*, OE-LAI*, OE-LAT*, OE-LAW*, OE-LAX*, OE-LAY*, OE-LAZ*, OE-LBA*, OE-LBB*, OE-LBC*, OE-LBD*, OE-LBE*, OE-LBF*, OE-LBI*, OE-LBJ*, OE-LBK*, OE-LBL*, OE-LBM*, OE-LBN*, OE-LBO*, OE-LBP*, OE-LBQ*, OE-LBR*, OE-LBS*, OE-LBT*, OE-LBU*, OE-LBV*, OE-LBW*, OE-LBX*, OE-LBY*, OE-LBZ*, OE-LCA*, OE-LCI*, OE-LCK*, OE-LCM*, OE-LDA*, OE-LDB*, OE-LDC*, OE-LDD*, OE-LDE*, OE-LDF*, OE-LDG*, OE-LDM*, OE-LEA*, OE-LEB*, OE-LEC*, OE-LED*, OE-LEE*, OE-LEF*, OE-LEG*, OE-LEH*, OE-LEK*, OE-LEL*, OE-LEO*, OE-LER*, OE-LES*, OE-LET*, OE-LEU*, OE-LEW*, OE-LEX*, OE-LEY*, OE-LEZ*, OE-LFG*, OE-LFH*, OE-LFJ*, OE-LFK*, OE-LFL*, OE-LFP*, OE-LFQ*, OE-LFR*, OE-LGA*, OE-LGB*, OE-LGC*, OE-LGD*, OE-LGE*, OE-LGF*, OE-LGG*, OE-LGH*, OE-LGI*, OE-LGJ*, OE-LGK*, OE-LGL*, OE-LGM*, OE-LGN*, OE-LGO*, OE-LGP*, OE-LGQ*, OE-LGR*, OE-LIA*, OE-LIB*, OE-LIC*, OE-LID*, OE-LIR*, OE-LNA*, OE-LNC*, OE-LND*, OE-LNE*, OE-LNK*, OE-LNM*, OE-LNN*, OE-LNS*, OE-LOB*, OE-LOC*, OE-LOE*, OE-LPB*, OE-LPC*, OE-LPD*, OE-LPE*, OE-LPZ*, OE-LSB*, OE-LTD*, OE-LTG*, OE-LTI*, OE-LTP*, OE-LUB*, OE-LUV*, OE-LVA*, OE-LVB*, OE-LVC*, OE-LVD*, OE-LVE*, OE-LVF*, OE-LVG*, OE-LVH*, OE-LVI*, OE-LVJ*, OE-LVK*, OE-LVL*, OE-LVM*, OE-LVN*, OE-LVO*, OE-LWA*, OE-LWB*, OE-LWC*, OE-LWD*, OE-LWE*, OE-LWG*, OE-LWH*, OE-LWI*, OE-LWJ*, OE-LWK*, OE-LWL*, OE-LWM*, OE-LWN*, OE-LWO*, OE-LWQ*, OE-LYY*, OH-ADM*, OH-BLH*, OH-BLI*, OH-BLJ*, OH-BLM*, OH-BLN*, OH-BLO*, OH-BLQ*, OH-JRD*, OH-LEE*, OH-LEK*, OH-LGC*, OH-LKE*, OH-LKF*, OH-LKG*, OH-LKH*, OH-LKI*, OH-LKK*, OH-LKL*, OH-LKM*, OH-LKN*, OH-LKO*, OH-LKP*, OH-LKR*, OH-LQB*, OH-LQC*, OH-LVA*, OH-LVB*, OH-LVC*, OH-LVD*, OH-LVF*, OH-LVG*, OH-LVH*, OH-LVI*, OH-LVK*, OH-LVL*, OH-LWA*, OH-LXA*, OH-LXB*, OH-LXC*, OH-LXD*, OH-LXF*, OH-LXG*, OH-LXH*, OH-LXI*, OH-LXK*, OH-LXL*, OH-LXM*, OH-LZA*, OH-LZB*, OH-LZC*, OH-LZD*, OH-LZE*, OH-LZF*, OH-LZG*, OH-LZI*, OH-LZK*, OH-LZL*, OH-LZO*, OH-MAL*, OH-MVN*, OH-NSZ*, OH-WIA*, OK-3805*, OK-4815*, OK-8560*, OK-BII*, OK-CED*, OK-DAJ*, OK-EMA*, OK-GFQ*, OK-GFR*, OK-GFS*, OK-GIB*, OK-GIX*, OK-HCB*, OK-HFL*, OK-JFA*, OK-KFM*, OK-KFN*, OK-KFO*, OK-KFP*, OK-LEE*, OK-LEG*, OK-LKN*, OK-MAR*, OK-MEH*, OK-MEI*, OK-MEJ*, OK-MEK*, OK-MEL*, OK-MGD*, OK-NEL*, OK-NEM*, OK-NEN*, OK-NEO*, OK-NEP*, OK-NFU*, OK-NOR*, OK-OER*, OK-PAI*, OK-PET*, OK-RAH*, OK-REQ*, OK-RKR*, OK-RUD*, OK-SAN*, OK-SLX*, OK-SWT*, OK-SWW*, OK-TSD*, OK-TSI*, OK-TSJ*, OK-TSM*, OK-TSN*, OK-TSO*, OK-TVJ*, OK-TVO*, OK-TVW*, OK-TVX*, OK-UGJ*, OK-VHC*, OK-WHB*, OK-XGA*, OK-XGC*, OK-XGE*, OK-XGO*, OK-XIG*, OK-XLS*, OK-YFT*, OM-ATN*, OM-BJB*, OM-BYL*, OM-CEX*, OM-DEX*, OM-GTD*, OM-GTE*, OM-HCA*, OM-HEX*, OM-OIG*, OM-SAA*, OM-SKC*, OM-SKK*, OM-TVA*, OO-ACO*, OO-ACT*, OO-AMR*, OO-CDC*, OO-CNA*, OO-DJP*, OO-DJR*, OO-DLT*, OO-DLZ*, OO-DWA*, OO-DWB*, OO-DWC*, OO-DWD*, OO-DWE*, OO-DWF*, OO-DWG*, OO-DWH*, OO-DWI*, OO-DWJ*, OO-DWK*, OO-DWL*, OO-E66*, OO-EBE*, OO-EBU*, OO-EJA*, OO-EPU*, OO-FPE*, OO-FPF*, OO-FTS*, OO-GMJ*, OO-GMX*, OO-HBR*, OO-HPG*, OO-IDE*, OO-JAA*, OO-JAD*, OO-JAF*, OO-JAH*, OO-JAL*, OO-JAN*, OO-JAO*, OO-JAP*, OO-JAQ*, OO-JAR*, OO-JAS*, OO-JAU*, OO-JAV*, OO-JAY*, OO-JDL*, OO-JEB*, OO-JEF*, OO-JEM*, OO-JLO*, OO-JMC*, OO-JNL*, OO-JPT*, OO-LFS*, OO-MLG*, OO-NGO*, OO-NHP*, OO-NHQ*, OO-NHT*, OO-NHU*, OO-NHX*, OO-NZV*, OO-OCA*, OO-PCI*, OO-PCK*, OO-PRM*, OO-PXL*, OO-SDT*, OO-SFM*, OO-SFN*, OO-SFO*, OO-SFT*, OO-SFU*, OO-SFV*, OO-SFW*, OO-SFY*, OO-SFZ*, OO-SKY*, OO-SLM*, OO-SNA*, OO-SNB*, OO-SNC*, OO-SND*, OO-SNE*, OO-SNF*, OO-SNG*, OO-SNH*, OO-SNI*, OO-SRA*, OO-SSA*, OO-SSB*, OO-SSC*, OO-SSD*, OO-SSE*, OO-SSF*, OO-SSG*, OO-SSH*, OO-SSI*, OO-SSJ*, OO-SSK*, OO-SSL*, OO-SSm*, OO-SSN*, OO-SSO*, OO-SSP*, OO-SSQ*, OO-SSR*, OO-SSU*, OO-SSV*, OO-SSW*, OO-SSX*, OO-SUD*, OO-TAH*, OO-TAJ*, OO-TAO*, OO-TAU*, OO-TCA*, OO-TCH*, OO-TCI*, OO-TCJ*, OO-TCP*, OO-TCQ*, OO-TCS*, OO-TCT*, OO-TCV*, OO-TCW*, OO-TCX*, OO-TFA*, OO-THB*, OO-THC*, OO-THD*, OO-TIM*, OO-TNE*, OO-TNQ*, OO-TOA*, OO-TSA*, OO-TUC*, OO-TUK*, OO-TUV*, OO-VCU*, OO-VLF*, OO-VLI*, OO-VLM*, OO-VLQ*, OO-VLR*, OO-VMC*, OO-VMX*, OO-VMY*, OO-WIL*, OO-XLS*, OO-YOL*, OO-YUG*, OY-API*, OY-CCJ*, OY-CHT*, OY-CIL*, OY-CLS*, OY-CMH*, OY-CYS*, OY-DAZ*, OY-DDA*, OY-DHC*, OY-DZU*, OY-EBW*, OY-GRN*, OY-HJJ*, OY-HJP*, OY-HSL*, OY-ILS*, OY-JRK*, OY-JRU*, OY-JTI*, OY-JZD*, OY-JZU*, OY-JZZ*, OY-KAL*, OY-KAM*, OY-KAN*, OY-KAO*, OY-KAP*, OY-KAR*, OY-KAT*, OY-KAU*, OY-KAW*, OY-KAY*, OY-KBB*, OY-KBC*, OY-KBE*, OY-KBF*, OY-KBH*, OY-KBI*, OY-KBL*, OY-KBM*, OY-KBO*, OY-KBP*, OY-KBR*, OY-KBT*, OY-KFA*, OY-KFB*, OY-KFC*, OY-KFD*, OY-KFE*, OY-KFF*, OY-KFG*, OY-KFH*, OY-KFI*, OY-KFK*, OY-KFL*, OY-KFM*, OY-KHG*, OY-KHP*, OY-KHU*, OY-KHW*, OY-KKS*, OY-LHA*, OY-LHB*, OY-LHC*, OY-MHM*, OY-NCN*, OY-NCW*, OY-RAA*, OY-RCG*, OY-RJH*, OY-RJI*, OY-RJK*, OY-RJL*, OY-RJM*, OY-RUE*, OY-SIR*, OY-SNK*, OY-SRF*, OY-SRG*, OY-SRH*, OY-SRI*, OY-SRJ*, OY-SRK*, OY-SRL*, OY-SRM*, OY-SRN*, OY-SRO*, OY-SRP*, OY-SRS*, OY-SRT*, OY-SRU*, OY-SVB*, OY-SVF*, OY-TSS*, OY-YBT*, OY-YBU*, OY-ZWO*, P-226*, P2-PXS*, P4-AND*, P4-EAS*, P4-FAS*, P4-GAS*, P4-KBA*, P4-KBC*, P4-KBF*, P4-KBG*, P4-KCA*, P4-KCB*, P4-KCU*, P4-KDA*, P4-KEA*, P4-KEB*, P4-KEC*, P4-KUL*, P4-OAS*, P4-ONE*, P4-PPP*, P4-SAT*, P4-SOM*, P4-SVM*, P4-TAJ*, P2902*, P7350*, PA474*, PG657*, PH-2V4*, PH-3D7*, PH-3G2*, PH-3L5*, PH-3M1*, PH-3V2*, PH-4L9*, PH-4M8*, PH-4N3*, PH-4N4*, PH-ABW*, PH-ACE*, PH-ACT*, PH-ADD*, PH-AHQ*, PH-AHX*, PH-AJX*, PH-AKA*, PH-AKB*, PH-AKD*, PH-AKE*, PH-AKF*, PH-ANR*, PH-AOA*, PH-AOB*, PH-AOC*, PH-AOD*, PH-AOE*, PH-AOF*, PH-AOH*, PH-AOI*, PH-AOK*, PH-AOL*, PH-AOM*, PH-AON*, PH-BCA*, PH-BCB*, PH-BCD*, PH-BCE*, PH-BCI*, PH-BEC*, PH-BFA*, PH-BFB*, PH-BFC*, PH-BFD*, PH-BFE*, PH-BFF*, PH-BFG*, PH-BFH*, PH-BFI*, PH-BFK*, PH-BFL*, PH-BFM*, PH-BFN*, PH-BFO*, PH-BFP*, PH-BFR*, PH-BFS*, PH-BFT*, PH-BFU*, PH-BFV*, PH-BFW*, PH-BFY*, PH-BGA*, PH-BGB*, PH-BGC*, PH-BGD*, PH-BGE*, PH-BGF*, PH-BGG*, PH-BGH*, PH-BGI*, PH-BGK*, PH-BGL*, PH-BGM*, PH-BGN*, PH-BGO*, PH-BGP*, PH-BGQ*, PH-BGR*, PH-BGT*, PH-BGU*, PH-BGW*, PH-BGX*, PH-BHA*, PH-BHC*, PH-BHD*, PH-BHE*, PH-BHF*, PH-BHH*, PH-BHI*, PH-BQA*, PH-BQB*, PH-BQC*, PH-BQD*, PH-BQE*, PH-BQF*, PH-BQG*, PH-BQH*, PH-BQI*, PH-BQK*, PH-BQL*, PH-BQM*, PH-BQN*, PH-BQO*, PH-BQP*, PH-BRR*, PH-BUK*, PH-BVA*, PH-BVB*, PH-BVC*, PH-BVD*, PH-BVF*, PH-BVG*, PH-BVI*, PH-BVK*, PH-BVN*, PH-BVO*, PH-BVS*, PH-BXA*, PH-BXB*, PH-BXC*, PH-BXD*, PH-BXE*, PH-BXF*, PH-BXG*, PH-BXH*, PH-BXI*, PH-BXK*, PH-BXL*, PH-BXM*, PH-BXN*, PH-BXO*, PH-BXP*, PH-BXR*, PH-BXS*, PH-BXT*, PH-BXU*, PH-BXV*, PH-BXW*, PH-BXY*, PH-BXZ*, PH-BYA*, PH-CDE*, PH-CDF*, PH-CDG*, PH-CGC*, PH-CGN*, PH-CKA*, PH-CKB*, PH-CKC*, PH-CKD*, PH-COP*, PH-CTH*, PH-CXN*, PH-DHA*, PH-DLN*, PH-DNA*, PH-DNB*, PH-DND*, PH-DRK*, PH-DTM*, PH-DTP*, PH-DTX*, PH-DUB*, PH-EAM*, PH-ECR*, PH-EDJ*, PH-EDM*, PH-ELP*, PH-EUE*, PH-EUF*, PH-EUG*, PH-EUH*, PH-EUI*, PH-EXA*, PH-EXB*, PH-EXC*, PH-EXD*, PH-EXE*, PH-EXF*, PH-EXG*, PH-EXH*, PH-EXI*, PH-EXJ*, PH-EXK*, PH-EXL*, PH-EXM*, PH-EXN*, PH-EXO*, PH-EZA*, PH-EZB*, PH-EZC*, PH-EZD*, PH-EZE*, PH-EZF*, PH-EZG*, PH-EZH*, PH-EZI*, PH-EZK*, PH-EZL*, PH-EZM*, PH-EZN*, PH-EZO*, PH-EZP*, PH-EZR*, PH-EZS*, PH-EZT*, PH-EZU*, PH-EZV*, PH-EZW*, PH-EZX*, PH-EZY*, PH-EZZ*, PH-FDD*, PH-FHF*, PH-FIS*, PH-FJK*, PH-GER*, PH-GGW*, PH-GGX*, PH-GGZ*, PH-GHK*, PH-GUA*, PH-GUB*, PH-GUV*, PH-HCA*, PH-HCC*, PH-HCD*, PH-HHA*, PH-HHH*, PH-HLM*, PH-HRK*, PH-HSA*, PH-HSB*, PH-HSC*, PH-HSD*, PH-HSE*, PH-HSF*, PH-HSG*, PH-HSI*, PH-HSJ*, PH-HSM*, PH-HSW*, PH-HWM*, PH-HXD*, PH-HXE*, PH-HXF*, PH-HZB*, PH-HZD*, PH-HZE*, PH-HZF*, PH-HZG*, PH-HZI*, PH-HZJ*, PH-HZK*, PH-HZL*, PH-HZN*, PH-HZO*, PH-HZV*, PH-HZW*, PH-HZX*, PH-ILC*, PH-JAY*, PH-JCH*, PH-JCT*, PH-JND*, PH-JOP*, PH-JQA*, PH-JXJ*, PH-JXK*, PH-JXN*, PH-KAI*, PH-KAJ*, PH-KAL*, PH-KBX*, PH-KCA*, PH-KCB*, PH-KCC*, PH-KCD*, PH-KCE*, PH-KCF*, PH-KCG*, PH-KCI*, PH-KCK*, PH-KLD*, PH-KLG*, PH-KMR*, PH-KPB*, PH-KXX*, PH-KZA*, PH-KZB*, PH-KZC*, PH-KZD*, PH-KZE*, PH-KZF*, PH-KZG*, PH-KZH*, PH-KZI*, PH-KZK*, PH-KZL*, PH-KZM*, PH-KZN*, PH-KZO*, PH-KZP*, PH-KZR*, PH-KZS*, PH-KZT*, PH-KZU*, PH-KZV*, PH-KZW*, PH-LAB*, PH-LAU*, PH-LND*, PH-LNE*, PH-MCP*, PH-MCR*, PH-MCS*, PH-MCT*, PH-MCU*, PH-MCW*, PH-MCY*, PH-MEX*, PH-MFA*, PH-MFX*, PH-MJP*, PH-MLL*, PH-MLS*, PH-MPS*, PH-MUJ*, PH-MYX*, PH-NDC*, PH-NDK*, PH-NHV*, PH-NIV*, PH-NLZ*, PH-NSC*, PH-NXG*, PH-OFA*, PH-OFE*, PH-OFF*, PH-OFL*, PH-OFM*, PH-OFN*, PH-OFO*, PH-OFP*, PH-OOP*, PH-OSI*, PH-OYE*, PH-OYI*, PH-OYJ*, PH-PBA*, PH-PBY*, PH-PSI*, PH-PVR*, PH-PXA*, PH-PXB*, PH-PXC*, PH-PXD*, PH-PXE*, PH-PXZ*, PH-RID*, PH-RIS*, PH-RLA*, PH-RLD*, PH-RLG*, PH-SAW*, PH-SGB*, PH-SHK*, PH-SHO*, PH-SKG*, PH-SKS*, PH-SPZ*, PH-STW*, PH-STY*, PH-STZ*, PH-SVN*, PH-SVQ*, PH-SVT*, PH-SVU*, PH-TCB*, PH-TCN*, PH-TCR*, PH-TDS*, PH-TFA*, PH-TFB*, PH-TFC*, PH-TFD*, PH-TFF*, PH-TFK*, PH-TFL*, PH-TFM*, PH-TIM*, PH-TLP*, PH-TXA*, PH-UEY*, PH-UNN*, PH-USL*, PH-VDF*, PH-VWL*, PH-WJK*, PH-WRW*, PH-WXA*, PH-WXC*, PH-WXD*, PH-XLB*, PH-XRA*, PH-XRB*, PH-XRC*, PH-XRD*, PH-XRE*, PH-XRV*, PH-XRW*, PH-XRX*, PH-XRY*, PH-XRZ*, PI-01*, PI-04*, PI-05*, PK-GIA*, PK-GIC*, PK-GID*, PK-GIE*, PK-GIF*, PK-GPH*, PK-GPI*, PK-GPK*, PK-GPQ*, PP-VRA*, PP-VRE*, PP-VRF*, PP-VTI*, PP-VTJ*, PP-VTP*, PR-GUA*, PR-LGD*, PR-RNY*, PR-VDR*, PS890*, PS915*, PT-MUA*, PT-MUB*, PT-MUC*, PT-MUD*, PT-MUE*, PT-MUF*, PT-MUG*, PT-MUI*, PT-MUJ*, PT-MVA*, PT-MVM*, PT-MVO*, PT-MVP*, PT-MVQ*, PT-MVV*, PZ-TCP*, PZ-TCR*, PZ865*, Q-2*, Q-04*, Q-05*, Q-8*, Q-13*, Q-14*, Q-16*, Q-17*, Q-18*, Q-19*, Q-21*, Q-26*, Q-29*, QO-B*, QO-C*, QO-G*, QO-J*, QO-T*, QQ101*, QQ102*, R-01*, R-02*, R-03*, R-99*, R-137*, R-756*, R-2113*, R-2118*, R4118*, RA-1951K*, RA-3413K*, RA-10203*, RA-21133*, RA-42316*, RA-42367*, RA-61701*, RA-61704*, RA-64058*, RA-64521*, RA-73000*, RA-73007*, RA-73010*, RA-73011*, RA-73015*, RA-76503*, RA-76511*, RA-76950*, RA-76951*, RA-76952*, RA-82043*, RA-82044*, RA-82046*, RA-82074*, RA-82077*, RA-85135*, RA-85725*, RA-85753*, RA-85832*, RA-85834*, RA-96017*, RA-96019*, RA1318K*, RA1954K*, RA1957K*, RA3379K*, RF-26*, RF-30083*, RN-02*, RN-04*, RN-05*, RN-07*, RN-08*, Rotes E*, RR232*, RS-01*, RS-21*, RS-50*, RS02*, RS04*, RS05*, RUED*, S-9*, S-11*, S-16*, S-181*, S-440*, S-441*, S-445*, S-447*, S-453*, S-454*, S-883*, S2-AHL*, S2-AHN*, S5-AAD*, S5-AAE*, S5-AAF*, S5-AAG*, S5-AAH*, S5-AAI*, S5-AAJ*, S5-AAK*, S5-AAL*, S5-AAN*, S5-AAO*, S5-AAP*, S5-AAR*, S5-AAS*, S5-AAU*, S5-AAV*, S5-AAW*, S5-AAX*, S5-AAY*, S5-AAZ*, S5-ABL*, S5-ABS*, S5-ADD*, S5-ADF*, S5-AFA*, S5-BBG*, S5-ICR*, S5-MHY*, S5-SAD*, SAC02*, SC-601*, SE-AMZ*, SE-ANY*, SE-DEY*, SE-DIK*, SE-DIL*, SE-DIN*, SE-DIR*, SE-DIS*, SE-DJA*, SE-DJG*, SE-DJL*, SE-DJM*, SE-DMB*, SE-DNX*, SE-DOR*, SE-DSV*, SE-DTH*, SE-DVO*, SE-DXB*, SE-DXG*, SE-DXN*, SE-DZV*, SE-IOD*, SE-ISG*, SE-KXM*, SE-LJV*, SE-LPS*, SE-LRA*, SE-LZU*, SE-MAA*, SE-RER*, SE-RES*, SE-RET*, SE-REU*, SE-REX*, SE-REY*, SE-REZ*, SE-RGX*, SE-RHJ*, SE-RIL*, SE-RJE*, SE-RJF*, SE-RJI*, SE-RJR*, SE-RJS*, SE-RJT*, SE-RJU*, SE-RLB*, SE-RMC*, SE-RMR*, SE-RMT*, SE-ROD*, SE-XZR*, SP-ACY*, SP-AVP*, SP-EAR*, SP-EDA*, SP-EDC*, SP-EDD*, SP-EDE*, SP-EDF*, SP-ENR*, SP-ENV*, SP-ENX*, SP-EQA*, SP-EQB*, SP-EQD*, SP-EQE*, SP-EQF*, SP-EQH*, SP-FDT*, SP-FNS*, SP-GED*, SP-HAD*, SP-HAG*, SP-HAH*, SP-HAY*, SP-HAZ*, SP-KBM*, SP-KCS*, SP-KKB*, SP-KOW*, SP-KPE*, SP-LDA*, SP-LDB*, SP-LDC*, SP-LDD*, SP-LDE*, SP-LDF*, SP-LDG*, SP-LDH*, SP-LDI*, SP-LDK*, SP-LFB*, SP-LFC*, SP-LFD*, SP-LFE*, SP-LFF*, SP-LFG*, SP-LFH*, SP-LGD*, SP-LGN*, SP-LIA*, SP-LIB*, SP-LIC*, SP-LID*, SP-LIE*, SP-LIF*, SP-LIG*, SP-LIH*, SP-LII*, SP-LIK*, SP-LIL*, SP-LIM*, SP-LIN*, SP-LIO*, SP-LKE*, SP-LKF*, SP-LLB*, SP-LLC*, SP-LLE*, SP-LLF*, SP-LLG*, SP-LLL*, SP-LNA*, SP-LNB*, SP-LNC*, SP-LND*, SP-LNE*, SP-LNF*, SP-LRA*, SP-LRB*, SP-LWA*, SP-LWB*, SP-MRE*, Sp-RDW*, SP-SPA*, SP-YFK*, SP-YMG*, SP-YNZ*, SP-YYF*, SP-ZBH*, SP-ZSZ*, ST-03*, ST-04*, ST-15*, ST-23*, ST-26*, ST-27*, ST-31*, ST-34*, ST-35*, ST-36*, ST-44*, ST-46*, SU-BMZ*, SU-BPU*, SU-BPV*, SU-BPZ*, SU-BSM*, SU-BSN*, SU-GAC*, SU-GAS*, SU-GAY*, SU-GBR*, SU-GBT*, SU-GBV*, SU-GCA*, SU-GCB*, SU-GCE*, SU-GCG*, SU-GCH*, SU-GCI*, SU-GCK*, SU-GCM*, SU-GCN*, SU-GCO*, SU-GCP*, SU-GCR*, SU-GCS*, SU-GDA*, SU-GDB*, SU-GDC*, SU-GDD*, SU-GDE*, SU-GDS*, SU-GDT*, SU-GDX*, SU-GDY*, SU-GDZ*, SU-GEA*, SU-GEB*, SU-GEC*, SU-GED*, SU-GEE*, SU-GEF*, SU-GEH*, SU-GEL*, SU-TCE*, SU-TMG*, SU-TMH*, SU-YAH*, SX-ATF*, SX-BHR*, SX-BIA*, SX-BIH*, SX-BLM*, SX-BMK*, SX-BNR*, SX-BRM*, SX-BRS*, SX-BRT*, SX-BRV*, SX-BTN*, SX-CJJ*, SX-DGA*, SX-DGB*, SX-DGC*, SX-DGD*, SX-DGE*, SX-DGF*, SX-DGJ*, SX-DGK*, SX-DGL*, SX-DGO*, SX-DGP*, SX-DGQ*, SX-DGS*, SX-DGT*, SX-DGW*, SX-DGX*, SX-DGY*, SX-DGZ*, SX-DNA*, SX-DNB*, SX-DNE*, SX-DVG*, SX-DVH*, SX-DVI*, SX-DVJ*, SX-DVK*, SX-DVL*, SX-DVM*, SX-DVN*, SX-DVO*, SX-DVP*, SX-DVQ*, SX-DVR*, SX-DVS*, SX-DVT*, SX-DVU*, SX-DVV*, SX-DVW*, SX-DVX*, SX-DVY*, SX-DVZ*, SX-EMB*, SX-GGW*, SX-GJJ*, SX-GJN*, SX-IRP*, SX-KFA*, SX-MAR*, SX-OAH*, SX-OAU*, SX-SMS*, SXF*, T-235*, T-255*, T-264*, T-311*, T-314*, T-316*, T-317*, T-319*, T-323*, T-336*, T-340*, T-351*, T-353*, T-357*, T-360*, T-361*, T-368*, T-410*, T-416*, T-425*, T-427*, T-721*, T-729*, T-784*, T-785*, T7-AWO*, T7-AZH*, T7-CAT*, T7-COA*, T7-COB*, T7-EAA*, T7-IFS*, T7-MBH*, T7-MND*, T7-MRA*, T7-MRB*, T7-MRC*, T7-MRD*, T7-MRE*, T7-MRF*, T7-NIK*, T7-RAS*, T7-SCR*, T7-TOY*, T9-AAE*, T360*, T729*, TC-AAH*, TC-AAI*, TC-AAL*, TC-AAN*, TC-AAO*, TC-AAR*, TC-AAS*, TC-AAU*, TC-AAV*, TC-AAY*, TC-AAZ*, TC-ABK*, TC-ABL*, TC-ABP*, TC-ACF*, TC-ACG*, TC-ACJ*, TC-ACM*, TC-ACP*, TC-ACR*, TC-ACZ*, TC-ADP*, TC-AEP*, TC-AGI*, TC-AGK*, TC-AHE*, TC-AHP*, TC-AIP*, TC-AIS*, TC-AJP*, TC-AMP*, TC-ANP*, TC-APH*, TC-ARD*, TC-ARP*, TC-ASD*, TC-ASL*, TC-ATB*, TC-ATC*, TC-ATH*, TC-ATM*, TC-ATT*, TC-ATZ*, TC-AVP*, TC-AZP*, TC-CCP*, TC-CPA*, TC-CPB*, TC-CPC*, TC-CPD*, TC-CPE*, TC-CPF*, TC-CPG*, TC-CPI*, TC-CPJ*, TC-CPK*, TC-CPM*, TC-CPN*, TC-CPO*, TC-CPP*, TC-CPS*, TC-CPV*, TC-DCC*, TC-DCD*, TC-DCE*, TC-DCF*, TC-DCG*, TC-DCH*, TC-DCI*, TC-DCJ*, TC-DCM*, TC-DLZ*, TC-ETF*, TC-ETH*, TC-ETJ*, TC-ETN*, TC-ETV*, TC-FBE*, TC-FBG*, TC-FBH*, TC-FBO*, TC-FBR*, TC-FBT*, TC-FBV*, TC-FHB*, TC-FHC*, TC-FHE*, TC-FHY*, TC-GAP*, TC-ICK*, TC-IZC*, TC-IZE*, TC-IZF*, TC-IZI*, TC-JAI*, TC-JCT*, TC-JDA*, TC-JDJ*, TC-JDK*, TC-JDL*, TC-JDM*, TC-JDO*, TC-JDP*, TC-JDR*, TC-JFC*, TC-JFD*, TC-JFE*, TC-JFF*, TC-JFG*, TC-JFI*, TC-JFJ*, TC-JFL*, TC-JFM*, TC-JFO*, TC-JFP*, TC-JFR*, TC-JFT*, TC-JFV*, TC-JFY*, TC-JFZ*, TC-JGD*, TC-JGF*, TC-JGG*, TC-JGH*, TC-JGJ*, TC-JGK*, TC-JGL*, TC-JGM*, TC-JGN*, TC-JGO*, TC-JGP*, TC-JGR*, TC-JGS*, TC-JGT*, TC-JGU*, TC-JGV*, TC-JGY*, TC-JGZ*, TC-JHA*, TC-JHB*, TC-JHC*, TC-JHD*, TC-JHF*, TC-JHI*, TC-JHJ*, TC-JHK*, TC-JHL*, TC-JHM*, TC-JHN*, TC-JHP*, TC-JHT*, TC-JHU*, TC-JHV*, TC-JII*, TC-JIL*, TC-JIM*, TC-JIP*, TC-JIR*, TC-JIS*, TC-JIT*, TC-JIZ*, TC-JJK*, TC-JJY*, TC-JKF*, TC-JKP*, TC-JKR*, TC-JLE*, TC-JLJ*, TC-JLP*, TC-JMD*, TC-JMI*, TC-JMJ*, TC-JMK*, TC-JML*, TC-JMN*, TC-JNA*, TC-JNB*, TC-JNC*, TC-JND*, TC-JNE*, TC-JNF*, TC-JNG*, TC-JNH*, TC-JNJ*, TC-JNL*, TC-JNM*, TC-JNN*, TC-JNO*, TC-JNR*, TC-JNS*, TC-JNZ*, TC-JOA*, TC-JOC*, TC-JOE*, TC-JOH*, TC-JOL*, TC-JOM*, TC-JOU*, TC-JOY*, TC-JPA*, TC-JPB*, TC-JPC*, TC-JPD*, TC-JPE*, TC-JPF*, TC-JPG*, TC-JPH*, TC-JPI*, TC-JPJ*, TC-JPK*, TC-JPL*, TC-JPM*, TC-JPN*, TC-JPO*, TC-JPP*, TC-JPR*, TC-JPS*, TC-JPT*, TC-JRA*, TC-JRB*, TC-JRC*, TC-JRD*, TC-JRE*, TC-JRF*, TC-JRG*, TC-JRH*, TC-JRI*, TC-JRJ*, TC-JRK*, TC-JRL*, TC-JRM*, TC-JRN*, TC-JRO*, TC-JRP*, TC-JRR*, TC-JRT*, TC-JRU*, TC-JRV*, TC-JRY*, TC-JRZ*, TC-JSA*, TC-JSB*, TC-JSC*, TC-JSD*, TC-JSE*, TC-JSF*, TC-JSG*, TC-JSH*, TC-JSI*, TC-JSJ*, TC-JSK*, TC-JSL*, TC-JSM*, TC-JSN*, TC-JSO*, TC-JSS*, TC-JSU*, TC-JSY*, TC-JTA*, TC-JTG*, TC-JTH*, TC-JTJ*, TC-JTK*, TC-JTM*, TC-JTN*, TC-JTP*, TC-JTR*, TC-JUF*, TC-JUJ*, TC-JVD*, TC-JVI*, TC-JYA*, TC-JYD*, TC-JYE*, TC-JYI*, TC-JZH*, TC-LLL*, TC-LNA*, TC-LNB*, TC-LNE*, TC-LNF*, TC-LNG*, TC-LOB*, TC-LOC*, TC-LOE*, TC-LOF*, TC-MCA*, TC-MCB*, TC-MCD*, TC-MCE*, TC-MCG*, TC-MCL*, TC-MCT*, TC-MCZ*, TC-MJA*, TC-MKR*, TC-MNJ*, TC-NBA*, TC-NBD*, TC-NBI*, TC-OAL*, TC-OBD*, TC-OBE*, TC-OBF*, TC-OBG*, TC-OBH*, TC-OBI*, TC-OBJ*, TC-OBK*, TC-OBL*, TC-OBM*, TC-OBN*, TC-OBO*, TC-OBR*, TC-OBS*, TC-OBU*, TC-OBY*, TC-OBZ*, TC-OCA*, TC-OCG*, TC-ODA*, TC-OGT*, TC-ONJ*, TC-ONS*, TC-OPF*, TC-SBF*, TC-SED*, TC-SEE*, TC-SEI*, TC-SEJ*, TC-SEK*, TC-SEM*, TC-SEN*, TC-SEO*, TC-SEP*, TC-SEU*, TC-SEY*, TC-SGB*, TC-SGC*, TC-SGM*, TC-SKC*, TC-SKD*, TC-SKG*, TC-SKH*, TC-SKK*, TC-SKN*, TC-SKR*, TC-SKS*, TC-SKT*, TC-SMC*, TC-SNA*, TC-SNE*, TC-SNF*, TC-SNG*, TC-SNH*, TC-SNJ*, TC-SNL*, TC-SNM*, TC-SNN*, TC-SNO*, TC-SNP*, TC-SNR*, TC-SNT*, TC-SNU*, TC-SNV*, TC-SNY*, TC-SNZ*, TC-SOA*, TC-SOB*, TC-SOC*, TC-SOG*, TC-SOH*, TC-SUD*, TC-SUH*, TC-SUI*, TC-SUJ*, TC-SUL*, TC-SUM*, TC-SUO*, TC-SUU*, TC-SUV*, TC-SUY*, TC-SUZ*, TC-TJB*, TC-TJG*, TC-TJH*, TC-TJI*, TC-TJJ*, TC-TJL*, TC-TJM*, TC-TJO*, TC-TJP*, TC-TJS*, TC-TLA*, TC-TLB*, TC-TLC*, TC-TLD*, TC-TLE*, TC-TLG*, TC-TLH*, TC-TUA*, TC-TUR*, TCB653*, TCB702*, TE184*, TE311*, TF-AAK*, TF-ALF*, TF-AMF*, TF-AMI*, TF-AML*, TF-AMM*, TF-AMN*, TF-AMP*, TF-AMQ*, TF-AMU*, TF-ARH*, TF-ARJ*, TF-ARN*, TF-ARP*, TF-ARV*, TF-ATX*, TF-BBD*, TF-BBE*, TF-BBF*, TF-BBG*, TF-BBH*, TF-BBI*, TF-BRO*, TF-DAD*, TF-EAB*, TF-FIA*, TF-FIC*, TF-FIH*, TF-FII*, TF-FIJ*, TF-FIK*, TF-FIN*, TF-FIO*, TF-FIP*, TF-FIR*, TF-FIT*, TF-FIU*, TF-FIV*, TF-FIW*, TF-FIX*, TF-FIY*, TF-FIZ*, TF-GMA*, TF-GPA*, TF-ISD*, TF-ISF*, TF-ISK*, TF-ISL*, TF-ISN*, TF-ISO*, TF-ISR*, TF-ISS*, TF-ISV*, TF-ISW*, TF-ISY*, TF-ISZ*, TF-JOY*, TF-KID*, TF-LLX*, TF-NOW*, TF-SIS*, TF-SON*, TF-WIN*, TJ-CAC*, TJ-QCA*, TJ-QCB*, TPV*, TR-LFB*, TS-IEF*, TS-IEG*, TS-IFN*, TS-IMB*, TS-IMC*, TS-IMD*, TS-IMF*, TS-IMG*, TS-IMH*, TS-IMI*, TS-IMJ*, TS-IML*, TS-IMM*, TS-IMN*, TS-IMO*, TS-IMP*, TS-IMQ*, TS-IMR*, TS-IMS*, TS-IMT*, TS-IMU*, TS-IMV*, TS-IMW*, TS-INA*, TS-INB*, TS-INC*, TS-INF*, TS-INH*, TS-INO*, TS-INP*, TS-INR*, TS-INS*, TS-IOG*, TS-IOH*, TS-IOI*, TS-IOJ*, TS-IOK*, TS-IOL*, TS-IOM*, TS-ION*, TS-IOP*, TS-IOQ*, TS-IOR*, TS-IPM*, TS-IQB*, TS-IRA*, TT-ABE*, TW117*, TX310*, U-05*, U-134*, U-1208*, UA+106*, UK31002*, UK31005*, UK67001*, UK67002*, UK67003*, UK67004*, UK67005*, UK67006*, UK78701*, UK78702*, UP-A2001*, UR-11819*, UR-74026*, UR-82008*, UR-82029*, UR-ABA*, UR-CAH*, UR-CAJ*, UR-CBG*, UR-CGW*, UR-CJN*, UR-CKL*, UR-CKM*, UR-CNN*, UR-CNP*, UR-DAI*, UR-DSB*, UR-EMA*, UR-EMD*, UR-EME*, UR-GAH*, UR-GAI*, UR-GAK*, UR-GAM*, UR-GAO*, UR-GAP*, UR-GAQ*, UR-GAR*, UR-GAS*, UR-GAT*, UR-GAU*, UR-GAV*, UR-GAW*, UR-GAX*, UR-GAZ*, UR-GBA*, UR-GBC*, UR-GBD*, UR-GBE*, UR-GBF*, UR-GEA*, UR-ICD*, UR-NTC*, UR-PSA*, UR-PSB*, UR-PSC*, UR-PSD*, UR-PSE*, UR-PSF*, UR-PSG*, UR-PSH*, UR-PSI*, UR-PSJ*, UR-PSK*, UR-PSL*, UR-PSN*, UR-PSP*, UR-PSQ*, UR-PSR*, UR-PSS*, UR-PST*, UR-PSX*, UR-PSY*, UR-RUS*, UR-UTD*, UR-UTE*, UR-UTF*, UR-WRM*, UR-WUA*, UR82060*, UR82072*, UR82081*, V-11*, V-49*, V-248*, V-256*, V-271*, V-607*, V-612*, V-617*, V5-ANO*, V5-ANP*, V5-NME*, V5-NMF*, V8-RBH*, V8-RBJ*, V236*, VB+134*, VF*, VF301*, VH-FMG*, VH-OJA*, VH-OJB*, VH-OJJ*, VH-OJU*, VH-OQB*, VH-OQD*, VN-A141*, VN-A142*, VN-A143*, VN-A144*, VN-A145*, VN-A146*, VN-A147*, VN-A149*, VN-A150*, VN-A861*, VN-A862*, VN-A863*, VN-A864*, VN-A867*, VN-A868*, VN-A870*, VN-A871*, VN-A887*, VN-A889*, VO184*, VP-BAD*, VP-BAF*, VP-BAP*, VP-BAT*, VP-BAY*, VP-BBC*, VP-BBL*, VP-BBM*, VP-BBP*, VP-BBQ*, VP-BBR*, VP-BBZ*, VP-BCA*, VP-BCF*, VP-BCH*, VP-BCI*, VP-BCJ*, VP-BCK*, VP-BCP*, VP-BCZ*, VP-BDF*, VP-BDK*, VP-BDM*, VP-BDP*, VP-BDQ*, VP-BDT*, VP-BEB*, VP-BEE*, VP-BEG*, VP-BEN*, VP-BET*, VP-BFH*, VP-BFK*, VP-BFQ*, VP-BFX*, VP-BGB*, VP-BGF*, VP-BGM*, VP-BHG*, VP-BHJ*, VP-BHK*, VP-BHQ*, VP-BHV*, VP-BIB*, VP-BIC*, VP-BID*, VP-BIG*, VP-BII*, VP-BIJ*, VP-BIK*, VP-BIM*, VP-BIQ*, VP-BIT*, VP-BIZ*, VP-BJA*, VP-BJD*, VP-BJV*, VP-BKC*, VP-BKI*, VP-BKR*, VP-BKX*, VP-BKY*, VP-BLJ*, VP-BLK*, VP-BLL*, VP-BLM*, VP-BLN*, VP-BLP*, VP-BLR*, VP-BLU*, VP-BMA*, VP-BMB*, VP-BME*, VP-BMF*, VP-BML*, VP-BNF*, VP-BNL*, VP-BNT*, VP-BNU*, VP-BOC*, VP-BOE*, VP-BOG*, VP-BOP*, VP-BOV*, VP-BPR*, VP-BPZ*, VP-BQF*, VP-BQP*, VP-BQS*, VP-BQU*, VP-BQV*, VP-BQW*, VP-BRR*, VP-BRT*, VP-BRW*, VP-BRX*, VP-BRY*, VP-BRZ*, VP-BSO*, VP-BSU*, VP-BTD*, VP-BTG*, VP-BTL*, VP-BTN*, VP-BTQ*, VP-BTR*, VP-BTT*, VP-BTU*, VP-BTV*, VP-BTW*, VP-BTX*, VP-BUG*, VP-BUI*, VP-BUK*, VP-BUM*, VP-BUO*, VP-BUP*, VP-BVM*, VP-BVZ*, VP-BWA*, VP-BWD*, VP-BWE*, VP-BWF*, VP-BWH*, VP-BWI*, VP-BWM*, VP-BWN*, VP-BWO*, VP-BWP*, VP-BWW*, VP-BYN*, VP-BYO*, VP-BYQ*, VP-BZA*, VP-BZE*, VP-BZI*, VP-BZO*, VP-BZP*, VP-BZQ*, VP-BZR*, VP-BZS*, VP-CAC*, VP-CAL*, VP-CAM*, VP-CAQ*, VP-CAR*, VP-CBO*, VP-CFA*, VP-CGD*, VP-CHG*, VP-CIC*, VP-CJI*, VP-CKH*, VP-CLB*, VP-CLI*, VP-CME*, VP-CMJ*, VP-CMW*, VP-COP*, VP-CSW*, VP-CUH*, VP-CVI*, VP-FAZ*, VQ-BAD*, VQ-BAQ*, VQ-BAR*, VQ-BAS*, VQ-BAT*, VQ-BAU*, VQ-BAV*, VQ-BAW*, VQ-BAX*, VQ-BAY*, VQ-BAZ*, VQ-BBA*, VQ-BBB*, VQ-BBC*, VQ-BBG*, VQ-BBH*, VQ-BBJ*, VQ-BBM*, VQ-BCG*, VQ-BCI*, VQ-BCM*, VQ-BCN*, VQ-BCW*, VQ-BDE*, VQ-BDF*, VQ-BDM*, VQ-BDO*, VQ-BDQ*, VQ-BDR*, VQ-BDS*, VQ-BDY*, VQ-BED*, VQ-BEE*, VQ-BEF*, VQ-BEG*, VQ-BEH*, VQ-BEI*, VQ-BEJ*, VQ-BEK*, VQ-BES*, VQ-BET*, VQ-BFE*, VQ-BFM*, VQ-BFU*, VQ-BFW*, VQ-BFX*, VQ-BGA*, VQ-BGY*, VQ-BGZ*, VQ-BHE*, VQ-BHK*, VQ-BHL*, VQ-BHM*, VQ-BHN*, VQ-BHO*, VQ-BIA*, VQ-BIR*, VQ-BIT*, VQ-BIU*, VQ-BIV*, VQ-BIW*, VQ-BJA*, VQ-BJB*, VQ-BKS*, VQ-BKT*, VQ-BKU*, VQ-BKV*, VQ-BLQ*, VQ-BLR*, VQ-BLV*, VQ-BMT*, VQ-BMV*, VQ-BNU*, VQ-BOH*, VQ-BOI*, VQ-BPK*, VQ-BPU*, VQ-BQH*, VQ-BQI*, VQ-BQJ*, VQ-BQW*, VQ-BRH*, VQ-BRJ*, VQ-BRP*, VQ-BRQ*, VQ-BRR*, VQ-BRV*, VQ-BRW*, VQ-BSE*, VQ-BSG*, VQ-BSH*, VQ-BSJ*, VQ-BSL*, VQ-BSS*, VQ-BST*, VQ-BSU*, VQ-BTI*, VQ-BTJ*, VQ-BTY*, VQ-BUU*, VQ-BVC*, VQ-BVL*, VQ-BVO*, VQ-BVR*, VQ-BVU*, VQ-BWB*, VQ-BWI*, VQ-BWW*, VQ-BWY*, VQ-FAB*, VT-AIE*, VT-AIG*, VT-AIM*, VT-ALC*, VT-ALR*, VT-ANA*, VT-ANC*, VT-AND*, VT-ANH*, VT-ANJ*, VT-ANL*, VT-ANP*, VT-ANS*, VT-ANU*, VT-AYV*, VT-ESO*, VT-EVA*, VT-EVB*, VT-EVR*, VT-IFP*, VT-JEM*, VT-JEU*, VT-JEW*, VT-JSE*, VT-JWP*, VT-JWQ*, VT-JWR*, VT-JWS*, VT-JWT*, VT-JWU*, VT-JWV*, VT-SUB*, VT935*, VX712*, WA591*, WB569*, WB671*, WB935*, WD413*, WE543*, WE591*, WF922*, WH589*, WH646*, WK514*, WM167*, WM969*, WS838*, WV276*, WV395*, WV797*, WV865*, X-HB-VAD*, X266*, X4178*, XA-AMX*, XA-BLZ*, XA-BUA*, XA-CHR*, XA-FEM*, XA508*, XA699*, XD186*, XE327*, XF382*, XF418*, XF603*, XG152*, XG547*, XH134*, XH558*, XJ771*, XL360*, XL573*, XL577*, XL812*, XM*, XM264*, XM479*, XN782*, XP820*, XQ*, XR771*, XR992*, XS111*, XS147*, XS217*, XS569*, XT131*, XV278*, XV670*, XV697*, XV865*, XW324*, XW406*, XX154*, XX162*, XX177*, XX184*, XX191*, XX205*, XX218*, XX219*, XX227*, XX232*, XX239*, XX242*, XX244*, XX245*, XX264*, XX266*, XX303*, XX308*, XX311*, XX319*, XX322*, XX323*, XX325*, XX537*, XX614*, XX629*, XZ179*, XZ180*, XZ689*, XZ723*, XZ729*, YA-AJH*, YA-AQS*, YA+101*, YI-AQW*, YI-ARA*, YI-ARB*, YI-ARD*, YI-ASA*, YI-ASF*, YI-ASQ*, YK-AKA*, YK-AKB*, YK-AKE*, YL-BAE*, YL-BAF*, YL-BAH*, YL-BAI*, YL-BAJ*, YL-BAQ*, YL-BAX*, YL-BAY*, YL-BBC*, YL-BBD*, YL-BBE*, YL-BBG*, YL-BBI*, YL-BBJ*, YL-BBL*, YL-BBM*, YL-BBN*, YL-BBO*, YL-BBP*, YL-BBQ*, YL-BBR*, YL-BBS*, YL-BBT*, YL-BBU*, YL-BBV*, YL-BBW*, YL-BBX*, YL-BBY*, YL-CSB*, YL-HLG*, YL-KSC*, YL-KSG*, YL-KSH*, YL-KSL*, YL-KSM*, YL-KSS*, YL-KST*, YL-LCA*, YL-LCK*, YL-LCN*, YL-LEI*, YL-NST*, YL-RAB*, YL-RAF*, YQ*, YR-AMB*, YR-ASA*, YR-ASB*, YR-ASC*, YR-ASD*, YR-ATE*, YR-ATG*, YR-BAC*, YR-BAO*, YR-BAQ*, YR-BAS*, YR-BGA*, YR-BGB*, YR-BGD*, YR-BGE*, YR-BGF*, YR-BGG*, YR-BGH*, YR-BGI*, YR-BGS*, YR-BMA*, YR-BME*, YR-BMG*, YR-BML*, YR-CRY*, YR-FKA*, YR-FKB*, YR-FLW*, YR-LCB*, YR-SBB*, YR-SBD*, YR-SBJ*, YR-SBK*, YR-TIB*, YR-TII*, YR-TIK*, YU-AND*, YU-ANI*, YU-ANJ*, YU-ANK*, YU-ANL*, YU-ANV*, YU-ANW*, YU-AON*, YU-AOP*, YU-AOT*, YU-AOV*, YU-APA*, YU-APB*, YU-APC*, YU-APD*, YU-APE*, YU-APF*, YU-APG*, YU-APH*, YU-API*, YU-APJ*, YU-BNA*, YU-BZM*, YU-SPC*, YV*, Z-ALT*, Z-BPL*, Z-GAC*, Z3-MKD*, ZA105*, ZA137*, ZA148*, ZA369*, ZA372*, ZA410*, ZA412*, ZA447*, ZA452*, ZA459*, ZA492*, ZA554*, ZA607*, ZA641*, ZA675*, ZA714*, ZA718*, ZA947*, ZB627*, ZB689*, ZD469*, ZD842*, ZD848*, ZD951*, ZE416*, ZE427*, ZE694*, ZE700*, ZE708*, ZF144*, ZF239*, ZF244*, ZF264*, ZF269*, ZF290*, ZF378*, ZF491*, ZF534*, ZG750*, ZH004*, ZH06*, ZH268*, ZH308*, ZH542*, ZH590*, ZH836*, ZH838*, ZH856*, ZH861*, ZJ72*, ZJ121*, ZJ122*, ZJ130*, ZJ135*, ZJ136*, ZJ181*, ZJ184*, ZJ203*, ZJ243*, ZJ266*, ZJ280*, ZJ646*, ZJ647*, ZJ707*, ZJ708*, ZJ941*, ZJ950*, ZJ955*, ZJ956*, ZK014*, ZK017*, ZK018*, ZK020*, ZK021*, ZK035*, ZK334*, ZK349*, ZK456*, ZK458*, ZK459*, ZK460*, ZM401*, ZM406*, ZS-OVR*, ZS-SNA*, ZS-SNB*, ZS-SNC*, ZS-SNE*, ZS-SNF*, ZS-SNH*, ZS-SNI*, ZS-SXC*, ZS-SXD*, ZS-XCD*, ZS-XCF*, ZX179*, ZZ173*, ZZ176*, ZZ334*, ZZ381*, ZZ393*, ZZ396*, ZZ413*, ZZ501*, ZZ503*, ZZ515*, ZZ519*, ZZ520*, ZZ529*

Amount of different aircraft registrations: 11.658 / Amount of different country-specific registrations : 117                           Latest update: 2018.01.04

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